February 18th, 2008

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Need shiny?

There's a place in downtown Hillsboro called "Pedestrian and Safety Products". I wanted to pimp them here quickly because we happened by this weekend and it was a cool little shop, and the owner was really nice. One of those little businesses that gives a crap about what they do and should stay in business. They have a TON of reflective stuff for bikes, runners, and dogs. Blinking lights and signs and jackets and you name it. If someone wants to buy me a birthday present I'd like a high-visibility hoodie. But anyway. There they are!

They're at 131 SW 3rd Avenue (that's Hillsboro, not Portland, people - but right off the MAX line). Go and worship the bright yellow reflecty goodness.

SE Coffee Shops or the "Quest for the Purfect Bean"

Hello fellow Portlandians! I am on a quest, a quest for good coffee and fun places to drink it. I have been hanging around the Sellwood/Westmoreland neigborhood and would like to venture out into the surrounding neighborhoods (woodstock, Brooklyn, Belmont, Hawthorne ect)and find more places to have great coffee, so if you know a good place or small shop please let me know! I really like the Ugly Mug and want to find more fun neighbrohood shops similar to it. Iam not looking for Starbucks (my roommate works at the one in Multnomah Village and brings me beans every week)

I have been to almost every coffeshop in Eugene (and can give you some good reccos), now it is Portland's turn! I will visit every one! It is my destiny.
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pet turtle?

I'm thinking about getting a pet turtle and I was wondering if anybody knew a good place in town to adopt the little guy and get all the stuff I'll need for his home as well. Preferably some place somebody has been to before and knows they are good people :) Thanks in advance!!!

Restorative Gentrification Listening Project meeting tonight.

copied from The Skanner:

The Restorative Gentrification Listening Project will hold a discussion on the theme 'From Harm to Hope', 7:00 - 9:00 pm, February 18, at First AME Zion Church (4304 N Vancouver). The project is based on the principles of Restorative Justice, which says that only when those most affected by a wrong are heard and acknowledged, and after efforts have been made to repair the harm, can the whole community be made whole again. For more info, contact 503-823-4112 or judith.mowry@ci.portland.or.us.

i have mixed feelings about this sort of thing. i don't expect these "listening sessions" to solve much of anything, but if they can lead to some small level of healing and justice, then awesome.

x-posted to pdx_activist.

Recommend a tailor?

Hey, DPers. I am looking for a tailor. I'd like to upgrade my image, and one thing that will help is having clothes that, y'know, fit. And since I'm a unique individual (like everyone else), and have a thick neck, short chest, medium-length arms... It's hard to find nice shirts and stuff that fits off-the-rack.

I'm looking for a tailor that has reasonable prices, and will tailor stuff I purchased elsewhere. I'm in Sellwood and work near downtown and limited (mostly - thanks, ZipCar) to bus.

Any suggestions for me?
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Seafood Recommendations

I want to send out a big thank you to all of you who recommended Syun Sushi. I will forever love you. It was incredible. Definitely the best sushi I have had in years.

I need your help again. My mom is coming to visit in April. She has never been here before and her only food request is an amazing seafood restaurant (no sushi).

What is the most amazing seafood restaurant in Portland/metro area? Anything but McCormick's. We have one of those back in Denver.

Having just moved here in December I would like to get your opinions on the best. All the recommendations I have gotten here have been spot on.

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radio station suggestions

i need some radio station suggestions for portland. i listen to a lot of NPR... is it only on 91.5? what are some other really good stations? i enjoy indie music and dance music and folk... FM and AM suggestions welcomed...

thanks in advance!

ETA: thanks for all the great suggestions! my car stereo will be programmed most excellently!
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Those three little words that DamnPortlanders love to hear:


We're moving to Salem, and need to get rid of stuff PRONTO cos we don't feel like hauling stuff up three flights of stairs. We've got a brown microsuede futon that smells faintly of cat pee from when my cats decided that I needed a golden shower at 3 a.m., a very comfy brown plush velour rocking chair, a round kitchen table with two chairs, a vacuum, a small wheeled table, a wheeled nightstand, a corner computer desk, a large 4-drawer dresser, chrome over-the-toilet bathroom shelves, and an incredibly cute 2-year-old ferret who comes with food, litter, a cage, and other accessories!

Donations are welcome but not expected by any means, just get this stuff out of here!

We're at the Rachel Anne Apartments, 16300 E. Burnside St. #306, 97233.
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I discovered that my tire is completely flat for no apparent reason when I left the house today. Sadly, I then discovered that the iron for my jack has been spirited away. Anyone who is in the Lloyd-ish area that could lend me the use of a tire jack and iron? I'll make it worth the trip.
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Jumping-Off-The-Dock Olympics

Were any of youse guys at the riverfront yesterday afternoon?

I was on my way home from an indie film shoot, and I decided to take the scenic route along the riverfront. I sat on the benches just south of a bridge (don't know the name offhand) to watch the sunset over the city skyline.

I sat there for a while and watched the city skyline and the people on the bike path. Shortly, a couple of bikers appeared and started playing on dock down the hill. I noticed them because of their alternative styles. I noticed a couple of alternatively styled others wander by as well. Most were oddly costumed, some had interesting bikes. HORDES of these stylish bikers started to appear. They just kept coming.

It was rather incredible. Apparently, it's some annual event where a bunch of people ride down the ramp to the dock and jump off into the water, bikes and all. I think they lost one bike to the Willamette. Only about five jumped total, everyone else was just there for spectacle. There were a couple of naked boy jumpers and one topless girl. The cops appeared and kept an eye on things, but didn't seem to object to the nudity if they saw it.

All in all, I was very pleased with the way I spent my late afternoon.

I have some more pictures if anyone's needing.

Working for Mr. Meyer?

Hello again, Darling DPrs. I come seeking information for a friend of mine who doesn't frequent the intarwebs. Perhaps you can help.

She's interested in working at The Frederick Meyer. The other day, one of their cashiers mentioned to me that they have a really high turnover rate. Now I'm curious, is that because it's an awful place to work? I feel like I had heard somewhere that you get good benefits and decent pay, but is it not worth it? Do they treat their employees poorly otherwise? Is it just because most people don't want to make a career out of it? Or do you have no say in what department they put you in, so vegans end up stuck butchering meat while the Amish try to sell electronics? My friend would be perfectly pleased just stocking cans and helping customers, so lack of advancement opportunity wouldn't be a problem.

Basically, my question is, what is it like to work at The Frederick Meyer? If any of you have worked there, were you happy or unhappy, and why?

Thanks for any and all input!

Oh, and before anyone suggests I just ask an employee, I'd rather not, as I doubt anyone gives entirely honest answers about how they like their job while on the clock and possibly being watched.
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birthday adventures

i am celebrating my 25th birthday on friday night (maybe friday day too) and my dude is trying to plan and organize it. we are a little tired of the bar scene right now (plus i am in the process of quitting smoking, must not be tempted).... he wants us to go on an ADVENTURE, he just can't think of one thus far. i don't know exactly what he means, but he wants us (the two of us along with maybe 5 or 6 friends) to be able to do something out of the ordinary and to be able to booze it up the entire time. he says our adventure can't be too complicated or things can go wrong. especially with all the boozing.

any ideas? endless thanks......
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Pacific University is hosting a slam poetry open mike this saturday night.

Free! Open to the public!

It is, however, located in Forest Grove. The 57 bus will take you directly to campus! Spread the word, bring your friends, bring a date, ect, ect.

"Hear guest poets perform and then get on stage yourself! We want to hear you speak out. Perform your pieces under three open themes: White Men in Black Suits, Mother Should I Trust the Government, and This is What I Call Living. These themes are open to creative interpretation! Improvised pieces are also welcome. The CGE will be giving away three prizes to the three most exceptional performances of their written works."

Pass along the word!!!
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(no subject)

Anybody know of any good low-cost facilities to get our kitty spayed? I found a few online by I don't want to take her to any of them without some personal recs attached.

Thanks tons DP!

the rip off cafe

People are often posting favorable reviews of Portland restaurants on here, unfortunately, I have to post an unfavorable one today. In honor of having the day off and the gorgeous weather, a friend and I went to Halibut's on NE Alberta. We paid $9 each for two of the tiniest pieces of fried fish you've ever seen and basically a small handful or so of fries. It was a total rip-off. On top of that, the fish and fries weren't even that good, basically pretty mediocre. A full order (4 pieces) would have been $16. That's just outrageous for lunch, esp. considering the tiny portions. Don't waste your time or money.
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ok, just to satisfy my own curiosity after a conversation i had at work today, i ask the following question:

what seriously grosses/freaks you out? nails on a chalkboard? blood? spiders?

as for myself, i cannot STAND popsicle sticks. absolutely not. ever. also, when i'm using a pencil and need to erase something, i tend to freak out when the eraser is already worn away and the metal scrapes on the paper. ugh, i actually shuddering as i type this.

so tell me dp'ers, whats grosser than gross?
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Okay, 6 episodes in and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has failed to start sucking. In other words, it's still fucking awesome and great TV. Please watch it before it gets canceled, not because it sucks but because it's too expensive to produce and because Americans are fat pigs who can't appreciate good sci-fi.