February 17th, 2008



Since the earlier pizza post made me crave it, I ask you great Portlanders this: What is the best greasy (non-national chain) pizza place? Since moving here, everything I have encountered is yummy gourmet pizza of various styles, but no cheap, cheesy crusty saucy deliciousness with more oil than a teenagers face. If you've ever had Anthony's or Pizza Pipeline, thats what I'm thinking of.

Kudos if this exists in the Vancouvery area, but I'm willing to drive to Tigard for this craving.
Boo to any Dominos/Pizza Hut suggestions. Its just not the same.
Bonus points if they have microbrews on tap.

EDIT: *love* You guys rock. I will be most fat and happy tonight! ...and for a while with the trying of all these places.
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portland or seattle?

sorry vegans, this isn't for you. :D

Esquire came out with their The Best Sandwiches In America list this week.

Be glad if you live near one of them. As we do:

Reggie Deluxe
Pine State Biscuits, Portland, Oregon

A hangover cure found only at Portland’s Farmers Market (for now): fried chicken, bacon, cheddar, gravy, and an over-easy egg on a cream-top buttermilk biscuit still hot from the outdoor oven. (South Park Blocks, SW Harrison and Montgomery; Saturdays)

They're opening a place at 3640 S.E. Belmont within the next few days. :D
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EXTRA EXTRA !! House Eats IRA !!

All right, maybe not yet it hasn't. But I DO NOT like the looks of my ceiling right now. I suspect there are roof issues and I need somebody to look at the roof and possibly repair or [shudder] replace it.

Anyone want to recommend a good roofing service for NE residents ? I'd be most grateful. Thanks.
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I would just like to apologize to the residents of my building and the surrounding buildings for setting off the very loud and obnoxious fire alarm (except the bitch who complained about it hurting her dog's ears and then not taking the dog away from the situation and instead leaving the poor thing alone in her apartment while she came downstairs to bitch at me). We were cooking steaks and apparently the fire alarm is pretty sensitive. Yikes.

So yea, if you live near NW 20th and Johnson, I'm way sorry (except you, bitch who doesn't know how to care for a dog and is probably the one who leaves dog shit everywhere).

President's Day! Time to party like a president!

Happy president's day, everybody! Currently at the bar I jockey karaoke at, we are singing all president themed songs. Highlights include:

-All of the songs by the Presidents of the United States of America
-America by Neil Diamond
-Elected by Alice Cooper
-Too Drunk to F*ck by Dead Kennedy's
-I Got my Mind Set on You by George (Wiliam H.) Harrison
-You've got a Friend by James (Zachary) Taylor
-Don Henley Must Die by Mojo (Richard) Nixon
-Theme From Shaft by Isaac (Rutherfor B.) Hayes
-Kiss Me Deadly by Lita (Gerald) Ford
-Somebody to Love by (Thomas) Jefferson Airplane
-I'll be There by the (Andrew) Jackson 5
-Hold on by (Woodrow) Wilson Phillips
-Give up the Funk by George (Bill) Clinton

There are too many more to mention (Etta James K. Polk, Bonnie John Tyler, Amy Ulysses s Grant to name a few).

What's your favorite presidential themed song?