February 16th, 2008

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fundraiser screening party

My crew and I are throwing a party tomorrow night to raise funds for my next short film. We'll be screening some of our previous works early on (9:00pm) and at 11:00 a DJ will take over. We'll go late, so come by anytime. Cheap drinks! $4 at the door. Help me raise some money! What else you gonna do with a Saturday night?

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camera repair?

Sorry I  seem to be specializing in fail today.  
Can anyone either suggest to me a good camera-repair shop in the pdx vicinity OR point me to a previous camera-repair question post?  I thought for sure I had that in memories but now I can't find it, and I can't find the other DPer's post (the one who offered up their own "memories" list...)

Places to See/Tour in Portland?

My friend would like me to entertain a couple college friends of his for several hours--they have never been to Portland.

Any suggestions for not-to-miss attractions, places, and/or events? I have some vague ideas, but as a native Oregonian/Portlandian, I haven't really thought of touring the city, per se.

mmmm coffee!

don't you want some? you know you do. i will be slinging coffee today over at javarama on ne mlk and failing. come buy some! come get your hair cut next door at barberama! exclamation points!!!!
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(no subject)

Hello guys.
My woman friend and I were unable to celebrate Valentines day on thursday due to some conflicting scheduling.
We are now on our way out to enjoy eachother and the beautiful weather but first I was wondering....

Where in the world can I find a basic, black and white,old school photo booth?
I ran across one at some bar months and months back,but was drunk and don't remember the bar.
Any help??

Oh,and we arn't intrested in the sticker booths or the ones that like,draw your portriat. we are wanting something purely oldschool.

Thanks ya'll.

last minute show announcement

Hey, I hadn't seen this posted in this community and y'all should know.

KIMYA DAWSON & JAKE KELLY @ the Red & Black Cafe
new location - 400 SE 12th Ave. (1 block north of Stark St.)
6pm, free, all ages, safer space

2 Kimya shows in one day, we are blessed with bounty, Portland!
I wanna see yer shiny happy faces there! xoxo

(no subject)

Does anyone go to the Hollywood 24-hour fitness? If so! Do you get annoyed when the TV channels are all on espn and cnn... or the Food Network is always on the tv that's sound doesn't work!!!! Anywho does anyone know the policy about changing the channels on the tvs there. I usually go there late at night so I wouldn't have to worry so much about someone actually watching the 3 tvs of ESPN.

Cheapest all-you-can-eat?

Anyone know the cheapest all-you-can-eat buffet in the Beaverton/Hillsboro area? I'm not picky on food quality, just looking for something to satisfy intense hunger when I realize its 7 PM and I hadn't eaten since 9 AM, while still being inexpensive.

The cheapest I know of is the Home Town Buffet on Hall Blvd near Cedar Hills Blvd. I think they're $10.75, which includes your drink. There's also the Sweet Tomatoes off of 158th on the Cornell exit of US-26, which is certainly better than Home Town Buffet, but for $1 or two more.

There used to be an Eatza Pizza near the Beaverton Fred Meyer a couple years ago - I think it was like $7. Anyone know what happened to it?
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Street Angel Skates

The Big Rock Show

The Big Rock Show, the "world's smallest stadium rock show," is playing RIGHT FUCKIN' NOW at Theater! Theater!. It's awesome, hysterically funny, and pretty cheap ($10, and you definitely get your money's worth). It's being produced by Fall Guy Theatre, a kickass local independent theater company, AND your wristband'll get you discounted drinks at the Aalto before and after the show.

Buy Tickets Here. Now. Seriously. SO DAMN GOOD.

Sushi in Beavertron?

I know people have talked about this before a zillion times, but this community needs a better search function than that useless one on the userinfo page. God.

Okay, so yeah. Sushi in Beaverblad. Tasty and cheap is the emphasis, not fancy.


multnomah village

Does anyone live in Multnomah Village? Or at least walking distance from it, any direction but west? Or do you have friends that live there and can easily access their building phone #'s?
Post post post!

I'm having a logistical problem getting what I want because I am currently stuck in HELL aka Orange County, Ca and managers of apartment buildings in the Village aren't needing to advertise online. I know what I want, but I don't know names or numbers of these places that must exist.
I need to move March 30th because thats when the new quarter begins at PSU.
I lived in Portland for 4 years before circumstances forced me back here for what will be 9 months. I am sooo eager to get back.
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tattoo bidness

8 years ago I got a craptastic tattoo. It's a black/blue ink of 'eternity' in Chinese. On my chest. Please, I insist- make fun of me. It's the worst. My exhusband and I got it at the same time....god, what a horrible idea is was. I hate hate HATE it. Even if we were together still, I would hate it.

I am getting a tree in its place, small and pretty, to pay tribute to our beautiful state in which I was born. The original tattoo is tree shaped, so it should work out rather well.

Where do you get your ink done? Anyone had a cover-up? Anywhere to not go?

Thanks babies!

Bonus Question: Do you have any tattoos that you regret?
Bret in a Box

(no subject)

This is a total shot in the dark, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. I'm currently a junior English major/Environmental science minor, and I'm hoping to find some kind of internship here for the summer, preferably at a publishing company. I'm really just hoping to get some experience and see if publishing is an industry I'd like to look more in to as a potential career path for after I graduate. So I guess my question is has anyone done an internship for any kind of publishing company? It doesn't have to be books--could be magazines, newspapers, etc. Anyone here work for any kind of publishing company that takes on interns or hires college students? Any good resources for finding internships (aside from indeed.com or monster.com; I'm searching the crap out of both)? Thanks in advance.

How To Get Out Of Jury Duty

I just got a letter in the mail today saying I have to do jury duty in March in Vancouver and really don't want to do it if at all possible.  Anyone know of how one can get out of jury duty?  If you have, how'd you do it?   
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