February 15th, 2008


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At least once a month I see a request for a Doctor in the Portland area so I thought I'd throw some info info into the ring.

NW Primary Care is taking new patients, they are a paperless office and the staff and buildings are immaculate. It's easy to get background info on the Doctors via the website www.nwpc.com and they seem to be on top of their game.

Just stay away from Dr. Beth Lebert, she's crazy, has the worst bedside manner of anyone I've ever dealt with and is completely lazy when it comes to doing anything regarding care. She seems to be more concerned with getting her patients into the office week after week for follow up appointments when one thorough appointment would do the trick. She actually told me over the phone while I was sick and panicking that people die from what I had all the time. She had seen me the day before and prescribed anti-biotics and told me everything would be fine, but when the heat was on I was suddenly terminal and close to death. I'm an asthmatic and I had pneumonia and about the last thing I wanted to hear was "People die from this all the time, do you understand? You could die"
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Spring Cleaning?

Does anyone have one of those handheld spot cleaners that we could borrow for a day or two? I've got a few spots on my sofa that need to be shampooed off. We can pay you for the inconvenience in cash, beer, brownies, or other baked goods.
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Hello my dear DamnPortlanders,

I have an outdoor drain - the one that my rain gutter drains into - that is clogged and it leaves a gigantic pool of water on the side of my home. Not only is this inconvenient (wading to my recycle bin) I know this isn't good for my foundation and want to get it addressed right away. I think this may beyond what I can do with a rented auger on my own. It may even be tree roots! So, I'm coming to you for suggestions...

Have any of you dealt with this kind of thing? Did you tackle it on your own? Would any of you recommend a plumber, or someone in our area (I'm in SW) who has experience and could clear up this kind of clog?

Thanks in advance! :)
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I don't have a driveway, so I park my car on the street. I live on a two-way street that dead-ends. I usually park my car facing the "wrong" direction (i.e., facing against the direction that traffic would move on that side of the street). Yesterday I found a citation on my car for violating some law that prohibits this.

Can someone tell me, with a straight face, what harm there is in parking my car facing the "wrong" direction in front of my house?

(Please note: I intend to debate you, but nicely.)
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Free Concert Tonight!

Who? The Dimes, Megasapien
When? TONIGHT. 8:30PM
Where? Lewis & Clark College - Trail Room (in Templeton Student Centre)
Why? Because everyone enjoys a good concert. And it's free!

Listen for yourselves!
The Dimes - www.myspace.com/thedimes
Megasapien - www.myspace.com/megasapien 

Fun fact: Burke Thomas of Megasapien used to be in a band called Vendetta Red, who were pretty popular in the Northwest indie scene.


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I need to find a not normal wig somewhere in Portland, doesn't matter which side of the river. I need a shop that will have high quality colored wigs specifically like this

The only reason I'm not buying this one right at this moment is because I'd rather try one out to see if it's too short or what not.

Pricing is not an issue, I'm use to paying around $40 for a good quality wig.
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Front 242 Phishing

So, instead of making the joke, I figured I'd just put it right there in the subject...  call it expedient.  or stupid.  or whatever.

Since it seems like people have a lot of headhunter questions, I thought I'd share this morning's wtf experience.  I just received this email from some douchebag at Lexicon staffing.


Thank you for your application for the *** that we have posted on Monster. Please attach an updated version of your resume and contact me at your earliest convenience so we can discuss the position in more detail. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Some Douchebag

My resume is on Monster, but the personal info is removed.  I'm guessing that's how he managed to send an email to that adddress (which is "myrealnamehere"@gmail)  and yet still doesn't know my name to say hello to me.  I have never applied for a job through a headhunter, and I'm most certainly neither qualified for nor interested in the job to which he referred in the email.  It's not even in my field, for pete's sake.  Typical recruiter ignorance combined with blatant resume phishing = Lexicon staffing sucks. 

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I am considering moving to Portland in the Fall, and was curious about which areas I should look into and which to avoid.  I've actually never been there, but plan to remedy that in the near future (before making my final moving decision).  I've heard great things from quite a few people about the city, and am just looking for a change.

German Shepherd friendly areas are most welcome.

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LOST Stuff

This season has started out pretty good.

In last week's episode, the pilot guy was watching the television about the Oceanic airplane, and they flashed a number across his screen for people to call. Did anyone notice that it wasn't a 555 number? I wonder if it works?

I have my theories on who the remaining oceanic 6 are.

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Portland related, because some of us like to watch good television.


No one in my phone book is responding to my need to go dancing! DPers, I will be at Boxxes and you should come. I'm leaving in 15 minutes.

happy friday!