February 14th, 2008

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I have to get a mental health evaluation done for my new job. They fed ex'd me some paper work for the psych to fill out. Does anyone know where I can go to a therapist for one visit to get this done?
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I've always found these posts a bit odd, but now I've got one of my own: I live near Creston Park, off Powell, and heard 3 loud booms starting maybe around 1:30 or so, and spaced sort of far apart- I wasn't checking the clock, but it seemed to have been at least 15 minutes between them. They didn't sound like backfires; not quite like gunshots; all my lights are still on so if it was a transformer it didn't affect me.

I tried to check some online sites, but either there's nothing up or I don't know the good live news feeds. So I guess that's 2 questions: Does anybody know what the booms were, and what's the best up-to-date local news I can get on my computer?

Thanks :)

Gimme that Wine!

Okay, DPers. I dont like wine.


I had this California Black Muscat Wine last week that was remarkable. I would like to find it so that I may partake in its deliciousness once again.

It was called Elysium and made by Quady Winery.

Anyone know of any place in town that sells this?

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Portland Historians

My grandmother lived in Portland from around 1947 to 1950. She was a nurse at the VA and i was wondering how to find out where she might have lived and what types of things she might have done.
Before you tell me to ask her I'll let you know that she died on Tuesday.
I always thought she met my grandfather in Seattle so I never thought to ask and by the time I moved up here her memory wasn't as good so even if I had known I probobly wouldn't have gotten an answer.

Thanks for all your help, it means a lot to me.

Free Music Thursday

If I restarted posting Free Music Thursday, would you guys play along?

The basic rules were:

Make a CD (not MP3s) and a tracklist
Label it Free Music Thursday include your LJ name
Leave it somewhere
Post an approximate location where you leave one
Post if you find one

wanna do it again??

me as harley

dunna dunna dunna dunna....

My cat is adorable. She really is. I keep telling myself this despite the fact that she SHREDDED THE SHOELACES on my favorite pair of shoes. Wth, kitty. What. The Hell.

Anyway! I'm looking for new shoelaces. They're quite easy to find, I know, but I'm specifically looking for yellow shoelaces. Not sunshine yellow. Not mustard yellow. BATMAN yellow. I had black laces before, but I've decided that yellow would be ultimately cooler. Any suggestions as to where I might find colorful laces? (they need to be long enough for high-top chucks)
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Thanks! <3
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math tutor seeking students

I need experience tutoring high school students in math, and am looking for places to do so.

I called Cleveland High School, but they said they hardly use the tutors they have. I'm about to expand my search to other schools.

The closer to SE Belmont/Hawthorne and 30-ish, the better.

I'm also thinking of after-school organizations like the Boys and Girls Club. *looks at prettymuchjulia* Any ideas/close locations? :) I get the feeling that if I volunteered there, I'd mostly be wiping up juice and breaking up fights. I can do that, but I'd primarily like to tutor.

Hmm. Any other ideas/points-of-contact? Thanks!

*drinks...wait, no, the kids!*

air hockey?

the GF wants to play some air hockey in the belmont/hawthorne area, maybe even deeper SE - anyone know of a working air hockey table down there? preferably at a bar?

FAO: portland zombie cinema enthusiasts

there's over 4,000 people here, so i'm sure i'm not the only george a. romero nerd in the house. diary of the dead opens nationwide tomorrow, but portland only gets one screen (don't get me started on the weinsteins buying theatrical distribution rights to important films, subsequently burying them with limited releases and zero promotion...are we ever gonna see the third mother, you assholes?), with only two evening showtimes on the day of release.

so if you're a fellow "opening night or gtfo" type, you might like to know that tickets are finally on sale. i've only seen one film at lloyd center since moving here (p.t. anderson's there will be blood), and the presentation suffered from soft focus and washed out colours. seriously, the projectionist should have been shot - it's a brand new movie, i won't accept "print damage" as an excuse here! anyway, i hope things go better tomorrow; diary was one of my most anticipated titles of 2007, it's bad enough i'm not seeing it until 2008.
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do you have something to advertise or announce to the world (not on the internet?)

I manage the bulletin board back page of the Portland Mercury. I'd like to expand the content to include more than just business advertising (though that's the most immediately useful benefit of the page for someone who books an ad).

The rates are pretty low. We charge per line ($6-10 for a line of black text, depending on size. Color text is available too).

So. If you forgot to declare eternal love today, you have a tiny start-up coffeeshop in the basement of your house, if you want people to check out the myspace URL of your band, you're a master at rolfing or reiki or, um, other things... or (rather importantly) if you lost a precious puppy and the neighbors are sketched out by you coming around asking every hour and you'd rather just ask 160,000 people at once...

contact michelle@portlandmercury.com

Or comment with other suggestions of what people can put on our back page.

Let the countdown begin

Woo Hoo..

We're going to shoot down one of our own spy satellites before it comes hurtling toward the earth with one of our trusty missles. I can only assume the remaining debris will either burn up on entry or do little damage.

Gosh I want popcorn and a telescope to watch the show.

Random "I Love You, Portland"

Last night my Economics instructor at PSU was talking to us about the energy crisis and the economy and such, and was asking for ways that we could find renewable or "green" energy.

He then said something so Portland: "I had a student tell me we just need to put a bunch of zombies on treadmills and let them shamble away our dependency on foreign oil. I think it might work, but you'd have to dangle brains, and it could be messy but possible. (long pause) Anyways..."

Figured I'd share. It had me laughing.
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Quick! Best doughnuts on the EAST side? The closer to Belmont, the better!

(I do loves me some Voodoo, but really, there's a whole river between me and them!)
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Cliff's Notes on

• Brontë's Jane Eyre
• Twain's The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
• Twain's Huckleberry Finn
• Orwell's 1984

Um. I guess comment if you want any of them and we can work something out. Otherwise, to the recycle bin they go!
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Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Seasonal one-stop shopping at The Meadow in North Mississippi. There's something to be said about finding a gorgeous, handmade card, a quaint set of finishing salt sampler, and delicious artisanal chocolates at a single, cozy shop.

2. The United States Postal Service for their two-day express delivery service, which worked as advertised. Sometimes I take these things for granted.

3. The awesome and helpful bicyclists who helped me find my way through the westside course of the Worst Day of the Year bike ride last weekend. It's scary how much I seem lost once I travel on the other side of the West Hills.

4. An orgasmic and thrilling downhill portion of NW Thompson Road in the NW hills, as experienced on a bicycle screaming downhill at 30+ miles per hour. The long downhill was just so exhilarating. More bonus points for eastbound downhill section of NW Cornell Road, between the tunnel and NW Lovejoy. These descents were the best parts of the Worst Day of the Year challenge loop. Wheeeeeeee!

5. The gorgeous weather during the past week.

6. Delicious mixed drinks at 820. Fruity, tart, and sassy drinks rule!
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