February 13th, 2008

Need a Chiropractor NE

So I have seriously pinched my sciatic nerve and I am in need of immediate chiropractic attention. Can anyone recommend a good chiropractor in the north east? I am hoping to not have to run from a chiro to a hospital for x rays and back again if possible. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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Yes indeed it's a question asked a million times! *drink!*

I know American Property Management is one of the biggies in Portland, and I have a bunch bookmarked on my website already, but what are the others? I know I'm missing something that should be obvious.

I'm still searching for that elusive 2 bedroom for under $650; if you know of anything coming up where the landlord accepts co-signer in leiu of the 3x rent income rule, please please please let me know!

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Trying to find orange hoodie and orange sweatpants

Does anyone know where I may find an orange hoodie and orange sweatpants for men? I need it for a costume, so cheap would be good price. No more than $15 for the hoodie and $10 for the pants is preferred. I already tried looking at several different Goodwill stores but no luck. Kmart had Beavers stuff only in orange so it was overpriced. I'd prefer locations on the west side, downtown, SE, NW, SW PDX not more than 10 miles from downtown.

Nikki McClure

Can anyone name some local shops where I can find art by Nikki McClure? I'm particularly looking for her posters and/or notecards. I know I can order them from buyolympia.com, but there must be some places in town where I can find them in person.



I am going to a birthday party for Charles Darwin later tonight (he's turning 199!), and I want to make some sort of Darwin-themed snack but my mind is a blank slate.

WHAT SHOULD I BRING? I have in my possession: various baking pans, a kitchenaid stand mixer, a grocery store full of food, an oven, and a large set of knives.


Also there will be vegans there, and one of the vegans is celebrating his birthday, so I feel like this should be a vegan darwin treat.

::natural selection-themed nerdiness strongly encouraged::

Here are my ideas so far:
-dna cupcakes
-barnacle-shaped cookies

"Underground" social networking site?

Last night on NPR there was a show about social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook and even Craigslist and a caller called in and said she belonged to an underground social networking site and the host asked what the site was and she said she wouldn't say.  

Does anyone here know what site she was talking about?  


(And yes, I tried Google)

renting a house

I'm planning on getting out of my apartment and renting a house with 3 to 4 friends starting in early May. I've been looking around Craigslist to get a general price range and idea of good locations, but I know there are other resources. Besides the obvious (walking/biking around and looking for FOR RENT signs), do you guys have any good resources?
Mostly I am posting because I remember someone asking a similar question awhile back and getting a great response from a member who gave a detailed list of rental/management companies in town. I have searched the memories and gone back through quite a few posts, and I can't find it. If anyone knows what I'm talking about and can repost that, I would really appreciate it!! Thanks


I searched the memories, can't find anything, blah blah bleedy blah.

I got my eyebrows threaded by some Lebanese chicks while I was in Jordan, and it was pretty much the best they've ever looked. Can anyone recommend a place that does threading?



Or more specifically, where can I find GOOD ones? I need one to hide my crazy hair for when I start a new job.

I've tried Spartacus and though I love their stuff, the wigs just aren't doing it for me. Metro also has wigs, and I own one, but after two months of being worn on and off, it's raggedy and looks like Amy Winehouse got a hold of it because it's shitty plastic and not meant to be worn as much as I was wearing it.

Is there anywhere in Portland that will sell me wigs that are real hair, or a synthetic that I can brush to look good as new?

Because Portland, though I love you, you're one of those cities where you can have a mohawk at a job, but you can't GET a job with a mohawk.

Any suggestions welcome

 My daughter in law is 21, a single mom, recovering from a pain pill addiction following an injury and in treatment for bulemia and anorexia.  She is unable to work at this time since she attends recovery meetings and therapy three times a day at this critical point in her recovery.  Her delightful mother has just decided now is a good time to kick her out of the house and has given her just a few weeks to make new arrangements for herself and her 3 year old daughter.  We will help her initially of course but our funds are somewhat limited and it's important to her recovery for her to learn to stand on her own two feet and take control of her own life.  She recieves child support from her daughters father but it's minimal and nowhere near enough to live on.  She is living in Gresham now but could and probably should relocate closer to the city where her therapist is.  

Does anyone know of programs or agencies who might assist her in finding a way to get up on her feet?  She is a good girl, smart and talented.  She has her phlebotomy license but due to her pill addiction now is not the time for her to be working in close proximity to prescription meds.  But she is a hard worker and wants to work in the medical field possibly in research at some point in the future.  I am wondering if she might not qualify for tuition assistance to go back to school.  

Don't mean to dump our dirty laundry on ya'all but if anyone has any suggestions besides pulling herself up by her bootstraps and getting on with her life, I'd appreciate your input.


Hello my fish loving DPers!

Okay, so my husband and I are making a big move once again - back to MI to be exact - and we have beautiful little fishy that needs a home. She is a convict cichlid, and is in a tank by herself (she likes it that way) and is such a delightful little girl! She likes to be out in the living area so she can watch what is going on and shows off her colors to you when you come close to the glass. Her name is Bonita and she beautiful.

I don't have any pictures (cameras are packed) but she is very very healthy and happy. We will miss her, but we don't think she will make the drive...

We are hoping someone can take her off our hands, tank and fishy supplies included. If you are interested, please comment or email me at pdxmlb@gmail.com

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"An Interdietary Taboo"? Hmmmmm.

Since there have been so many discussions and posts on DP about carnivores, vegans, and in-betweens, the New York Times article, "I Love You, but You Love Meat," was an amusingly relevant read. Heck, there's even a quote in the article from an OHSU psychiatrist.

Hmmmm. I consider myself to be a flexitarian, and I'm generally flexible as far as others' dietary preferences and conditions are concerned. What are the fellow DPers' take on interdietary affairs?
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Free the condoms!

So... there I was, packing all the stuff in my closet for moving day on Saturday, and I ran across a big-ass pile of condoms left over from the fabulous hand-crafted boobie-shaped pinata I had for my birthday party last fall.

We're talking probably 100 or so condoms, rubbers of all stripes. In fact, I think some may even HAVE stripes. Flavored, glow-in-the-dark, "normal," you name it, they're in the bag. The condoms are all you get, though... I'm keeping the Ron Jeremy autobiography, the autofellating windup toy, and my copy of "Good Will Humping."

sistermaryeris and I briefly entertained the notion of giving them to her teenaged son, but it would seem a little weird giving him an armful of mint, strawberry, and chocolate prophylactics.

Anyone want them? Anyone know who might need them? Throwing away birth control is bad karma.

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This is a silly little rant, but I must rant.

Dear PDX Fox News,

Usually you are full of fail, and I mean that in the nicest way, you know, being that you're only reporting what you're told, and I only watch you for laughs and giggles... but was that light refraction lesson by your resident idiot weatherman (or whatever he was) when you guys showed the rainbow pictures REALLY necessary? It's past 10pm, most kiddies are in bed by now, and those who ARE up already have gone through elementary school.

Congratulations for being condescending, one of the few things I haven't seen on your news casts up to now.

-No Love,
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pedicure in beavertron?

i'm visiting beaverton saturday and i'm in need of a pedicure. anyone have a rec for a decent place? not too expensive preferably (like under $40).

thanks in advance! i googled and got several results, but it's hard to know what places are gross and which are good.