February 12th, 2008

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Sandwich goodness

So a friend pointed out that Esquire mag just released their top sandwich places in the US and reading through it caused for a serious rumble in mah belly. I CRAVE A MONTY CRISTO!

those that have sampled the (un)holy union of ham, turkey, swiss, on texas toast, battered, fried or grilled, dusted with powered sugar, and served with a healthy helping of jam or fruit preserve know how wonderful this all tastes together.

does anyone know of a place that can help cure this craving? and i'm not talking about settling for a cheap knockoff at Denny's either...
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omg please just gimme a job already!!!!

so i have been here for 2 months, and have sent out countless resumes in that time (usually through craigslist, sometimes just walk-ins) and i have only had 3 interviews and no job offers. i have NEVER had trouble getting a job before, and i am just looking for a plain ol' barista job, or something comparable. there are a shitload of coffee places around, i have years and years of coffee experience, but it doesn't seem to matter.

so i have to ask... honestly, is my being from california and new to portland detrimental to my image? are tattoos a problem (i sort of doubt it, i am not entirely inked or anything)? is it just the coffee thing that is hard to break into? i would love to be a server but i have no experience, and every place i've seen requires at least two years. i go to school about 9 hours a week, but aside from that, my schedule is super flexible. in the meantime i am running out of my savings fast. what is my problem???

Here's a random one for ya....

Ok so a few years back I wanted to start trying to get in front of a camera.  And just as a general disclaimer, its nude art that I'm interested in. I had a friend who wanted to learn to shoot people as opposed to nature, so we experimented. Well, he was shy as well as not terribly interested in this kind of photography and, alas, only one shoot was ever done. It turned out all right. I was generally pleased but was definitely thinking it might be easier working with someone who actually shoots PEOPLE. And knows a bit about studios and lighting and all that fun stuff.

But that's not why I'm posting. I'm posting because I want to get back into it. I am kinda wondering if there are any photographers in the Portland, OR area who wouldn't mind working with someone who is not very experienced but really wants to learn? I'm pretty open to suggestions as well. I'm not going to post any of the pictures from the shoot but if you are interested I'd share just so you can get an idea of what you'd be working with. Or who, rather.

Of course, this may not need to be stated, but I will anyway. I'm not looking to do porn-type stuff. And I don't want these photos to be strewn across the internet/world/etc. In all honesty, I feel a lil strange posting this in DP. I posted in the ArtInNudity community that I'm in, but the closest people were not very close. So email or comment here, either way, let me know! gstovall a gmail dot com

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So I am in the market for a new place to live for myself and my 10 year old mellow, fixed, indoor male cat. Yes, I have scoured craigslist.
I am seeking somewhere on the eastside or close to downtown westside, with internet, and with people who are friendly, yet also respect my space and property. I am so tired of living with people who have no respect!
I can pay up to $300 a month, but would prefer less of course. I am employed, I have a car but ride Trimet a lot, I also have a bike that needs some work. I don't have a lot of household furniture other than my bedroom stuff (although if you need some, I could go pull some stuff out of my storage unit). A back yard would be super but not required. Comment here or email me at reverendkate@gmail.com if you have a room, or know of one.
Thank you!
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free chips alert

i don't remember who posted recently about the amtrak discount code, but THANK YOU, it worked and i rocked a $16 train ticket from eugene recently. in the spirit of sharing the wealth...


i have gotten 2 bags of free chips now (and no lectures about the one-bag-per rule please) and they are yummy. i can tell you that the Peach/Mango are delicious, the herb garlic are DIVINE, and the tangy tomato is damn good. i didn't care for the farmhouse cheddar.

anyway, you probably have to install the coupon printer, but it's fast and easy.
yea for free chips.

relevance? portlanders love free stuff.

(no subject)

I looked through the memories already (which apparently arn't kept up to date these days) but couldn't find anything on this subject.

A few weeks ago someone posted asking about fun/cheap date ideas and someone suggested glow in the dark,pirate themed mini gold,i beleave in SW... whats the name of that place?

thanks in advance.
fairy dust

Truck and some assistance needed

I need to get two pallets out of the basement of a house (Irvington) , and into my garage(inner Southeast) no later than Thursday eve. I also could stand to pick up a few additional pallets as well (I've been scanning CL, but if anyone here knows anyone who has some they want to rid themselves of....)

Trouble is, my vehicle is too small as is everyone else's that I know. Is anyone willing/able to give me a hand with this? The reward would be my eternal gratitude, plus I could buy you a drink or something.

Thank you!
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(no subject)

Does anyone know of any part-time jobs...pretty much anything around Portland? I'm look for anywhere SE/SW/NE/etc as long as it's within a 10-mile radius or so of downtown Portland. I'm a photographer but I need something else at the moment to get by. It can even be temporary. Well if anyone has seen anything, please let me know :D

I've worked as a barista, deli worker, deckhand, customer service, and maintenance before...and I've done modeling and photographing.


And since we're on a free binge :D Dove.com is giving away free samples of stuff ladies ;) It's under Exclusive offers.


I'm stealing this survey to ask dp because a) it's Portland, b) omg cops!1

1. Age:
2. Do you smoke pot?
3. If yes, how much would you say you smoke per month? (ie: eighth, oz, half a bowl, etc)
4. What is your highest level of education?
5. Do you plan on returning to school within the next 5 years?
6. Which income bracket do you fall into:
(yearly income)
a. unemployed-14k
b. 15k-24k
c. 25k-40k
d. 40k-80k
e. 80k-higher
f. Student
7. Best CD while stoned? Best tv show? Best movie?

And the million dollar question

8. Best food while stoned?

Rigid tight asses and cynics, feel free to sit this one out.
Pug in wig

Dog boarding?

My husband and I are taking a trip to the Northeast in May, and we're going to need to board our pug. We're very protective of her (what good animal lover/owner isn't?) and since this will be the first time she'll be boarded, we want to find one of the best places in Portland to care for her while we're gone.

I've browsed a few websites thanks to the magic of Google, but I'd rather hear good (and bad) reviews. Preferences, other than a staff that seems to truly love dogs, is a "small dog" section. She's only 13 lbs, and I'd prefer she rough-house with dachshunds rather than dobermans.

Thanks a lot, DP! :D
Animated Kitty :)

(no subject)

I know you all are probably smarter than to get your ears pierced at Claire's, but I thought I'd give this question shot anyway. What exactly is the ingredient list on the Claire's Ear Care Solution? I used to have a bottle, but that was a long time ago and I'm just all curious and junk.


(no subject)

What formula do you use to calculate the length of one line of a right triangle... I forget. I am playing a game *cough*professorlaytonandthecuriousvillage*cough* and I need to use maths but I forget. Ok so basically I have a rectangle that is 80inches tall and 120inches wide and there is a 40in tall and 60in wide diamond cute out of the middle and I need to figure out the fraction that it takes up... or basically the % turned into a fraction... and I can't remember my math formulas or anything OH NOES!

On cycling

The most important things, when cycling, are to be aware of your surroundings, be smart, and ride with your own safety as the foremost consideration. These things will save your life more than any other. Wearing a helmet, increasing your visibility, and following local laws to the letter pale to insignificance next to using your eyes, ears, and brain.. so much so that I don't bother to do those things any more than I would as a pedestrian, and I feel that telling other people to do them actually does them a disservice by misprioritization.

Always slow to a crawl for blind corners.
Always stay as far away from cars as it is practical to do. If a sidewalk is available, consider using it.
Always slow near pedestrians.. more so if there are children or animals present.
Look for places where drivers can potentially hit you and ensure that they don't. Always assume that any driver with whom you haven't made clear eye contact hasn't seen you, and travel accordingly.. no matter where you're riding or how visible you are. Don't cross in front of cars that might move immediately (frex, right turn on red) unless they're clearly waiting for you to go first. If in doubt, always yield, no matter who has the legal right of way.

That's the kind of advice that keeps people alive. Not "wear more lights".