February 11th, 2008

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So.. hopefully soon my boyfriend will be coming to visit me (around the 17th-24th, ish?), and I need things to do with him.

Preferably cheap things.

I live in Clackamas, and neither of us are MADE of money, so things that are cheap and easily accessible to us would be awesome.

He'll have just turned 19 by then, and I'm 20, so.. things.. for people of our age-appropriate.. etc. Blah.

Obviously we'll go to a movie for make-out sessions in the dark.. whether he agrees or not. But other than that, I'm stumped for ideas.

He's not into drugs and I don't really want to be drinking the first time I meet my own boyfriend- I'll be nervous enough without acid tummy syndrome.

So, what's going down around those dates, P-town? I need some assistance, here. I'm not creative!  
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Dog Training


My girlfriend and I have purchased our first puppy together, a nine week old female Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Do any of you know of a good training/obedience program that we could all enroll in within the next few weeks?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated and researched.


little blue dog

scientology = died and iz ded?

Anonymous vs. Scientology took place worldwide on Saturday, including right here in our little hotbed of rebellion that is Portland.

I stole the macro above from deathboy's awesome account of the protest in London, and saw that neurophyre posted a vid showing a couple arrests at the Portland protest.

(There's more on all of the protests in the Wikinews article here, including a section on Portland's protest.)

Well, it looks like it was good for some kicks. Most of the news stories I've seen have treated the event as a massive prank, however, rather than a serious protest against a harmful cult. What do you think the effect was?
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Accident on Friday 02/08 in Hillsdale - Need Witness!


On Friday, our new Mazda 3 was hit by a GMC truck while parked in a lot in front of Noah's Bagels in Hillsdale at 6:25 pm. The car was in the spot directly in front of the bus stop while we were waiting for someone to arrive.

We were parked with our parking lights on and were backed into by the truck while stationary. Now, the other party is being dishonest with the insurance company and claiming that we were also backing up.

If anyone was witness to this accident, please contact us. There are no surveillance cameras, and we need your help!

Please email jess (at) jessicabair (dot) com or reply here if you have any information regarding this incident.

Jessica and Brian
c10 dinner

Temp agencies?


I just moved to Portland (after several years of wanting to move here) and am absolutely loving it except for one little problem....i don't have a job. I am transitioning out of a career in entertainment (Stage Management, live theatre) and have a fantastic skill set for management and office work, but sadly am lacking in direction. I don't have any clear idea of what i do want to do now (other than wanting to whittle down hours to 60/week or less) so I'm looking into temp agencies to get some income while figuring out what career is the best fit for me. I've been researching temp agencies in the area for weeks and am rather overwhelmed - there are literally dozens, all claiming to the The Best! Several have reviews online, from which i deduce that appleone and kelly probably aren't good matches for me. I've ruled out industry specific ones (i'm not qualified in medical, legal, construction or IT fields).

Anyone out there have experience with local temping agencies? I would appreciate any feedback on personal experiences!


Hey folks.
I currently live in good ole' Milwaukee, Wisconsin but can't STAND the weather anymore.
I'm planning a move.

I'm really digging Portland so far.
I just have a few questions?

How much do you love/hate your public transportation?
I don't drive, and while my bike will take me places, sometimes the bus is necessary.  Milwaukee's public transportation could use some improving.  In addition to that, how much is a bus ride? In Milwaukee it is $2.00.
What are some neighborhoods to avoid?
How is the Portland Community College?  
Milwaukee's tech schools allow you to transfer credits and are a helpful alternative to a 4 year.
How is your economy?
Milwaukee's sucks.

I am looking at other resources to get some of my information, but I would love some first hand opinions.  

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate it!


Hey, can anyone recommend a good endocrinologist in the Portland area? (Preferably someone who is good with metabolic/thyroid/hormone/female issues, and I am in SW but if the doctor is good I'd be willing to travel all over town). I finally got health insurance! wooo. Pretty much anyone at OHSU is on my plan but there's so many endocrinologists I don't know how to choose... thanks :)

Portland is teh New Hotness

Ok people, you cant keep telling people how awesome Portland is, pretty soon we'll have a ton of East Coasters coming in taking our jobs, drinking all our beer and stealing our women (and men). We can't stand for this! *shakes fist*

The first rule of Portland is Don't talk about Portland.
And to clarify all you east costers and californians, dont believe the lies that you have heard, Portland is a dirty horrible city with horrible horrible transportation! :P

And we smell funny too! Yeah!

EDIT: I'm just kiddin folks, I love you all.
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non-touristy attractions for tourists?

hello portlanders,

my boyfriend and i are going to be in portland from the 15th to the 22nd. his parents live in beaverton, so he's been to portland before but it's my first time. he doesn't know what to suggest that we do, since his parents like to spend more of their time in shopping centres and chinese restaurants.

we don't mind traveling across town to get to the good places - we've got a car and we're transit savvy.

we'd really like to go to a good microbrewery - i know that hair of the dog is brewed in portland. do they have a brew-bar there? are there any other microbreweries or bars with a good selection of beers? where should we go after dinner for a drink and some good atmosphere? we don't dance.

where should we eat? some cheap options would be nice... where can we get the best thai? ethiopian? vietnamese? and where is the best place to get a really satisfying latte?

where are the good shopping areas? i'm talking more about independently run businesses, not malls. places where i could find some stuff by local designers.

i know that the weather is crummy, but are there any nice places to walk/hike? i'm a photographer, so anything that might be interesting from a photographic point of view would be fantastic.

are there any good indie bands playing while we're in town? any other interesting events?

thank you so much!!

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Worst case scenario please...

This is awful - my ex just got his fourth DUI.  His second DUI was why we ended up divorcing. That was in 2003. He got diversion and five days in jail and fines.  Two of his DUI's were in Washington State (the first was between '92 and '97; I don't remember exactly) and two have been here.  

What sort of sentence is he looking at if anyone out there can tell me?  If anyone could shed light on what's going to happen - this not knowing is awful.  I'm not even supposed to know about it - though how he's going to keep it a secret is beyond me. 

(The awfulness has to do with our kids since we share custody.)
Dark Sided!

Free Movie Tonight at 9PM in NoPo

Tonight at 9PM Monday Movies presents The Girl Can't Help It (1956, rare B&W television print) ) in genuine 16mm vintage film.

Edmond O'Brien,
a down-and-out gangster hires alcoholic press agent Tom Ewell to make his blindingly blonde bombshell fiancée Jayne Mansfield into a recording star in 6 weeks. But what is he going to do when he finds out that she has no talent? And what is going to happen when the two fall in love?

The Girl Can't Help
It is populated by all manner of cool cats, including Fats Domino, the Platters, a gospel-shouting Abbey Lincoln, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, and Little Richard, but the show belongs to Mansfield—a computer-generated image before her time, with blonder-than-blond tresses and contours that no one but Jessica Rabbit could match.

Pizza Pub
3552 North Mississippi Ave.
Portland, Oregon            
(503) 288-3231

Full bar and menu.
Admission is free. Show begins at 9PM.
Venue is non-smoking and child friendly, (if your kids are allowed to stay up until 11 on a school night, that is.)

Sign up for our monthly schedule at mondaymovies@aol.com.

Carmen San Diego

Cheap and all-ages things to do in Portland

Hey all! I've noticed a number of posts today concerning cheap/fun/all-ages things to do in Portland, and I responded to one post with this information, but thought, hey, everyone should have this!

My good friend Lisa has started a new weekly e-newsletter that highlights all-ages events and fun things to do that are under $20 or free. It comes out every Tuesday and is full of really cool things that you don't always find in the Willy Week or Mercury. And it's all put together for you! It's called Around Portland Oregon.

Right now it's only the newsletter, but soon a website will be up and running. For now, if you're interested, you can sign up for the weekly info by emailing lisa@aroundportlandoregon.com

Have fun! Peace, B
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Recycled paper cards

Hey, so I Blackle'd for homemade paper, but I'm not sure I like any of the recipes. They weren't what I was thinking they would be, and they all have weird little themes. All I want is the bare minimum of homemade paper recipes. Nothing more maybe less. Not cards, or seed friendly or whatever, I'll do the experimenting, thanks.

So if there are any homemade paper recipes you'd recommend and have enjoy, please inform me! Thanks!
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I loves me some smoke shooting out from under the hood...

Ok, who can recommend a pretty sweet mechanic/garage/car-fixie-upper-place? Preferably on the East Side (but not further than 80th St. let's say), North or South (I don't discriminate...beside I'm one block north of Burnside anyway).

If it's of any importance, the stats:

'94 Jeep Wrangler with a Shitty McCrap coolant leak (symptoms point to 13 year old rubber hosing falling to shite as main cause since the radiator was replaced in August). The main leak has been fixed by the nicest stranger alive who was my savior last Thursday, but she's still leaking like a non-housebroken puppy named Piddles. If it matters, I've got AAA insurance thingie whats-it.

I can always google any Joe Blow mechanic, but thought I might turn to you, oh knowledgeable DPers. Help a girl out, there's only so much I can fix. I'm in no hurry, I love my bike and this gorgeous weather is super fantastico...but Mama needs long distance transport capabilities at some point.
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Nom nom nom nom

Looking to buy some wheels?

A buddy of mine is selling his Nissan Pathfinder. I don't know all the details, but it's red, it's cool, it's 4wd, I think I heard him say it's got 26000 miles on the rebuilt engine, and he's a mechanic, so I'm pretty sure he's kept it in good condition.

I don't know total mileage (I think it's like an '87 or '88), but he's selling it for $1000.

If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll get the remaining details and put you in touch with him.

I'm just doing this because he's the kind of guy who likes getting things done, not selling shit, and it sounds like he's had a few people express extreme interest from the classifieds, and then never show up. I figured one of y'alls might be interested in some inexpensive wheels, and would probably be cooler than some random reader of the Oregonian.