February 10th, 2008


Spree Hearts

Since people were so helpful in helping me find the disgusting pizza rolls a few weeks ago, I thought I might again pose yall a food query: Any idea where I can get the Spree candy hearts they release for v-day? I see Sweet Tart Hearts everywhere, but have yet to come across Spree ones.

bike rides

since the weather is looking pretty clear and warm for the next week, i plan on going on a 60-75ish mile (round trip) bike ride. i was thinking about heading east on the 26 until i felt like turning around, but i'm not sure if its legal, let alone safe enough to ride the whole way. i remember parts basically being a freeway. i'm not in a position to be dropped off and picked up anywhere. what say you?
i'm open to other nice routes that don't involve any driving to get to and from your starting spot. no special destinations required, but good foresty scenery is pretty important. i'm starting in outer SE on a road bike. no long unpaved stretches. i might be open to some pick up/drop off via public transit.
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(no subject)

anyone know where i can buy shrink plastic sheets (like shrinkie dinks) in portland? i figured i could find it at department stores, but no such luck. and i don't want to go all the way out to a major craft store to find they don't have it...
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Personal shredding service?

Does anyone know of a business in Portland that will shred an individual's documents on an as-needed basis?

Long story short: After moving to PDX, my husband and I have collected a giant pile of documents needing to be shredded. With my husband insisting that everything with our name and/or address be shredded coupled with the fact that we've put it off for so long, it's a job far too large for our small, personal shredder.

I turned to Google first, but I'm only finding the service for businesses.

Thanks, DP!
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Hello DP.. I need an upholsterer for a couple of chairs I inherited. I've Googled and come up with a couple of places: Lloyd's Upholstery on Hawthorne and Custom Upholsterers on Gladstone. Has anyone used either of them? I'm looking for either reviews of one and/or the other of them or a recommendation for another place.


decent concert listings???

hey kids!

I'm hoping for some site that lists concerts in town databasically so I can get at them easily.

Here is the best I've seen before: infoconcert.fr...

Yes? No? Heck if there isn't something like this, whoever puts it together would have a great site on their hands. While the Mercury is great, it's just not convenient to go through every ad :-/
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This is a longshot...

...but does anyone know of a good, patient bookkeeper who works/can work on the central coast (Newport, Depoe Bay)?

My folks have had one in the past, but had to sever ties because of some conflicts of interest. They are absolutely clueless about budgeting. The woman they had before did an excellent job for a few years, but they have since reverted to their old spend spend spend habits, as well as forgetting/losing house payment bills, car payment bills, etc.

I have to intervene in this case. If anyone knows of one, I would love any recommendations.
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(no subject)

So according to this site over four hundred people showed for the anti-scientologist rally in Portland today. Did anyone see anything? Actually go? Does anyone care?

edit: Okay, there's no way there was four hundred people there. One fifty is still more then I was expecting to hear though.


Hey guys, I'm getting rid of my DS lite, I have it on craigslist right now for $110 with two games and original packaging for everything. If anyone is interested, let me know here.

So besides that, I want to replace it with a PSP!! Do any of you play PSP? Do you love them? Mistake to sell my DS? I've been trying to get more into hand held games because sitting at home playing games on my tv all day is too appealing.. at least this way I can be in public and gaming.

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2 arrests at Scientology protest

I was at the Scientology protest in PDX today and a couple guys got arrested, apparently for smoking weed in a van around the corner. Took me forever to figure out how to upload it from my phone but it's finally up. At about 0:37 it actually looks like the cop bounces the one dude's head off the door when stuffing him into the cruiser.

Figures a couple kids would make asses out of themselves and their movement by blazing the dank like 50 feet from a bunch of cops.

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