February 9th, 2008

  • gojacy

Uniques little shops

Hello all! So my boyfriend's sister is in town for the weekend and tomorrow is our day to kind of hang out with her. She wants to spend tomorrow going around to a bunch of cool and unique little shops. I'm kind of drawing a blank though as far as where to go. I figured you people would have some good ideas. All we have so far is Multnomah Village and Antiques and Oddities. So abviously location doesn't matter. We're maxing/bussing and we have all day long to do it. Oh, and suggestions for nice litte restraunts and cafes would be appreciated as well. Thanks so much in advance!
  • drjeff

Gateway treasure hunt!

Here it is... your Geographic Question of the Day!

We're moving to the Gateway area, not so far from the Gateway Frederick Meyer, and are wondering if there are any little hidden treasures there. I noticed to my delight that there was a funky little Asian market within walking distance of our new house. It led me to wonder where there was anything else cool that's tucked away in those little strip malls and commercial areas, let's say between 102nd - 122nd and from Burnside to Halsey.

Bonus points if you can find me some good pho, a place to get beers, or somewhere to eat breakfast.

Recommendations based upon personal experience get the double bonus and advance to the finals.


I reserved two tickets for Century High School's production of Grease tonight. I can't find anyone who wants/can go with me. So, any of you wanna go? Curtain is at 7:30, so we have to be there by 7 to claim the tickets. I get off work at 5, so will probably be there around 6:30ish. comment if interested.
fuck you anyway.

Glass Cutting?

I need to get some glass cut. Specifically for a table top.
I know getting a protective glass table top is different than just getting a piece of glass and cutting it into a rectangle. It needs to have smooth edges. So. Anybody know where I can find such a thing? For cheap?
Lego Castle Making
  • subplot

Car Accidents SUCK

So, I've been here for a year but haven't found (or even looked for) a doctor because I haven't needed one or wanted to find one. But last night my co-worker and I got in a car accident and we both woke up feeling lsuper sore and unhappy. For peace of mind, etc, we wanted to get checked out but also to avoid the E.R. Are there any walk-in clinics in Portland or Vancouver that you know of? I doubt it is anything serious but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

p.s. Car accidents suck!

OMG, I don't need your help for once!

I just wanted to use this space to thank you guys for helping me out at the last minute with finding a receiver for my speakers and a recipe for vegan chocolate cake.

I scored a deal on a sweet receiver that worked great and the cake was a hit with everyone, including the omnivores.

  • kim8280


Okay, it's obvious Obama has alot of supporters here.

Can you tell me, without using the words "Change" or "Hope" (or any creative synonyms thereof, you sneaky Portlanders) AND without mentioning (directly or indirectly) his opponents, why I should vote for him?

Back-up for your statements is always good too. Just trying to get a clearer picture of the frenzy.

Thank You! :)

EDIT! I should have known better than to try this - but I'm seeing alot of the same thing in the comments received thus far. I want to make it clear that I have done ALOT of homework about the various candidates. I'm simply trying to see what issues are important to my fellow constituents and how Obama is the right man for that.

things that hold other things

i'm in the market for panniers and a mattress. i would love to hear recommendations for products that can be described by either of those nouns. very important: reasonable cost, design/comfort, excellent customer service; less important: i would prefer a locally owned business. thank you.