February 8th, 2008

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Signs that lie. 24 hour coffee and wifi, please.

So it turns out the Pharmacy Cafe on NW 21st is officially no longer open 24 hours. For the suck.

They've applied (successfully?) for a liquor license, which sounds to me like a tactical mistake, but, then, they didn't ask me.

Who's got the skinny on current late-night or all-night digs with free wi-fi? Please feel free to include the last time you were there and saw something official with "hours" jotted on it, since things seem to be shifting around.

Bonus points for anything on the eastside not on Powell Boulevard, for cute baristas and locally roasted coffee, or for places lacking that one guy who smells constantly and overwhelmingly of piss.

Anyone with a lot of money to invest who'd like to open a 24-hour coffee shop in NE with free-wifi, contact me off-list. Serious and totally absurdly silly inquiries welcome.
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Me and my lady are hanging out with a longtime friend of mine, and his lady, later tonight, like around 10. We're all in our mid-to-late 30s and would prefer to hang out at a place with good drinks that is conducive to conversation, i.e. not too crowded and/or noisy (don't want to have to shout to hear each other).

Atmosphere: Anywhere with character, from kinda rough'n'gritty to kinda swank.

Location: N, NE, NW, downtown, not burbs.

Any suggestions? TIA.
Bottoms up!

Oh t3h wo3z . . .

I am looking, yes at the last minute, for a receiver/amplifier unit to take the music from a laptop and play it out of my 200W speakers. I have various audio cables, so that's not my issue.

My issue is finding a receiver, and finding one with the proper wattage to accommodate my speakers and produce a reasonably loud sound. Audio is one thing I never learned much about, so I don't really understand the math involved in finding what I need.

I would appreciate some help with both figuring out what I need to be looking for, but also finding it! My budget is low, so used equipment, borrowed equipment, or rented equipment are all good for me.

Thank you so much, DP!


Edit: I picked up Harman/Kardon HK 3270 and some speaker wire for $145 at Fred's. Unfortunately, one of my speakers doesn't have the little screw-on caps that hold the wire in place, so I will have to manage something ghetto until I can figure out what caps will fit on there. Thanks for your help, guys.

A V.P. For You n' Me

    Yesterday I posted about who you thought was going to take Oregon and Washington in the upcoming Caucus/Primary.  Today I want to know who you think would be picked to be the Vice President for both the Democratic and Republican nominee.  I guess it's easier for Republicans since all they have is John MCain and to a much lesser extent, Ron Paul.  I see McCain picking Lieberman (blech) or Giuliani (less blech).  Anyone see different? 

    Since the Dems still have Hilary and Obama to choose from, would it effect your vote if you knew who they wanted for their VP?  If Clinton picked Barrack as her Vice President, that would be pretty interesting.  I don't see him picking her though.  Maybe John Edwards would be his choice.  Do you see otherwise?  The Washington Caucus/Primary is this Saturday and I'm torn as to who I want to vote for because of this issue.  Any thoughts?I
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Rice milk loves you

I LOVE rice milk lattes. I definitely prefer them over lattes involving soy or regular milk, but it seems that most shops just offer soy milk as the non-dairy alternative.

I know that Albina Press offers rice milk... but what other shops have it? Bonus points if it's downtown or in the 5th quadrant.

In need of car repair

Last night, my car started to steam. Today, I checked the antifreeze and the resevoir was empty so I refilled it, however, I definitely have a leak in the hose. It's an older volvo and I live downtown. I would like recommendations for good, cheap car repair places downtown or if you have any mechanic recommendations, thanks!

The Music We Regret Getting Rid Of

What music do you regret getting rid of and want to get back?  

Me, I wish I had never sold all my Siouxie and the Banshees and Big Black and Velvet Underground.  Pretty much, I wish I had never gotten rid of all the music I bought in the 80s and 90s, but a lot of it I had to sell to make rent or buy dope. 


Travel Time

Is 45 minutes enough time to get from downtown Milwaukie to PDX airport during rush hour? Google and Mapquest both estimate that it's a 24-minute drive, but both of them have been known to lie...

free bread!

the blackrose collective bookstore & freecycle just got a ton of bread. Trader Joe's Crushed Wheat Bread, to be exact. and we want you to have it! lord knows we can't eat it all ourselves. we're at 4038 N. mississippi, and we'll be open from 11:00 - 5:00 tomorrow! come say hiiiii and grab a loaf.

Still looking for something to do tonight?

I've got just the thing for you! The Portland International Women's Day planning committee is hosting a screening of "The 5-Minute Project", a series of short films made by women from over 10 different countries. The result is an incredible anthology of 10 five-minute pieces from the Cook Islands to Greece, India to New Zealand, in both documentary and drama formats.

We're asking a $1-5 donation at the door and we'll be selling wine and snacks, all to raise money for Portland International Women's Day 2008. For more information about that event, check out www.piwd.org.

The screening will take place at 3968 SE Mall St, one block north of 39th and Holgate. Doors open at 7:30 and we'll start the movie at 8pm. Come by to see the film, drink some wine with your friends, buy a tasty cupcake or two and learn more about PIWD!
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so for some ungodly reason i'm leaving in a few days to go visit family in minnesota in the still-almost-middle-of-winter.

what i need is some really warm clothes. thermal underwear, a thicker coat, and maybe some better hats and gloves. so damn penetrators/double portlanders, which fine retailer in our area has the best deals on winter gear these days? anyone know of anyone still closing out winter wear?

also, as to the real reason i'm going to MN, what would be a great gift to give to my sister and her SO upon the birth of their new baby?

and... DRINK!!!

Oh you know you love cats.

So my parents have decided that since they can't take care of there cat that they want to put him down. As an alternative to that I've offered to help try and find a new home for him. So here's some info about him that I'll put behind the cut with some pictures of the little cuddle muffin. Haha. 

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Calling all non-lawyers!

A number of weeks ago, I registered a complaint with our landlord about another tenant. It has come to my attention that the landlord later disclosed that we were the ones complaining. I was under the impression that this was illegal. Is this correct?

No, it's not a situation where it's obvious (ex. "The people downstairs are complaining about you dancing to Devo at all hours") who the person is that's complaining.

Freeschool is Cool. Open house tomorrow (Sat) 10-4 for parents and kids

The Village Free School is an awesome private school (lots cheaper than most private schools) for kids 5-18. No curriculum, no homework, things are child led, really! The kids ask for classes and staff or family members or other kids teach them. Sometimes they hang out and play. They go lots of places in the community. They make the rules for the school and vote on them democratically. When there's a problem, they call each other to solution meetings and talk it out.

My son has been there for 3 years now. He's 14. His favorite things to do currently are writing class, the history of war, acting class, psychology class. He teaches light saber fighting classes to the other kids. He takes some online college classes at Mt. Hood on the side for fun. And it works, because he's learning in a community where people choose to learn things- innate natural curiosity matters.

So- if you want to check it out, there is an open house tomorrow from 10-2. Kids and parents currently enrolled will be there to answer questions and hang out. The school is in Outer SE on Foster and 87th. It's on the grounds of St Peters, but there is no affiliation- the school just rents buildings there. Go to www.villagefreeschool.org for more info. Freeschools have been around for a long time- google Sudbury Valley to read more about the history of democratic education.

So this may belong elsewhere, but fuck it!

To all those who tell me that the state government shouldn't eve have a chance at upholding the constitutional rights of this nations people. To those who complain about shit all the damn time and yet sometimes I get to learn that you don't do a damn thing about your complaints.  Maybe this isn't even to all the people on the community but to those I run into on the sidewalk.

But I feel that if you want your damn rights protected you'd do something about it! I've been in my capital, and I've talked to some of the legislators Washingtonians have elected, I've been called a baby killer to my face by a few of them. You want to know what it's actually like out there? The only way this system may ever work, is by understanding it, the only way to change it is understanding it. There's some bullshit yeah, but I wont lose hope in it, it's all I got to work with here. I'm 20, I'm Native American, and it's always been told to me that I am Native American, but you fucking Caucasians have taken away my culture. My tribe hardly exists anymore. Fuck yeah I come from a well off family, Fuck yeah I'm in college and Hell yes I am ignorant of many things. But I am not stupid. I can't know everything, but I am open to new views and new ways. I don't know how many of you know what it's like to lose your culture almost completely, I never even got a chance to know mine before it was taken away. I hate this government. But I am going to my caucus tomorrow. I participate in lobby days, They only way shit will change is if States take back some control, and you find the tiniest bit of hope in the idea that we can change for the better. Otherwise, all you one-issue voters who think there will never be a better way, you can all move to Canada. But my Tribe is here on this land, and I can't leave it because it's all I got left to hold on to.
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Who is pretty damn excited about the Mountain Goats in like 2 weeks? (A: I am!!)

But really I just want to ask:


I'm going to be spending a single week in Arizona, and chances are I'm going to be outside for most of that time. I'm prone to getting awful sunburns, and I don't want to spend my vacation being red and blistery and sunstrokey. Anyway, I want to go to a tanning salon just enough to give me a little bit of resistance so the sunscreen works. WHERE should I go? Are all tanning salons created equal? In SW or anywhere nearish downtown, please. And on the cheaper side of things.

Usually I just go through this annoying period at the beginning of each summer where I get really gross despite my religious use of sunscreen, but I want to avoid that.


Kenny and Zukes: worth it? Don't want to pay $11.75 for a reuben unless it's amazing. If not, where would you go to obtain an excellent reuben?

Famous Birthdays

Here's a fun one: what famous people do you share a birthday with?

Mine is May 6 and it's the same birthday as George Clooney, Willie Mays, Bob Seger, Sigmund Freud, Orson Welles, John Flansburgh (They Might Be Giants), Tony Blair, and Lætitia Sadier (Stereolab).