February 7th, 2008


Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

As some of you may know I am a jewelry maker and I would like to offer up custom design services this week. I also have some jewelry ready-made and available through my website, Tiny Forge Design. All of my jewelry is handmade and sterling silver. If you're looking for a Valentine's day gift that is unique and beautiful, but won't cost an arm and a leg, please talk to me!
Carmen San Diego

Doc referral

Does anyone have any input on Dr. Robin Barrett at the Northwest Women's Clinic? I'm looking for a new OBGYN. Please email me privately (at the email listed on my profile), as I do not wish to start a flame war. Thanks so much! Peace, Becky

Steel Planters

My dad is coming through town today and his girlfriend wants to buy some steel planters.

Google turned up nothing.

Anybody have any idea of a store that might have some?

He didn't specify a size.

How Do You Lean?

So my parents called me up and asked about the upcoming caucus/primary that's happening in Washington this Saturday and wanted to know how the state was going to vote.  Were Washingtonians leaning towards Hilary or Obama?  Are they more for McCain, Romney, or Huckabee?  I personally haven't heard or read anything considering preliminary polls that asked these questions.  Can anyone direct me to some sources where I can get more info on the matter.  Also, how is Oregon going to vote?  Any early word on that as well?  It seems that this year the NW will help decide who gets the nomination which is cool since in the past it really did seem like it didn't matter.
Fatty Goldfish


heres a riddle for ya!

where would i go about hunting down a riddler suit? black suit, green question marks all over it, green undershirt, the whole deal.

any idea online, or costume stores, or anything like that? all i could think of was ebay, and i got nothin e___e

Yurt rentals

Does anyone know if there are places that rent yurts on a monthly or yearly basis? Or does someone have a yurt they aren't using that they'd like to rent me?

I'm exploring inexpensive housing options and have always liked the idea of living in a yurt. Unfortunately, I don't have any land to put one on, or I'd just get my own.


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Les Claypool

This is kind of a shot in the dark, but here it goes:

I'm relocating to Portland in late June or early July. But, I'm coming to visit (along with my three future roommates) to talk to potential employers/check out neighborhoods.

I'll be there from the 11th of March (Tuesday) until the 16th (Sunday.) While I'm there, Les Claypool is playing at the Roseland Theatre (on the 15th). None of my future roommates are that into him, and will likely refuse to go. I'd really like to attend the show, especially since Les hasn't been touring that much (outside of playing summer festivals) and I currently live in Indiana, which is the pass-over state for most of my favorite bands.

So, my question is: are there any of you who plan on going? I wouldn't mind a friendly face or two. According to popular report, I'm relatively nice/fun. It would also be nice to meet some people with similar tastes in music before I actually move out there.

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high speed internet, data recovery

1. Experiences good and bad with high speed internet providers here in town?

Free Wi-Fi is no longer cutting it for me. I need something more reliable.

2. Also, anyone have any recommendations for data recovery? My ibook harddrive locked up :( and I don't have millions of $$$
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Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Learning the joys of T9 predictive text technology from a fellow DPer! I have now saved myself so much time!

2. Getting a chance to sample many of the artisan chocolatiers and treat-makers that reside in outlying areas of Portland! This was during last weekend's ChocolateFest, which was ridiculously fun. A road trip to these chocolate havens in Canby, Sherwood, Tigard, and other places are in order....

3. Being briefly introduced to the wonder that is the World Forestry Center last weekend (at the ChocolateFest). One of these days, I shall visit there and spend an entire day immersed in educational research.

4. The rainy weather, and the rhythmically hypnotizing sounds of heavy raindrops against the bedroom window. I will take heavy rains over freezing cold anytime. Of course, I am biased since I live on a third-floor apartment, and since I have been scarred after spending 13 years living in Alaska! ;o

5. Delicious blood oranges that are in season right now, courtesy of New Seasons Market. I suppose I shall plan to stop by there this weekend for their chocolate tasting!

6. Worst Day of the Year ride this Sunday! I am crazy, but I am going to try the 40-mile course this year (weather permitting)!
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My place has little black ants; they're about 1-2 millimeters long and there are long lines of them on the kitchen floor. How do I get rid of ants? Is boric acid safe? Are there natural alternatives?
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beach fun

Where to find?

Hey guys n gals. I'm born and raised sun bleached salty. Meaning I'm from a family of complete and utter beach bums in Socal/Hawaii. I've lately been really missing the smell of Sex Wax. My Dad waxes his board with it and so does my Grandpa and I just love the smell. Where can I get some in Portland?

(no subject)

DP, can you recommend me a doctor? I just got insurance as of this month. I haven't had a physical in ages, and I think I really need to get one soon before my heart stops or my limbs fall off or whatever. Ob/Gyn recommendations would also be greatly appreciated, for all that girl stuff that makes me uncomfortable just thinking about.

Qualifier: I need to find a doc that takes United Healthcare.

[edit] Oops, forgot to say that somewhere around central Portland would be nice, too.

Election twists:

So, here is a little thought experiment.
I want people to tell me what will happen if the following things happen, right around August:

1. A woman (white, with blond hair and blue eyes) comes forward, as the phrase is, to reveal that twenty years ago, Obama offered her cocaine in exchange for sex.
2. About two or three days later, someone who served with McCain on the aircraft carrier Forrester recalls McCain saying "N*ggas can't fly planes, the only thing they should do in the Navy is clean the decks"
3. While all this is happening, a Category 5 hurricane blows through the gulf of Mexico, taking most US oil production offline, and leaving Houston with a multi-billion dollar clean up bill.
4. And just as that is fading away, Kurdish separatists set off car bombs next to the Turkish parliament building, killing several prominent law makers and dozens of people who get in the way. Turkey invades Northern Iraq, but pulls back after engaging in some search and destroy missions.

So, what would this do to the campaign?
Although all four of those things happening as described is improbable, each one of them, or something similar to them, is fairly likely to happen between now and November. And what will happen if it does?

PMOG Invites

HI DPers,

So I've got some PMOG invites (have no idea what I'm talking about? Check it out here and here.) and all my real life friends definitely do not appreciate the awesomeness that are the interwebs. So I come to you, dear DPers, bearing gifts.

hit me up at alexmboyd @ gmail . com or leave a comment.

Edit: I will have more in a week! So if you realllllly want an invite and didn't get one, let me know and I'll send out more then.

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anyone know what's going on on Barbur at the entrance to Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy? [where it intersects with terwilliger?] There are about a dozen cop cars there. The ramp from Barbur to B-H Hwy is closed off.
Several black SUVs are parked within the blockade. A tent has been set up and there are several very bright lights around the tent.
A news station van is parked several blocks down next to the Church on Barbur [close by U-Develop]

A body perhaps?

Body was found