February 5th, 2008

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Mover recs for small job

I'm looking for recommendations for movers that are okay with a smaller job that probably won't take more than two hours.

Basically just loading my furniture on the U Haul that I will provide, and unloading it at my new place about 4 miles away. I have friends to help with boxes and the rest, I just want the movers for the heavy stuff since my friends are over 35, and I love them and want their backs to stay intact.

I'm looking on Craigslist too, but am asking here for personal recommendations. If it makes any difference, I need this Saturday morning, 2/16.

Thanks very much!

ASP.NET geek needed!

So I'm looking for a C#, ASP.NET coder who can stand agency life. There are no cubicles here and we even have skylights for you stare out of if you so desire. I try every now and then to post something here when we have openings. Usually I don't find anything, but I'll try again. We're so busy.. and I need someone really badly. Even if you know someone you think MIGHT be interested, point them my direction.

We're an awesome place to work. I wear jeans to work and we routinely have rice krispy treat fights (they're supplied to us via company perk). I bring my dog to work on occasion. We have the best environment ever with a team of people who actually like each other. The company is growing and stable. Basically, this is my dream job.

Now for the techy stuff:

ASP.NET (required)
C# (required)
VB.NET (rarely use.. but if you know this, then it's a plus)
Ektron (MAJOR plus)
Sitecore (MAJOR plus)

If this sounds like it might be you... then please post something back here. You can also send me an email if you would prefer at divamatrix at g mail dot com.

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Coffee Shops (or other) in need of classical musicians?

My friend and I have a flute duo and we're looking to get some gigs coming up in the near future. 

*waits patiently for flute jokes to die down*

We're professionally trained and have been playing together for over 6 years. Do you know where two classical flute geeks would fit in? I'm really interested in getting some regular coffee shop gigs.  We wouldn't charge as long as we can leave a tip jar and some business cards out. Anybody know of a place that is begging for some good, live, classical music?

Also, let me know if you are having a wedding or an event that requires some nice background music. 

Thanks in advance!
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New stuff around town


I'm helping out a friend who is a contributing writer for a site called Portland Picks for Men. We're trying to come up with new spots in Portland to write about ie; restaurants, cafes, galleries, clubs, activities, events...anything really that's up and coming around town. If you have been to any new places lately or have heard of places opening up in the Portland area give me a buzz. We plan on checking them out and getting the word out. Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks!
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(no subject)

Alright, since it's Super Tuesday (and Mardi Gras! Bonus!) I figured I would ask...

In all your interweb travellings, has anyone come across any kind of non-biased (or as close as you can be) listing of major presidential candidates and their positions on different issues? The Oregonian did one for the last gubernatorial election, and it was really helpful when I voted--they had a list of all the contenders, what their positions were and what they were promising to do. They also had a list of other ballot issues, and what a yes or no vote would mean. I really feel like I don't know enough about each candidate to make an informed decision. Thanks.
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Math assistance?

Can anyone help me with the exact formula relating the absence of clouds in the sky with the metric fucktons of indoor work I have to do? I'm pretty sure it results in a perfect 1.0 correlation.
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Paging the DamnPortland HiveMind Tech Support Geniuses

I am trying to get my old Panasonic fax machine to work with my freshly-minted Vonage fax line. I get a dial tone, but test faxes get rejected.

The machine is apparently already set to 9600 baud.

I don't have Error Correction Mode, so that doesn't seem to be the issue.

And, there's not a resolution setting that I can find.

Any hints/tips/ideas?

Perplexed in PDX

So, today at PCC Sylvania....

I encountered one of those Scientology "Free Stress Test" booths with the e-meters and everything. (I had to stifle a laugh since I didn't want to be kidnapped and beaten because I have different views than theirs).

I was just wondering, is there a big scientology group in Portland? I've only encountered a group once previous to this time, when they handed me some pamphlet on the street over by Pioneer Square.

I just thought it was kind of ironic that they popped up in front of me all of a sudden, just after I was made aware of Anonymous' attacks on the cult church of Scientology.

(no subject)


if you were trying to plan an "event" for 125 people - mostly guys whose greatest pleasures in life include steak and lots of lots of beer - what are some good activites in or around portland. we were just going to have sort of a buffett type dinner OR order a lot of pizza and go bowling, but i feel like there MUST be something more fun and original.

i should also mention that it's technically a work function so while lots of alcohol is going to be encouraged, a company sponsored outing to the strip club is not.

(no subject)

It might be a little late to ask, but I slacked off a lot in preparing for Fat Tuesday tonight... so I come to you to ask where a good place to go might be. Some place that isn't too expensive and I won't have to wait in line outside forever to get in. I would like to only have to pay a $10 cover or less because I have some broke friends that I can't afford to pay for. Also, any suggestions for a good restaurant to get at least somewhat authentic southern/New Orleans cuisine for dinner? Thank you much and go out and get wasted tonight!
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Xmas Socks

Game Night!

Soooo, are you single and in your 20's or 30's? Got plans for tomorrow night? Well... you could be playing games, drinking beer and eating some delicious (atypical) bar food. The pizza sandwiches are delicious, and so are the cookies!

Anyway, it's time for our regular scheduled PDXers game night. If you're up for meeting some new, fun people, come join us at the Lucky Lab in NW Portland. (1945 NW Quimby) Look for the PDXers signs on the tables. (Or people playing card games... in a bar!)

We meet at 7pm and go until everyone goes home and/or the bar kicks us out. 1st and 3rd Wednesday every month!

Feel free to bring a game, bring a friend, or both! Or neither... it's up to you. We generally play things like Uno, Bullshit, Apples to Apples, Operation, and whatever anyone wants to bring with them. For more basic info, check out http://www.pdxers.com

Edited: Think the link should be fixed now!

Portland to Eugene driving distance?

Hi all,

I'm hoping it's possible to drive from Portland to Eugene (via I-5 rather than anything more weird) on a Thursday such that I leave from the PSU campus at 1:30 PM and arrive at the U. Oregon campus by 3:30 PM. Can anyone tell me whether this is reasonable given the usual traffic conditions? Google Maps says 1 hour and 51 minutes, but I don't trust it.


(no subject)

I already tried searching.

Anyone know where I can find and buy live lobsters in a tank? I want to boil them alive, hear their squeeky little screams, and after snapping them to pieces with a nutcracker, drench their innards in garlic butter and devour them.

I also want one to battle my cat, Mr. Ruffneck, before I eat him. The lobster, not Mr. Ruffneck. Should I leave the rubber bands on, or do you think cats are wily enough to dodge snapping claws? I was thinking about maybe starting the battle with one claw rubber banded to see how that works out, and progressing from there.

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Different meanings?

I think that most people who are not disabled must have different definitions of "ground level," and, "no stairs." To me, ground level means ground level. As in, "level with the ground," with maybe one or two steps up to go inside. To other people, I guess it means "one flight up to the building & another flight inside, up to the first floor."

When I think of "no stairs," it means NO STAIRS. No stairs does not mean a sunken room, so you have steps up to the kitchen & steps up to the rest of the house, plus a staircase. Who knew that NO STAIRS did not include the stairs inside, or the sunken living room.

This attitude seems to be taking over Southern California, where even our senior housing has stairs. Most at least have elevator-I think. Is it the same in Portland?
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Therapy cat is concerned!

So I officially LOVE this picture, since I'm studying to be a psychologist. Does anyone have a higher resolution/bigger version of this picture? If not, post other fun pictures!

I would love to print this out and frame it--a nice whimsical take on therapy.