February 4th, 2008

Fatty Goldfish


im working on a really neat sewing project, making a small to-scale kimono, can anyone help me find a good cut-out design for all the robes? i know theres the under-est robe, under robe, and over robe, plus obi.

ive triedmaking designs with paper, but i cant make it so that ill have the right kind of collar, any suggestions peoples?
surely in all of portland, SOMEone somewhere has thought about sewing a kimono :P

Seeking Lawyer


I was involved in a car accident last Saturday. The car insurance companies are trying to screw me over. I have been advised by various friends and family members to seek legal council. Does anyone out there have a recommendation? At this point I am just looking for someone who would do a free (or cheap) consultation but I may wind up needing someone to go to trial with me.

Thanks for your help.
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Worky Work!

I say, there hasn't been a jolly good protest lately, has there?

Fear not!

On Sunday, February 10, 2008, there is a massive worldwide protest scheduled. Portland, Oregon has it's own protest scheduled as well.

It is a protest against the church of Scientology. Those who are interested are encouraged to attend. The link above (as well as the site for Project Chanology) has a multitude of information available. I realize that it's a little difficult for people to remove themselves from behind their keyboards and monitors but the momentum of this movement is strong and one that is gaining national media attention.

Go, Anonymous, Go!

Bishops recommendation

I have a coupon for a free haircut at Bishops that I'd like to use, but I haven't been to a Bishops in about 4 years. Any recommendations for a specific stylist? Any location works. I'm a super low-maintenance type wanting a fairly simply shaping cut for shoulder-length hair, so I'm especially looking for someone who won't sneer at my total lack of hipster 'tude or give me a complicated 'do that will require much more than a blow dryer and a brush in the mornings. Share the Bishop love, fellow Portlanders!


Some strippers put this up at their club in NYC

I must agree! Politically minded strippers are hot! I wonder how our girls here in P-town are doin?


Also our FBI announced a new idea that includes collecting all our palm prints and retina scans to "protect against terrorism". Big brother has arrived Portland. Wonder why all those people in LA wear BIG sunglasses? I think we need to pay a visit to Saks and protect our retinas ASAP. I got dibs on the Alexand McQueen shades.

(more on the FBI's plan)

<3 Dannybear
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This has been said by others more succinctly than it's been said by me (in fact the comments below are paraphrased from someone else's journal I read), but in the recent spate of announcements of an anti-Scientolofy protest in this com, I am genuinely curious.

Scientology is goofy, no doubt. And unlike most of the other religion-type things, it's fairly new and much more clearly fabricated out of someone's buttocks. And Tom Cruise is a bit of an ass, although it's not clear how much of that is because he's a Scientologist and how much of that is because he's a pompous self-important blowhard.

But what gives with the persistent hatin'? I don't see any Scientologists running for President, threatening to take over the world. I see a bunch of kooks, some of them rich kooks, some of them VERY rich kooks, doing what goofy religionists do.

Utterly harmless? I suppose not, inasmuch as no weird religion is utterly harmless. But so much more harmful than, say, the Westboro Baptist Church? I don't see it. When Vinnie Barbarino starts picketing gay funerals, funerals of people who died defending a country that supports gays, and funerals of actors who portrayed gay characters, I'll understand. For now, it just looks like one goofy fringe mocking another goofy fringe because they've got nothing more constructive to do than be childish.
me as harley

when skies are grey

Kind of an odd request, but does anyone know of any place in particular where I could purchase jewelry of any kind with suns on it? Or other girly things with suns on it: tote bags, scarves...? I'm searching for a present for a friend who loves sunshines.

ALSO, kind of a long shot, but is anyone driving down to Eugene on Wednesday? Thought it was worth checking before I skuttled off to buy a ticket. I would buy you coffee and look adorable and try not to yammer too much.

Thanks! <3

Film Night Fundraiser for Portland International Women's Day 2008

Come support PIWD 2008 by watching a film and drinking wine with your friends!

We'll be screening "The 5-Minute Project", a series of short films made by women from over 10 different countries. The result is an incredible anthology of 10 five-minute pieces from the Cook Islands to Greece, India to New Zealand, in both documentary and drama formats.

All the awesome will be going down at my place, 3968 SE Mall St. Unit A, on Friday, February 8. Doors open at 7:30 and we'll start the movie at 8pm.

We're asking a $1-5 donation at the door and we'll be selling wine and snacks, all to raise money for this year's Portland International Women's Day.

(no subject)

Two questions....

I want to pick up some adult galoshes as my feet have ended up soaking wet the last few days. Where might I find a moderately priced pair?

Secondly, I need to get a suit pressed and hemmed... I'd like to get it done at the same place. Can anyone recommend a good shop downtown?


P.S. weather.com is showing 100% chance of rain tomorrow, ahhh winter in Portland.
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(no subject)

I've been packing a lunch a lot lately. I already use a reusable bag to carry the food in, but what I'd like is to find a more environmentally friendly way to package my sandwich, etc, than the ziplocs I'm currently using. I thought of aluminum foil, but I'm not sure it's any better.

Any ideas? Thanks!
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broken window above the kitchen sink

I had to break the window above my kitchen sink to get into my house as both my room mates were out of town and I did not have the key and now I am wanting to fix it. I think I could do it by myself as I don't want to invest more than a modest amount to fix. If anyone knows on the specific knowhow of this I would be willing to remunerate in kind. Any advice on a good carpenter's shop would be much highly appreciated too.

I live in the SE.

(no subject)

I was just watching Unwrapped and they featured a beverage called Airforce Nutrisoda. I am intrigued and would like to try some. Their website is vague about where it is sold, however, so I was wondering if anyone has seen this sold around town?