February 3rd, 2008


Public Transit

Dear Trimet,
I pay $65 a month to ride your vehicles in zones 1 and 2. I understand that sometimes you are delayed, and usually can't help it. I am getting kind of sick of you being so off schedule, in fact, that I constantly miss buses and am late for everything and can't depend on you at all. With all the technology available today, you'd think the phone or internet schedules might be correct. I've memorized almost every major stop ID in Portland, but it's useless, you're constantly fucking me.
Here is how it goes:
When I call and have 5 minutes, you come 4 minutes early.
If I call and you say you'll be here to take me out of the cold rain in 3 minutes, you show up in 20.
How can you be so inconsistent?
Also, why are your drivers so angry? Sometimes I feel bad for using public tranit. I've actually seen bus drivers, a lot lately, talking on their cell phones WHILE DRIVING and some TEXTING while driving. I find this INSANE.
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I'm on the hunt for moving boxes, and wondering if any of you goddamned Portlanders possess any such thing.

We're talking actually in possession of said boxes, rather than suggestions to go to the liquor store, back of WalMart, steal them from homeless people, etc.

Anyone? We'll come pick them up, and as a bonus you get to meet sistermaryeris for free!


I need some visuals

I am working on an art quilt and I need some assist if you ride trimet on paper passes and have a scanner. I am trying to create a printed cloth of the 2 hour use paper passes, I have a few but on their own they are not varied enough. So I need several scans of assorted tickets to get this to work... if you have some laying around, and access to a scanner, I would appreciate a JPG or PNG of a whatever you have, your layout (close together and orderly or scattered about)... try to keep it down to a 7x7 area so the file is smaller. They can overlap to some degree but I need spaces between them for the most part for the layering I am going to to do to work right, as I am going to layer the images to make the final design I wind up printing out...

If you are willing to help an old lady out, please mail your scans to me at dejablu503 at yahoo dot com.
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Apartment-finding services?

So I'm looking for a new apartment, have a lot of specific things I want, and not a ton of time to call up dozens of apartment complexes to see if they might have something available that's close to what I want. (And yes, I AM keeping an eye on Craig's List.)

I was curious as to whether there are any decent services that I can pay to do the actual hunting for me? I've only come across one such service the Portland area ("Rent With Eddie"). Anyone know of others, have experiences with them, etc?



(PS: No, I am not looking to hire random DamnPortlander #3,520 to do this for me. Thanks! :D)

(no subject)

I just discovered a German band a few days ago, via the interblag, called Wir Sind Helden, that I like a lot. Wikipedia says they're not well-known in the English-speaking world except for the UK, so I'm wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to procure one of their CDs here in Portland. Bonus points if it doesn't cost my immortal soul/first-born child/arm/leg/more than $30, because I'm sure it will probably be an import if it's available here. Right now I want either Die Reklamation or Von Hier an Blind.

While I'm posting, where can I find a paperboy/newsboy cap?
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chugga chugga choo choo

i took a last minute train jaunt to and from seattle this weekend and, as an avid discount hunter, i found a sweet online coupon code for amtrak, just for the cascades... 25% off! no advance purchase required. just put the code v777 in the promotional code field when you order tickets online. yay discount!
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Hey All!

Opening night for my show "Tonya and Nancy- the Rock Opera" is right around the corner. It opens on Feb 21 at the World Trade Center in downtown Portland.

It has been confirmed that TONYA HARDING herself WILL be at opening night! Tickets for this performance are $40 each and they WILL go fast! It includes the show and a meet and greet with Tonya after the show!

Tickets are available through me or www.tripro.org.

I hope to see you all there! :)


fucking cold

Can anyone point me in the right direction for this?

On Friday, the furnace in my house stopped responding to the thermostat.  We tried everything that websites told us to do and nothing worked.  I called my landlord on Friday evening.  He said that his guy couldn't make it out until Monday.  

I called him back and told him that our oil company has a 24 hour emergency service that they provide for $125.  I asked him if we could use this and take it out of the rent.  He said he did not trust that the oil company knew what they were doing and that he trusted his guy.  He said his guy did not work on weekends and to wait until Monday.  He gave me no other options.

It's 30 degrees in our house.  We've been wearing countless layers of clothes and gloves.  We can see our breath indoors.  

I hate him.  Does anyone know if I can do anything about this or do I just have to wait it out??? 


Tree dying - Arborist needed

I have a tall tree in my backyard that looks like it's dying and could possibly fall on my neighbors house. What's the deal on arborists? Do they give free estimates? How much do they traditionally charge (ballpark)? Can anybody recommend one?

Edited: subject heading changed to avoid confusion with "abortionist."