February 2nd, 2008


Pizza Rolls

My girlfriend loves those awful Totinos pizza rolls, but only in the cheese flavor which no one seems to carry anymore. They used to have them at Winco, but I've checked the 102nd and Beaverton locations and they both don't carry them. I've also checked a few Safeways and Fred Meyers.

Does anyone know of a store locally that carries them so that she can eat her disgusting foods?

Good Tax People

The boyfriend and I bought a house last year in Washington County, and need help doing our taxes. We've received a lot of suggestions on how to file taxes separately, but are still not positive on how to do it correctly. Basically, we're just looking for a good person to do our taxes. If you recommend anyone in Beaverton or Portland, we'd be happy to hear your thoughts.

Also, if you've had bad experiences with H&R Block or Jackson Hewitt, please share.

Thank you, Portlanders!
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hey everyone, ex-damnportlander here....had to move away due to some icky medical stuff going on in my life, and now I'm working my way to San Diego (why? because I have a job, an apartment of my own, and family waiting for me there). However, my family and I are thinking of staying in Portland tonight and tomorrow night possibly for old times sake since we loved it so much...

My question to you is this: our trip is on a bit of a budget, is there a good place to stay that is friendly to toddlers (I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old) and is reasonably priced? And even better, close to some fun things to do?

Thanks for any suggestions!!


I was reading up on various legal drugs and one that stood out was Salvia.  I'm curious if anyone here has tried it or know anyone who has?  I'm curious to try it myself mostly since the better drugs like weed and acid I don't know how to get.  the only thing that freaks me out about Salvia are the videos I've seen on Youtube where people film themselves taking the stuff and almost instantly they freak out.  Is this supposed to be the high that comes from it or are these people just doing it wrong?  Just curious.

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Roommate or home?

I'm going to be finding a place to move here in March and I would love to share a house or duplex with someone friendly and somewhat like minded. I have lived with djs before and people that like to make a lot of noise, but I also want to have some space for quiet study. I have one cat, Otis, who is one of the friendliest cats you've ever met, and he needs a neighborhood without too much traffic close so I don't worry about him. I have been eating some meat, but don't mind having a completely vegetarian house... or not. I could live in a house with or without a tv, but internet of some sort is a must for schoolwork and general geeking out. I'd like to spend between 300 and 600 for rent & utilities.

Do you know someone who will be looking for a home soon or someone who will be needing to fill a room soon?

Let me know!
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So where are the pics of this cold white stuff phenomonen? If anyone has pics of the fluffy white cold stuff, please post. I am really homesick, if one can be, for snow.
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Ok folks, I am craving a big hearty fresh salad. Full of veggies, maybe some turkey or ham. Maybe a specialty salad, like a Cobb or Chef's. or an Italian style. Some yummy bread with it would also be nice...

I'm not super concerned about price, as long as it's not like $20. Or location as long as it's not more than maybe 1/2 hour away.

Oh and not a salad bar.

Siouxsie Toss

Soriah live music & ritual tonight at Mt. Tabor Legacy

The first Saturday of the month at the Mt. Tabor Legacy join us for a live electronic music and ritual event featuring Soriah!
From Soriah's blog on myspace:
"You are invited to my annual IMBOLC performance rite. Imbolc, Candlemass, Groundhog Day etc.. celebrates the day of the first stirrings of SPRING in the WINTER'S ground. It's a day of planting seeds for what this year will yeild. (Literally and figuratively).Also, it's a fund raiser for this year's month long study in TUVA and participation in the National Throat singing competition in KYZYL. Come and help me plant the LIGHTNING SEED OF VICTORY and GRACE and PURIFY the MOTHER of the SUN."

More on Soriah here .
Also featured will be sArdonik grin of the PanZen Konspiracy Nettwyrk
Subversive Zone's resident artist: nightmaregenerator
and the debut of The Blackwaters, a collection of Subversive Zone artists.

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If one is not registered to vote Democrat or Republic (i.e. registered as a 3rd party or Independent), would they be eligible to vote in the primaries? I wasn't living here during the last election so I'm not sure how that works in Oregon. Thanks in advance for any pointers!

Edit: I'm actually already registered, but not as Democrat or Republican. Is it possible to switch before the election so that I could vote in the primary?

(no subject)

Hello Portland!
How is your Saturday night?

I just came back from Dove Lewis and am at home monitoring the dog. [I was in the shower. The cat knocked down a box of chocolates and the dog ate the contents. But he's ok now. ]

Here's baissez_moi_svp's icon to entertain us all