February 1st, 2008


Irish music!

Hey DPers. The band I play in, Circled By Hounds, is recording our show at The Bitter End on Thursday! Come participate by getting drunk and yelling a lot! We're an Irish folk band, and if you're any fan of Celtic, Irish or Punk-Irish (Pogues, flogging molly, etc), you'll have a good time. There will be a squeeze-box, a stellar bohdran solo, and at least one fiddle-off. And of course lots of excuses to raise your glass, dance a jig, and cheer!

So, here it is in an easy-to-jot-down list:

Who: Circled By Hounds
What: Kick ass Irish music
Where: The Bitter End (NW 20th and Burnside)
When: Thursday, Feb 7th, 9:30pm
Why: It's free entertainment from talented local musicians!

And I have to work in the morning on Friday too, so no excuses.

Hope I see you there!

“Dead of Winter” Gets ‘High Five’ Pick from the Portland Oregonian



"Dead of Winter" The Bluestockings (fresh off their invigorating "Spirits to Enforce") team up with Pavement Productions to mount this trio of ghost stories by Portland playwright Steve Patterson. Opens 8 p.m. Friday, continues 8 p.m. Thursdays-Saturdays, through Feb. 23, Performance Works Northwest, 4625 S.E. 67th Ave.; $10-$12; www.theblustockings.com, 503-777-2771.


Check out the “Dead of Winter” MySpace page at: http://www.myspace.com/deadowinter

rock out

hey someone with a car/ q re: advantis fusion checking

1) I just bought the most beautiful desk and I need to transport it 7 blocks to my house but I don't want to pay the store $20 to have it moved. Someone want to lend me your car and do it with me? I will buy you lunch! Or a lot of Saint Cupcake!

2) Advantis credit union - flyering my house w/ offers of a checking account with unheard of 6.25% APY and ATM fee refunds. Guys. IS THERE A CATCH?!
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So I went to see Believers, by Fever Theatre last night. I thought it was pretty great. Fever is pretty excellent at giving a unique theatre experience. Doc was pretty excited about it too, and after the show she decided we should be a part of something bigger.

So, the question is . . . are there any good local cults in the area for us to join?
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Need a room? We have one!

Since the last roommate I found on LJ has worked out so swimmingly, I'm putting out the call again:

We have a room available immediately! Live in N Portland, in a 4-bedroom/2-bathroom house, just a few blocks from the MAX Yellow Line, with 3 males and 1 female (all mid-20s/early-30s). Tons of storage space in the basement, so no worries if you have some extra stuff.

$500/mo covers rent and utilities, including wireless internet. No pets allowed, unfortunately. Shout if interested!

Come on, America

I've been listening to the radio and all of the massive Obama vs. Clinton snarking.
Why, I wonder, after this last Presidency, is America so ready to step right into another one? I really think we should take a break. This guy treated us like shit for eight years. Why are we so ready to let someone else hurt us? Maybe we should just give up the election scene for awhile and try to find out who we really are. Take some time off; get out more. Maybe we aren't even really a Democratic Republic! Did we ever think of that? Maybe Presidents just don't do it for us. I think we just need some "us" time before jumping right into another Presidency. That's all.

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Call me silly, but how doesthis warrant an arrest? ? From what I understand from this badly written article [and those that came before it on the same subject matter] is that this guy was posting signs he made [and not necessarily covering something up with graffiti] on trees and electricity poles. I see stuff nailed to electricity poles all the time.

case in point

Does Portland police really have nothing better to do? *gasp*
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Greatcoats, anyone?

Hey, damnportlanders, long time listener, first time caller, etc.

I am considering the purchase of a WWII RAF greatcoat, but it's a rather spendy purchase for me and I'd like to try one on rather than order blind online. Any hints on where I might find these for sale in our fine city? Bonus points if they happen to sell them on the cheapish end of the spectrum.

Thanks in advance.

for any DPers living with HIV/AIDS

I got this e-mail and thought it sounded like a cool opportunity for folks living with HIV/AIUDS.  I'm sure you can contact Cascade AIDS Project for more info if you want to attend or have questions (I don't know anything other than what is included here). Here it is:

Greetings! Cascade AIDS Project is offering the 2008 Oregon AIDS Leadership Training, March 14 - 16, 2008.  For those of you who were involved with the training in August of 2007, you know that this three day training for people living with HIV/AIDS offers the participants a unique opportunity to develop their skills as leaders and advocates in the HIV/AIDS community. The Leadership Training is offered free of charge to anyone living with HIV/AIDS in Oregon. 


Over the course of the three days, participants will 1) learn the history of HIV/AIDS activism here in Oregon and their place in it, 2) gain an understanding of the principles of effective leadership, 3) have an opportunity to strengthen their advocacy skills, and 3) develop an action place for their future involvement in the HIV/AIDS community.  The training also involves panels of current and past HIV/AIDS leaders and activists, providing the participants a chance to interact and learn from those who have come before them.


Nothin on the news yet...

A MAX hit a bus tonight on yamhill and 3rd. I was gettin on the red line up by PGE park and the conductor announced that everyone needed to get off the max because all the max lines were shut down because of a bad accident downtown that caused one to be derailed. As far as I can tell from what the people were saying down there and from the way the scene looked, the bus seemed to have run a red light, right in front of the max. Here's a couple pics of it. Crazy! Makes me kinda wonder about taking public transportation. :-P

trust, books

Another lame what-to-do recommendation request.

Has anybody been to the Dr. Sketchy night down at Dante's? I didn't even realize we had it here in Portland, and I'm pretty sure I'm going next Wednesday, but I wondered if anybody had been and had a definitive opinion on the experience.


I'm pretty excited about it, but can't find much information or input from their LJ or myspace for Portland's events. Does it get packed? Should I get there early? I've never been to Dante's, but someone once told me it was sort of scuzzy- if so, is it regular bar-scuzzy, or should I bring Purell? Thank you in advance for any answers to any of these questions or for any other opinion not specifically solicited above but still useful to me :)
Tea whores unite secretly



I have an idea for everyone! Since we all see that we waste christmas lights every year, I propose we all gather our dead light strands and converge in one spot, connect them together, and make a huge ball and protest what a waste it is for all the money we spend yearly to replace the crap ones we buy.

Anyone in on it with me? Lets find a spot, advertise and set to work on this, perhaps we'll make another crazy landmark and KEEP PORTLAND WEIRD! Lets go for the Guiness Book of World Records.

Leave a comment and we'll start a committee for it!

Recycled Paint?

Two questions...

Where are the best places in Portland to get recycled/free paint?
I want to paint several large rooms in my house and each room will need several coats of paint as well as some tlc because the people who painted might been smoking something funny, because the job they did is terrible. I'm trying to do a bunch of projects as resourcefully (read: cheap) and as well as I possibly can so I'd like to find a place that gets rid of perfectly good paint for cheap or free.

Have any of you added the pigment to your own paint before?
If I can get light paint I know there are colorants I can add to achieve hopefully close to the color I desire. Can you offer me any advice? I don't want to spend a lot of money, but I also don't want to do a shit job and regret starting this project.

Any suggestions are appreciated.