January 31st, 2008


ten bucks, kevin bacon, and PUPPIES

One of my mom's good friends, Bernie Berlin, runs a dog rescue down in Tennessee. She does two things:

1. Picks up dogs from high-kill pounds in the South and drives them to low- or no-kill shelters in the North.

2. Keeps dogs (and cats, turtles, peacocks, and chickens) in her house/yard pens and fosters them until they find permanent homes.

She does this by herself, and finances her animal-rescuing habit by selling art (!). But she'd like to do more.

Thus the pitch: Bernie is in a "charity competition" run by Kevin Bacon's Six Degrees Foundation and Parade Magazine. The competition is to see how many individual donors each charity can get to donate at least $10.00.

The top four charities will get FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS.

It's a lot of bang for your buck. You donate ten dollars and maybe it turns into FIFTY THOUSAND. Like when Mickey was sweeping in "Fantasia."


Bernie has gotten 1995 donations as of right now and is only NINE DONATIONS AWAY from a winning spot.

The contest ends today at noon (PST).

If you don't have ten dollars, or are not into dogs, I still like you, and apologize for littering damportlanders with solicitations. But if you'd like to tithe ten dollars to the puppies of Tennessee, you can do it here.

Bernie is really a fabulous one-woman juggernaut of dog saveration, and if she won this contest it would revolutionize her abilities.

Montage, Self


Do you feel like you are a good fit for this time and place? Or do you pine for another era, location, or perhaps event in human history, where you feel your full potential would be realized? When and where? What might constrict you in an undesirable locale (i.e. now)? What strengths do you have that would see you through in your chosen life?

We're not talking time machines - we're talking living your entire life like you were born to change the world there.

(I know you love your internet and pore cleansers and everything, but try to think outside the box on that one.)

I'm Gonna Be Nice For A Second...Crazy, I Know.

My little brother got hit by a car yesterday while in the crosswalk at 179th and Stark. Luckily the driver was not an asshole or a drunken tweaker. My brother couldn't see him over the car that stopped for him and the driver that struck him couldn't see my brother until he stepped out in front of him. He's ok...just pretty banged up.

I just wanted to remind everyone to be careful in and around crosswalks. I know the way the metro area is set up where there are crosswalks in the middle of streets for some fucking reason. I always slow down when I see one coming up, but some people space it. Don't make me post pictures! Cuz I will!

So, please be careful. Don't put your family through what mine is going through and for god's sake don't put yourself through what the poor guy who hit my bro is going through, either. Survey says: he feels like uber-shit.


The new if drastically short new season of "Lost" begins tonight.  Whoo-hoo!  What are you fans of the show doing to celebrate this occasion?   Are there any viewing parties in town at bars or whatnot?  See it tonight on Channel 2.  It'll also be on channels 4, 8 , 15, 16, 23, and 42 if you're interested.
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This make me want to Ralph...


Ralph Nader has formed a presidential exploratory committee, and said in an interview Wednesday that he will launch another presidential bid if he's convinced he can raise enough money to appear on the vast majority of state ballots this fall.

Nader, who ran as an independent candidate in each of the past three presidential elections, told ABCNews.com that he will run in 2008 if he is convinced over the next month that he would be able to raise $10 million over the course of the campaign — and attract enough lawyers willing to work free of charge to get his name on state ballots.

fund raising for a special needs class

From experience, I know that posting for advice about anything more controversial than "what do you put in your oatmeal?" has gotten me nothing but snark and hate mail, but... whatever, here goes.

I'm a special ed. teacher at the middle school level. I teach a behavior support classroom. My students have some very VERY sad stories, several have little to no support, supervision or anything resembling it, from their families and rely very heavily on the support and guidance they get from me (and others working in the school). I have a caseload of 10 students, all strapping young lads who are going through growth spurts and constantly hungry! I'm realizing as the year wears on that I am putting myself out there waaaay too far financially to help these kids and now I'm seeking out creative ways to keep my program going and still be able to pay my bills!

I provide my class with healthy snacks and drinks. I buy things like nuts, trail mix, granola bars, bottled water, dried fruit, etc. Sometimes I also have less healthy (but still ok as far as I'm concerned) options like crackers, juice boxes, etc. I'm also not opposed to occasionally rewarding them with a soda or candy, or a pizza or ice cream party. I also provide them with school supplies. I figure I go through a dozen pencils every day, but buying them is far better than struggling over them bringing their own (it's a losing battle). I figure I've spent more than 600 dollars so far, and we are only half way through!

Of course, the district won't pay for the food items. They will pay for the pencils and school supplies and things, but it comes out of my budget to buy other needed items. I'd also love to take my kids on some trips so that we could work on social/behavioral skills in the community. Very little funds are available, and the administration in my building is strictly opposed to kids doing fund raising (totally ridiculous in my opinion)!

Honestly, I was just wondering if any of you lovely and helpful and awesome DamnPortland people would want to donate to my cause- maybe I could attend the next meet up and pick up donations there, or I'd be willing to pick up items from you. Maybe you'd want to sponsor a kid to go on a field trip? Or just donate a bag of almonds or a case of bottled water? Maybe you have some old, but still usable binders, or could throw a pack of pencils, or other school supplies my way? I'd take those too!

Also, if you have any fund raising ideas that don't involve kids selling things, I'd looooooOOoooOOoove to hear them! I'm open to any suggestions.

Right now you might be asking yourself why you'd want to do anything to help those little *#*@(#$ kids, but I'm telling you that once you get past all the foul language the seems to spew out of their mouths in never ending fashion, you realize that they are really sweet, loving, eager to please kids who have never been taught how to survive outside the world of poverty. I've seen so much growth in them over the past few years that it gives me strength to keep going. Yep, it's a hard job, but the more of my heart I put into it, the fewer the days I have to ask myself if it's worth it.
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TAXES - gah!

So, Oregon doesn't give a tax credit for installation of energy-efficient windows (said hopefully despite extensive googling indicating no)?

Best super-bowl party in town? Where should I spend my nonexistent refund?

art glaze

hey, so, i want to obtain some envirotex lite, or similar product, for some paintings i'm working on. the shit is hella expensive though. anyone have some sitting around that they don't want anymore, or would like to sell to me at a significantly discounted rate? or, do you know of a good place to buy it? thanks!

drinks january 2008

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. The upcoming ChocolateFest at the World Forestry Center this weekend. There has been some talk about it here on DP, and I hope to experience this adventure with several DPers. :)

2. Tasting the delectable Deschutes Brewery's The Abyss reserve brew at Bailey's Taproom. Holy mother of strong, alluring goodness!

3. Friendly joggers in the Forest Park trails. It is nice when strangers ask me if I am doing alright while I am hiking in the dark.

4. An awesome stranger who offered to take a picture of myself with Howard Jones after the show last Sunday! Kindness of strangers is amazing!

5. Discovering the delicious grilled vegetables and hearty noodle soup at Biwa last weekend! Even though it is surreal to realize that the basement of the former La Luna/Rockcandy/Pine Street Theater has been converted to a spiffy restaurant, it was nice to enjoy the experience for what it is!

6. Even though budget will preclude me from attending this year, the Oregon Seafood and Wine Festival this weekend sounds like fun. I shall motivate myself to save up for this event next year.
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Hospital codes and paintings

Just consolidating...

1. What is a Code Green in the Legacy system? If you know that or any other codes, please add them in the comments.

2. The kind of art I usually seek out is incompatible with my office. I usually like the slightly bizarre and unusual, tending toward modern. I try to stay away from things that are too cartoonish, but I like things with lots of action and emotion. Also, while easily recognizable paintings have their place, I'd rather discover something new to like.

I like Rothko, Matisse, Monet. I love Klimt, but don't want to see him so much since The Kiss was turned into a Danielle Steele book cover. I like O'Keefe. I guess that might go OK. This list is woefully short. Basically, if the artist has style, I'll probably enjoy it.

It's white walls, with dark wood furniture and wicker. It sort of reminds me of the plantation style. Do you have any artists to recommend I check out?

beauty school

Hey all,

A friend of mine from out of town wants to go to beauty school, likely here in Portland. I don't know anything about the ones we have here, and I'm going to ask among friends to see if they have any stories, but I thought I'd ask and see if any of you have experience/opinions/recommendations/horror stories!

Seattle Pimpin


Has anyone ever had an issue with an insurance company not sending out forms (that you need in order for them to pay surgical bills)?

I'm currently having an issue with *name withheld* not sending me medical forms as you may have guessed.

I have tried for three months now for them to send me said forms either via mail or fax. I have made sure they have the correct address and correct fax number. I have reference numbers and the names of the people I have called at their callcentre.

I feel like at this point they are just screwing with me in hopes that I will die.
C&H Fight
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Anyone Selling a running vehicle in good condition for around $1000-$1500? Im in the market for one and have been checking on Craigs list, but hardly having luck. Found one Jetta, but the lady hasnt called back yet. Anyways if you are or if anyone you know is, hit me back.

Whiskey Dick

Did anyone here know that there's a place in Washington called Whiskey Dick?  I just learned of its existence today after reading about it in the news and snickering like a little kid at that name.  Apparently it's a mountain in the central part of the state.  So has anyone here visited Whiskey Dick or for that matter any place in the NW or beyond with either a funny or unintentionally dirty name?  Other than Lake Titicaca of course.