January 30th, 2008

Nikon D200

Dog park...

 Can anyone recommend a good dog park?

I have a border collie I'd like to take out this weekend for a bit of play time...

One that's not too full on the weekends [that might be a stretch], and a park that's not too small...


Portland in the spring

Hi, I'm looking to spend a month or so in Portland... most likely, March. I'm thinking to rent or sublet a apartment for that time.

I use a walker, so it'd need to be a either ground floor, or with a reliable elevator, in a relatively accessible part of town. (Sidewalks with curb cuts/ ramps) I've only been to Portland twice, so I'm wondering if you had any advice.... like what areas would you recommend?
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How's the airport?

Hey, I'm supposed to be flying home tomorrow afternoon, but since it's been snowing I wanted to poke my head in and ask if anyone's been at the airport in the last day or two and how it's been? I can't find much detailed information other than no closures and no FAA-issued delays.

Thanks :)

Broadband options?

Does anyone know of a good cheap high-speed internet service provider that I could sign up with for one month only? Nerdy as it sounds, I'd like to download Rez on Xbox live, but don't want to sign up for several months of service. What are my options?
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Where can I find funny beer "coozies"

I'm visiting family and friends this weekend and I wanted to bring my neighbor a funny beer "coozie" (or whatever those insulator things are called). He is an older guy and loves those things for whatever reason.

I know I could probably find a UO or OSU coozie, but I'd rather find something funny and still Oregon related. The best would be if that restaurant Hung Far Lo on 82nd had them.

Any suggestions of where to look?

Recipe Ideas?

I am running short of dinner ideas lately and I need help. I'm sick of the same stuff we always have and my husband is really picky. Does anyone want to share their dinner ideas with me?

* No veggies or fruit

* No shellfish or salmon

* Nothing really spicy

* Nothing with onion, but can use onion powder - same with garlic

* He'll eat tomato sauce but it has to be smooth

* No mushrooms

* Can't cook with wine

Here are the meal options we currently have in rotation: Chicken with gravy over rice, grilled chicken with potatoes, meatloaf, chicken Parmesan, spaghetti, tacos, fajitas, beef penne pasta casserole, beef stew, pizza calzones, pizza, baked mac & cheese, chicken teriyaki, waffles, and steak.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

Update on giving blood to Niki

This is what I know for sure. (reposted in this new, separate post so no one who needs the info misses it)...

Because MD Anderson is such a large hospital it is one of the few that accepts credits from other blood banks, AND usually it is only the larger city blood banks and hospitals that participate. So the program does exist but not all blood banks participate.

In a donor friendly world you would think that the Red Cross would be able to set up a national pipeline but apparently it is up to local chapters. (Maybe the Red Cross needs to get their act together in more than one regard since they clearly depend on the kindness of others in order to function).

Niki's aunt is working with the doctors caring for Niki to try to get a donation pipeline set up with the PDX Red Cross since so many here want to help her. Not sure how long that will take, but they are trying to arrange it. Once it is established I will post info on how to donate to Niki here, if the local RCross refuses to participate I will post that info too.

Thanks again to everyone who is willing to help her. Her aunt has printed out everyone's words of support and has taken them to her. The family is extremely grateful over how many of you want to help.
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Portland Lumberjax, right on top of things!

This just in, from the Portland Lumberjax via electronic mail!

For the men, a Jax reversible coat makes the perfect holiday gift. Unlike the traditional holiday fruit cake, this gift keeps on giving all year and can be worn in any condition. Take that Oregon weather!

A plaid trucker hat is another item that is sure to create buzz when it hits the scene. These are just a few of the many gifts the Jax are offering this holiday season.

Take advantage of these holiday savings today to get your gifts in time for Christmas! Contact the Jax Store at merchandise@portlandjax.com or call 503.963.3872 for details!

Wow, they're way ahead of the fashion curve with a trucker hat! And, I'm trying to figure out whether that sentence should be read as "take THAT, Oregon weather!" or "Take that Oregon weather, bitch!"

Either way. I'm IN.
Buster Bluth


Can anybody recommend a specialty cake shop that makes boob cakes? I'll need it next Saturday (the 9th)...is that too soon? I've never ordered a specialty cake before, heh. Also, I'm in Eugene, but the occasion is happening up in Portland so places with websites would be great (so I can see examples if possible). And not too expensive would be a plus!

Thank ye!


Hey all!

I'm new to the community and I actually live in Salem (grew up in Gresham, though). I joined the community expressly for your excellent advice...

Where are some restaurants and bars/shows/locations in Portland that you would recommend for a semi-classy not-overly-girly bachelorette party?

I'm also trying to think of a hotel in Portland where 10-15 ladies can spend the night with only 2-3 rooms being paid for... any ideas there would be appreciated as well!

Please help! :o)
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