January 28th, 2008

Suz & Mia - snow snuggle

The Obligatatory OMG Snow Post ;-)

Inner SE Portland - 34th Ave near Hawthorne Blvd. :)

I came in around 9:30 tonight and all was well and dry. I took out my trash. I even put my mail out for the postman. Then... a few minutes ago I peeked out of my front door and OMG there's snow ... on the ground. Having been out of town over the holidays I missed the wonderful, white Christmas that I understand we had here in town.

Last year I traveled a lot due to a death in the family and managed to quite conveniently schedule all of that travel during all .... what .... three times (?) that it snowed here in town. So, I am tickled to death to see snow... actual snow ... on the ground here in Portland. It's a first for me in my shiny new dwelling. It looks so magical out there under the street lights. I walked down to touch it and slid around on the sidewalk's dusting of snow in my slippers. I giggled like a little girl trying not to wake my neighbors with my child-like delight at the fluffy white stuff on the ground.

The snow was a little wet and it's still just a light dusting on the ground and cars parked outside. But, it is oh so beautiful in the darkness of the night. It's too bad that it will probably be all gone by the time that I get up tomorrow. For now though, I am a thankful Portlander and happy that I was awake to see the cold stuff on the ground! =)
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Tea whores unite secretly

(no subject)

Oh Tigard, where go your snow?

It seriously stopped snowing, I was so looking forward to all the reports of drivers (who we all know are not from around here) getting in accidents and making the morning news.
big bad wolf


Can anyone tell me about the Dekum Building downtown?
I can't help but notice The Green Man in it's doorways and arches.
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Snow Day and a Poll

Poll #1128701 Politics and the Economy

Of the following options, who is responsible for the current economic slowdown in the USA?

George W. Bush and/or his administration
Predatory lenders who wrote bad loans to make a quick buck
Stupid people who didn't make sure they understood the loans they were taking
Rampant and unwarranted conspicuous consumption
Politicians outside of the current administration (state, county, and local included)

Why are George Bush's policies so out of phase with those of the people he represents?


Who will be nominated as the next Republican candidate for President?

John McCain
Mitt Romney
Rudy Giuliani
Mike Huckabee
Ron Paul

Who will be nominated as the next Democratic candidate for President?

Hillary Clinton
Barak Obama
John Edwards
Mike Gravel

Which party will likely take the next election?

Libertarians (Independents v. 2.0)
Ron Paul
It depends on who is nominated

Will the proposed economic stimulus package solve all our problems before the next candidate can take office?


Will the next president be able to solve the problem if the propsed stimulus package doesn't work?

Yes, if he/she is a Democrat
Yes, if he/she is a Republican
Yes, if he/she is Ron Paul
No, regardless of affiliation
All of the above

How much confidence in the US economy do you have right now? (10 = I'm running out to max out my credit cards right now, 1 = I'm storing money in my new Sleep Country USA mattress as we speak.)

Mean: 3.89 Median: 4 Std. Dev 2.03

How much faith in the US political process do you have?

Mean: 3.21 Median: 3 Std. Dev 1.97
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(no subject)

i know, i know, another snow post. but i have a valid question.

i'm looking to see what colleges are closed (so i don't drive in and then find out i didn't need to be there.)

i'm hoping my college isn't but i also don't want to waste gas/time if it is. so can anyone let me know? i can't find it anywhere.
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(no subject)

I'm sending a care package to some friends in New Zealand. I want to put in stuff that is Portland/Oregon related so they can get a taste of where I'm from. Anyone have any suggestions of smallish stuff I can put in? (Aside from a bottle of teh snowzzz!!!11 or the business card of a vegan doctor who will do housecalls on a Sunday for free, of course) Thanks kids!
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extra tax money?

Sorry if somebody already asked this... but does anybody have info on the extra money we are all supposed to get from the government with our taxes? Some decision Bush made is what I've heard... but I would like to hear more about it before I get all excited about extra money, you know? Maybe an article about it? And.. this is Portland related because I live here and would probably use the extra money shopping at local shops! Yeah for spending my money at local shops! Thanks in advance!

Religious Services

I am wanting to start going to church on Sundays again and am looking for a place in Portland.

Inner SE, SW, Downtown, NW, NE are all fair game as long as on trimet.
Open minded church. Non-denominational preferred but willing to look into specifics. (was raised hispanic pentecostal and way to strict for my tastes)
I am not gay, but want a gay friendly church.

If anyone knows of anything let me know, that would be awesome.

Mountain Film Festival

Come help out a great cause and watch some kickass films! For all of you that love the outdoors, this ones for you....

JANUARY 31st, 2008
Smith Memorial Student Union Ballroom @ PSU
Doors open at 6:30pm-7:00pm-ish Shows start at 7:30pm

Pre-Sale Tickets:
$6 for students & $8.50 for everyone else

Day-Of Sales:
$10 for students & $12 for everyone else
All ticket proceeds go to Portland Mountain Rescue

For more information please contact PSU Outdoor Program at:
503.725.5668 or at www.campusrec.pdx.edu/odp

Another apartment/jobs post

Hello all,

I'm a former Oregonian (yeah McMinnville...) looking to move to Portland from Boston in the next month or few. While I'm vaguely familiar with the city, I'm not having a lot of luck finding places on CL and Oregon Live. Also, since I'm still in Boston, I can't really just drive by places. My parents are willing to check out a few places for me, but I don't want to waste their time so I need to do my research. Maybe you can help?

-Anything under $650 that doesn't require me living with others (studio through 2bed is cool)
-Within walking/biking distance of basic necessities (groceries, fun stuff, etc.)
-Moderately safe, though I'm not afraid of "sketchy" neighborhoods
-Queer friendly neighborhood (doesn't have to be swarming with homos, but I'm pretty obviously queer and I don't want to be harassed)

-I'd like to be able to get to downtown via public transit in 30 min.
-Cat friendly would be nice, but not necessary
-I'd prefer to live in a place that feels like a neighborhood rather than some massive "community" (I don't need pools and weight rooms)
-Some sort of laundry on-site or nearby (I do a lot of handwashing, but some things clean better in a machine)
-Easy commute (public transit, bike, foot) to a hospital as I've got a chronic illness

I'm open to calling realtors if you guys have recommendations. My moving date isn't set yet, but could be anywhere from Feb. 1 to July 1. I'm flexible.

In terms of jobs, I'm curious about opportunities for writers/editors/journalists (freelance or full-time) as well as non-profit work. I'm certainly willing to temp, but I'd like to do something I care about. Any good leads?

Thanks in advance for the help!
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(no subject)

I have a job interview! It involves working in a call center for digital photo kiosks.

a looong time ago (like 3-4 months, which is long on internet-land) someone posted about a job working in the same place. in the post they said they liked the job and suggested people look into applying because they were growing and hiring more people.

my question, does the original poster still like the job? I've never worked in a call center before, but have done help desk'y stuff in the past.

new potential jobs are scary! eek!

if not, I hope you all are doing well in the snow/ice and conditions. there wasn't a trace in my area (close in NE). drive safe!

State Taxes

Has anyone done their taxes this year and found they get a refund from the state? Nobody I know has gotten one, everyone has owed... not matter what they claimed, how many kids or whatnot they have, and in all sorts of tax brackets...
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Portlandia 3

Did anyone here get the photo-op?

I was driving down SW 11th between Couch and Davis around 3:15 pm today, when I saw a Hummer getting towed from its metered parking space on the side of the street that the Streetcar goes down because it was sticking out into the lane that the Streetcar travels in and it was blocking the way. I saw a group of Portlanders there taking pictures with their camera phones and laughing with the tow truck driver. Were any of them Damn Portlanders?
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state of the union

...anyone watching/listening?

...meanwhile, any construction zones missing their orange cones? My next-door-neighbors are unloading 20 or 30 of them from their car onto the front yard. Now, I'm not trying to insinuate anything, but my hunch is they did not just purchase them. Anyone want to guess what they're planning on doing with them?
Rain Forest

Iconic Cultural Image Challenge

Post an image of the "coolest" thing you can think of in the comments section. It can be hip, trendy, outsider, indie, whatever. As long as you think it's a cool image dealing with contemporary youth culture.

$5 coffee card mailed to the winner (I'll draw a name from all the entries on Friday.)


Another apartment question

So, I figure since I'm in college now, y'know, maybe I'll attempt to move out of home in a couple years or more when I have a good enough job to support myself with.

Is there a good apartment searching website that's easy to navigate for newbies, as well as one that I don't need to enter a move-in date if I want to search a particular area?
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Need help!

My friend's husband is dying of stomach cancer. She is in Hood River and too far for me to travel. I want to do more than send a card, but the other traditional options seem lame. Cut flowers die and are funeral-y, plants need taking care of and I don't think she has much time to do so, and food seems like a mean joke considering he has stopped eating.

Any genius ideas?
someday b/w

Redneck Vampire screening Friday with Lloyd Kaufman

A friend of mine posted this on MySpace and I thought there would be more than a few people interested. As long as you don't mind driving to Salem... Read Below.

 Hey y'all,

It's on! BLOODSUCKING REDNECK VAMPIRES shows on the big screen at the Northern Lights Theater Pub this Friday, Feb. 1 around 9 p.m.

BRV shows, followed by COONS (a b-movie about rednecks and killer racoons) followed by special guest Lloyd Kaufman, the man behind Troma films and such classics as The Toxic Avenger and Class of Nuke'em High. Lloyd plans to demonstrate no-budget fx like the head smash and the arm rip!

Did I mention the theater is a bar, too?!

Two crazy movies plus Lloyd Kaufman for $5. Such a deal. Let's pack the place and get rowdy!

Northern Lights Theater Pub, 3893 Commercial St. SE in Salem, Oregon. Directions, menu and beer & wine list at www.northernlightstheaterpub.com

MMA training in Portland

Hi Portlanders,

I did a search and checked the memories but didn't come across much, so sorry if this has been asked before.

Basically I'm a girl looking to get started in martial arts, particularly muy thai boxing (kickboxing) and jiu jitsu. I have no previous MMA experience and I'm not in particularly great shape. My goals are basically to get in shape and learn some martial arts techniques while doing it. I'm not really looking to spar a lot or fight people.

CLARIFICATION: Sparring is ok as needed to learn the art. Lots of gyms seem like they are just a place to turn out fighters for competition. I'm not so into that.

So does anyone have recommendations for training gyms that do martial arts around the Portland area? Or has anyone had experience with:

Impact Gym in Beaverton
Northwest Fighting Arts in Portland

Those two are ones I've been thinking about checking out. Thanks in advance :P