January 27th, 2008

Nikon D200

Apartment question...

So, I'm still looking for that ever elusive apartment and I think I might have found one...
The online reviews are about 50/50...so...

Does anyone know anything about "ROCK CREEK 185" apartments in Portland off of the 26?

18700 NW Rock Creek Cr
Portland, OR 

Any info to help me out would be great...sometimes online reviews are done by bots, so if any of you know anyone who has/does live there or if you yourself live there, could you let me know what it's like? The good...the bad...and the ugly...

Thanks in advance...and I hope everyone's weekend was great!


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looking for a vet/groomer

not expecting an all in one provider really, but i would like to find both a vet, and a groomer, for my little shihtzu-poodle mix. prefer sw portland but will drive a bit for good folks. am most interested in the groomer right now as my girl's getting way too shaggy... thanks!
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computer repair question

I have an older lap-top (so big and heavy it is more of a portable computer than a real lap-top) that seems to have given up the ghost. I'm not quite ready to send it on its way, still holding onto some hope that it might be revived and returned to service.

Any suggestions on north Portland local, reliable, and affordable computer shop that won't laugh really loud if I bring my dinosaur-box in for first aid?
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Pub Quiz?

I am looking to go to a pub quiz night in a few weeks for my birthday. I want to find a bar that does some sort of pub quiz/trivia night in the city. My birthday falls on a Saturday so it would be ideal if I could find one that would be on that night. I've heard the Belmont Inn does but I can't find a schedule of events.

Any ideas on places or times? Thank you!


So, I'm still looking for a kitten, without going to the shelters. Not that I don't believe that you SHOULD adopt from shelters, but I mean, kittens that are just born out to people in the area are generally less well treated than the ones in the shelters. At least those ones get injected with medication that puts them to sleep, rather than killed by vicious dogs, or used as food for snakes, or run over.

If anyone's got kittens, give me a holler. I live in Clackamas, but for the right kitten I'd be more than willing to travel to P-town, since it is only like a 10 minute jaunt for me.

And yes, I frequent Craigslist. ;)  

Much obliged,
be still my little darling

three things

1. The boyfriend and myself are looking for a place to rent that's available in late March or April. Our price cap is $1200 (could actually go slightly higher if other costs were offset, ie. utilities incl.), really hoping for a 2BR in Hawthorne, Mt. Tabor, or Mississippi. We'll look at other places, but they need to be in walking distance of groceries (like Fred Meyer, not Plaid Pantry), walking distance or easy bus/train ride to bank, post office, *stuff to do* (coffee shops, cafes/galleries, movies, etc.). We have one indoor cat, may get a second. We don't smoke and don't need parking. Please post below if you have/know of anything opening up....

2. What's w/the beards, Portland? Please tell me this is not required. Usually clean-shaven boyfriend is already threatening to sprout mutton chops, like a proper Edwardian gentleman, or Danzig, and it's freaking me out.

3. The recs for Uwajimaya have proved excellent, will try Anzen and Fubonn soon.

Thanks again,
xo xo xo
Larch Mount
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Play Testing A D&D Epic Level Module

Who here would be interesting in helping me play test a new D&D module meant for epic level characters?

If you are experienced in 3.5 D&D and would like to create a 30th level character for a module that could take up to four sessions to finish reply and I can give you more details.

We would most likely meet on Saturdays. We have tentatively planned the first game for February 9th.

For more info go here:
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Dog Spotting

Just wanted to give anyone who might be missing a yellow lab/retriever, somekinda blondish dog that I just saw such a dog running through the intersection of NE Fremont and NE 15th. He had on a collar and there wasn't a person around in sight that could be an owner. He was booking it going down Fremont towards the East. Hope he's found by his person soon!

And I did look on craigslist to see if there were any lost dogs of his/her description.

Anyway, just sending this out there.
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date ideas

What are your favorite date things to do in Portland?  Or just your favorite way to spend a day/night with your significant other?  I'm just looking for some new ideas so we can go explore some new places in this town.  Thanks in advance!


Ok. I need a little help. Seems like the upstairs toilet tank has been leaking all day and we just now noticed it. Which means leakage through the floor into our utility room. So I'm going to at least need a plumber, if not someone even more handy than that. Anyone have good people that they've used in the past and could pass on a number?