January 26th, 2008

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I recently moved to the outer reaches of Portland (Troutdale/Gresham) from the east coast and I am having trouble in the job search area. Something you have heard before here, I am sure. But every where I have checked doesn't need people and job search websites tend to lean towards professional type jobs (nurses, welders, etc). And while I have a degree in commercial photography and experience in photo editing and manipulation, this isn't exactly an easy market to find a place in, so I am looking for something more common like retail. What I was hoping is that in your travels in the area, or perhaps others that work/live here, might know of a place that is currently looking for new employees? I really, really need to find a job soon, or I will be moving back to the east coast haha, so any help would be much appreciated.
beach fun

Just to letcha know

I wanted to personally thank all of you for making my life that much more wonderful.


I adore this community. Snark and all.


(I was at a Fark meetup tonight and I was like UGH I wish it was a DP meetup)

I am so grateful for us DP'ers!!!
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biodegradable cat litter

So a few months back I posted asking about biodegradable cat litter (I suck at searching for posts so no link to that unless someone cares to go find it) and if anyone had any experience with the different brands. I said I would follow up as I have a 5 cat household so we go through quite a bit of litter and I really wanted to get away from using traditional litters.
..and now the verdict

Feline Pine - smells fine, good odor control, gets really mushy-ish to scoop and I don't think my picky Siamese likes how it feels on his paws, so this one is a no go.

Worlds best cat litter ( corn based I think) - Picked this up at Freddies. Clumps nice, does not get too saturated (I scoop every other day) however, the smell is well, instead of smelling stinky cat excrement, it smells like fresh VOMIT...yes it really does...soooo this one is a no go too.

Swheat scoop - I did not try this brand due to the above litter smelling like vomit.

The winner = Pet Ecology Perfect litter http://www.petecology.com/
Even though I cannot pick this up in stores, I have it set up for auto deliver.
It clumps nice, the cats seem to like it, it does not smell like vomit AND it will also turn colors if your cat/s have a UTI (urinary tract infection).
I hope they eventually carry it in stores or vet offices, however the auto ship works well now that I have it set up to accommodate the big family I have.

I thank everyone for their suggestions and perhaps for those of you with cats, this little experiment will be helpful to you.

Enjoy the weekend!!!
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what the hell's going on tonight? I am bored, and I refuse to sit around and play world of warcraft. what are you people doing to entertain yourselves on this overcast saturday night?

free goddam commie soft serve tomorrow.

hey kiddos. the Red + Black Cafe is giving away free (probably vegan) soft serve tomorrow! it's in celebration of their new location at 400 SE 12th, near Oak. and in celebration of soft serve. cause it's fuggin awesome.

oh, i just looked at their site, and there's a lot more than soft serve! free coffee, pastries, bagels, live music by NIAYH and the Coney Island Cartel, and free chair massages! the festivities are going from 12:00 to 8:00!

In search of a reputable luthier...

Hi all!

I recently came into possession of the cello I used to play as a kidlet, and I'd like to find someone who can help me make sure it's in good condition, appraise it for (potentially) insurance purposes, and who can rehair my bow.

Back where I used to live, there was a single person in the extended cello community--"Joan"--who would take care of that stuff. If you were anyone who was anyone in the cello world, you went to Joan. However, I'm relatively new to Portland, and I don't know who the local Joan is.

So I'm assuming that among you are some professional, semi-professional, or just passionate classical musicians who play on stringed instruments. Who do you trust with that which gives your passion a voice?

Thanks for any help you can give me!

Oh, and to make this even more Portland-related, I went into the DMV today, and the line was out the door. Probably 100 people in front of me. Based on my experiences in my original home town, that looked like a 7-hour (no kidding!) wait. But 68 minutes later, I was out the door with my brand-new license. Super awesome. I'm truly thinking of anonymously sending donuts or something like that to the folks out at the SE Powell DMV.
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OHSU/PSU/PCC parents?

Saturday evening is probably not the best time to post this, but it's on my mind so here goes:

I'm a nursing student at OHSU and am having a baby in June. Come September I will need to be back in classes again which means I'll need to find childcare.

Are there any OHSU/PSU students who also need childcare and are willing to do a childcare swap type deal? I'm currently working for a nanny agency and have worked at a daycare center in the past so I'm good with pretty much any age child, and if you have a kid I'm assuming it survived infancy so that's a good sign! :)

The United States vs. Europe!

The United States of America VS. Europe

In a one night only no-holds barred STEEL CAGE MATCH!

Well, actually, more the US vs. Europe in a battle of endless dry statistics.
One thing I learned last term, while studying the US University system, was that traditionally, the US had a higher rate of university attendance than other countries, and mostly still did. So a few days ago, I dug up a little chart, unlabeled it, and put it here for people to guess at.
Most people viewing it guessed that the US had a low rate of educational attainment, instead of having a high one.
Now I didn't ask that particular question just to quiz people on an obscure statistic.
It seems to me (and the response to my post bears that out), that many people view the United States as backwards in comparison to Europe. But looking around, and trying to find statistics on it, I can't seem to find a lot of evidence to back up images of Europe as being totally progressive, and the US as being right-wing, unprogressive or undeveloped. Not that there isn't differences, but from looking at things like the Human Development Index, they seem to be rather minor.

I bring this up here, because it is an election year, and hopefully an election year where the US (and us here in Oregon), look at ourselves more. If we can't actually develop with a better understanding of facts here, we should at least update our stereotypes!
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so like, 3rd post in 2 days, but

Any of my DamnPeeps use Firefox with Adblock plus?

Have any of you guys been having trouble with Adblock Plus? Lately, I've been having to re-add all of my subscriptions, pretty frequently.

Does deleting cookies/saved files interfere with ABP?

This is kind of frustrating. I did look around a bit on ABP's main website, but couldn't find anything, and was wondering if anyone else was experiencing the same thing.

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This is your big chance to pay it forward

The 22yo niece of a member of the quiltart group I belong to online was just diagnosed with Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia and will be needing extensive blood and platelet transfusions for at least 9 months. If you want to pay it forward, her insurance does not cover the cost of blood or platelets in the quantity needed so she could use some blood donations being done in her name over the next 9 months and credited to her account to help keep the cost of her treatment down. Her info is Jill Nichole Bynum (Niki) and she is in MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. (You will need to give this info when donating so she gets credited with your donation). She could use all the credits she can get. If half the members of DP gave in her name even once before September, she would be set. Just go to your local red cross and say you are donating to her and tell them where she is being treated, they will see to it that she gets credited. This is your big chance to do something great for someone who needs help and it won't cost you a dime. Her need is immediate, so please do not put this off.

Her aunt thanks you and so do I.
Help me show her family how many giving people live in Portland.