January 25th, 2008

A not random question:

Here is a little chart of educational attainment in the G-8 countries.

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The G-8 countries being Japan, The US, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Russia.
I've whited out the names of the country, so the task of the reader, if they choose to accept it, is to match up which country has which level of achievement. Which country had 11% of their citizens complete university? Which had 55%? Where do you think the United States is?

I would be curious to see people guess how the United States stacks up against these countries, educationally.
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zoo whites!

i think it wouldbe neat, to have a zoo of exclusivly albino animals. i would LOVE to see a bunch of albino zoo animal pics :D ... ... would a zebra just look like a wierd white horse O_O? hmmm.......
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LJ Question

I'm sure there are better places to ask this, but I'm here, so I'm asking.... Is there a convenient way to read someone's journal starting at the -beginning-, without having to do the "back 15" over and over again?

And to make it portlandish... I am annoyed that there isn't a drive-through Starbucks (or any other coffee place) closer to me. Granted, I live relatively near a freeway onramp, and work -very- near a freeway exit, so there's not a lot of area to work with as far as "on my way to work", but still.
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Buttons! Crafty!

I want a button machine so I can make pins out of my pugs and other things!

I know some of you are crafty, where can I find one of these magical contraptions in stores???

Also, I want to learn how to knit and sew. Are there any tutorials anywhere online? Any local places that has classes or do you feel like spreading the love and teaching me?

CAP bus - urban/dumb hardcore punk zine legend?

So I'm trying to get to Olympia. My friend tells me there is a bus that will get me there for like, a dollar. Here is all the information I've managed to get about this bus (second-hand):

"you get on the bus in downtown vancouver near the clocktower, you take it to the end of the line, ask the driver about the CAP bus, it costs a dollar and takes you to some city thats like 30 miles from mt rainier. then you get on another cap bus which is another dollar, that takes you to tumwater, and from tumwater you take the public bus to the Oly bus station"

Uh, what? Does this actually exist? Is there a better way to try to get on this?

ETA: What's the cheapest way to get from Portland to Seattle and back?

(no subject)

Hello Portlanders of the Damned.

Does anybody have a (covered or garaged) parking space downtown or close in that i can (legitimately) use for a couple months? I need a place to store my bike that is somewhat accessible. And by bike, I mean motorcycle. It doesn't have to be empty if it's your own personal garage, I can just stow it in the back.

Things I can afford as payment: free, a little money, a little more money, my soul, cleaning, mechanical skills, to be used as your personal punching bag, sexual favors, professional photographs, some rides on it (with you riding bitch). Thank you x ∞. ^_^
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In these cold months, and with the cost of our gas bill, our house is pretty chilly. I've taken to bundling up in multiple layers of long johns and sweatshirts at home. Which is fine, BUT, I hatehatehate wearing socks/shoes when it's not necessary. And my little toesies are freezing! Seriously! I think they've turned into toe-pops. (although I don't suggest eating them.)

So, I'm going to go on a hunt for slippers. I was wondering if anyone had any bright ideas for a place to get cute comfy slippers. I'm sure Fred Meyers and the likes have them, but I didn't know if there was anyplace in particular that had really cool ones. You know, I want to look like I stuck my feet inside dead stuffed animals and I'm walking around with their little bunny insides squelching between my toes.

Edit: I was thinking it would be really funny to run around looking like I had roadkill on my feet, but upon further investigation and some googling, I've decided that walking in animal brains kind of freaks me out.
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There is ice on the roads still. And I mean ALL ROADS, including the right lanes on freeways. I just sat dead stop on 217 for about 45 minutes as emergency vehicles squeezed through all of us. A car got completely smashed and right before I saw the car that was smashed, there were huge chunks off ice ON the right lane on the freeway. I have no doubt that the ice played a role in the accident. So, please everyone drive carefully. It's still below freezing and there is ice.

Dance Dance Revolution in Portland - sort of

Me and Freyis(another Damnportlander) are going to play some DDR tonite at Players and would like other people to come play too! We will be hanging out for a few games at least. So, dont be bored on this Friday night come down and play some DDR and games with us!

What: Dance Dance Revolution - Extreme!


17880 S.W. Lower
Boones Ferry Road
Lake Oswego,
OR 97035

(they serve drinks and food and have all sorts of games including glow in the dark bowling and pool)

When: Around 6:00pm - whenever we feel like going home

Hope to see you there!
(BTW Freyis kicks ass at DDR you really have to see him its FREAKIN amazing)
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Oregon History

Hi everyone!

Having just moved here in December I haven't had much time to learn much about Portland/Oregon history.

I have a history degree with a concentration in western history specifically Colorado history. I would really love to read some great books on Portland/Oregon history. Sure, I could Google or look on Amazon but I would like to know what you like. Any great historic sites that are a must see?

Thanks. :)

critical mass!

i'm not quite sure on the details, but it seems like some peeps are trying to reenliven portland critical mass. i'm kinda skeptical, but, you know, what the hell.

tonight - january 25, 2007.
meet under the west side of the burnside bridge.
meet at 5:30, skedaddle at 6:00.

fun fact: last summer i rode the entire berkeley critical mass route on a razor scooter. the sore hip i got was soooo worth it.

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Push Button For POPSICLES


Why is it seemingly impossible for me to find in a store or online a pair of red long john pants?

Just the pants. I just want the pants, not the weird butt-flap suit.



Legal Question

So I got a letter in the mail a few weeks ago saying I owe like $600 for a Target credit card. I have never had a Target card, so I knew this was bull. I called the number on the letter and asked them the last four digits of the social security number on the account, and they matched mine. So I asked when the account was opened and they told me in 1996. I started laughing my ass off and told them that I am 20 years old, I was born in 1987, so I would have been 9. So the lady agreed there was no way I could have gotten any kind of credit card at that time and told me to write a letter of dispute and it would be OK. So I did just that.

Today I get another letter saying:
"We understand that you are claiming fraud. Please send one of the following documents which would substantiate your claim.
-A copy of a police report stating fraud or ID theft.
-A notarized fraud/id theft affidavit.
This is an attempt to collect a debt and any imformation obtained will be used for that purpose."

So, my question is, is there any way I can get this to go away without having to send in a stupid affidavit? My identity was not stolen, really, it was probably my good for nothing father(who is federally incarcerated) who got the card using my name and social security number(the lady on the phone even said it was incredibly easy to get a store credit card back then).
Shouldn't a copy of my birth certificate and ID card be enough to "substantiate" my claim? I told them in the letter my DOB and why this debt can not possibly be mine. This is a royal pain in my ass.

Need cash fast - iPods for sale

I need some cash for tomorrow night's BarFly Strip-O-Rama Bus and, rather than robbing a bank or anything, figured I'd sell off my two iPods.
  • iPod #1: 30 GB, white, 5th Generation, kept in a case most of the time so it's pretty shiny and scratch-free. Earbuds, USB-to-iPod cable, hard clear case... Sells for $195+ in same condition on eBay.
  • iPod #2: 4GB 1st Generation nano, black, still plenty shiny. I've got a Nike armband for it (also black), in addition to the usual earbuds and cable. Sells for $120+ on eBay in same condition.
I've got a few other accessories for them, too: a couple of Griffin iTrip FM transmitters, an Apple Universal Dock with remote, maybe some other stuff, too. I don't know, I'm at work and they're at home. I've got a sexy iPhone now so I don't really need these any longer.

I need the money before tomorrow afternoon! I'm limited by bus if you need them delivered. I live in Sellwood so could meet there tonight or tomorrow.

Make me an offer!
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(no subject)

Dear DamnPortlanders,

What kind of tree lines the parkblocks downtown and around PSU?

I'm trying to settle an argument. For some reason, I have it in my head that they're Alder trees, but that doesn't seem quite right.

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Meet at The Clearing

The Clearing Cafe is a new mostly organic and local cafe
We have the best damn coffee in Portland (thanks to local Ristretto Roasters)
organic Tao of Tea teas
organic fresh juice bar and smoothies
homemade organic soups and panini
Free hi-speed wi-fi
and a kick ass environment for you to come chill by yourself or with your friends
We do free bike delivery (with a minimum order, in the neighborhood - call for details)

We can't wait to see you!

The Clearing Cafe
2772 NW Thurman
Portland, OR 97210

(503) 841 6240

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drink up! (cell phone repair?)

Once upon a time I lived in a town other than damnportland. And in that other town my cell phone was experiencing technical difficulties. And my cell phone service provider informed me they did not "fix" phones...but they knew of a place that might. And I found that place, and it was good!
Does anyone here in damnportland know of a similar such place? A place that might be able to, say, replace a broken screen, or tighten/resolder loose connections to the speakers/mic?

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i was just eating some stupid starburst and my stupid crown popped off and it is AGONY (i was supposed to get a root canal on the tooth like six months ago but had monetary constraints), so i need to see a dentist first thing tomorrow. does anyone know of a dentist open on saturdays, as close to downtown or close-in nw as possible, or at least right on the max line? that would be cool if i didn't have to walk too much cuz half my face is swelling up and it is pretty unsexy. also did i mention it is agonizing? i need lots of suggestions because i will have to call them in the morning to see who will take my insurance (which is humana). thank you thank you thank you. ow.