January 24th, 2008


My cats that I hand raised just got spayed today. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to make them more comfortable? We couldn't afford the pain killers for them, we could hardly afford the surgery, but I don't want to hand raise another litter or two of kittens, those things meow forever and then they go to sleep for an hour or two and wake up and meow again. I had to help them go potty too! I'm never having a baby! That experience was the best sex ed course I have ever taken.
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Okay I'm on a themed song mission, and the theme is The City. Help? I need anything that's rockin' and brings to mind a gritty rough and tumble inner-city.

Examples include:
Bad Religion's Doing Time
Dead Kennedys' Dead End and This Could Be Anywhere
Anything off London Calling

Examples do not include:
Marc Cohn's Walking In Memphis
Green Day's Welcome To Paradise

Thanks guys!
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Oil Heat : What I Have Learned

[ Forgive me for any grammar mistakes or the like. I wrote this late late last night when I couldn't sleep. ]

1) Most oil heating tanks in Portland are 275 gallons.

2) You should get the tank filled when it is no less than 1/4 full or else you (allegedly) run the danger of sludge from the bottom of your tank getting into the fuel lines mucking things up.

3) When you move in and they tell you that the tank is 3/8 full do not make the mistake of putting it off until after the holidays. Not only are the gauges potentially unreliable, but during the month of December you may burn through an alarming amount of fuel leaving your tank on empty a mere 3-4 weeks later! (All while leaving the thermostat at a modest 65 degrees during most of the day, cooler at nights. This was not during an unusually cold period of time.)

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I seem to remember that someone posted about the new renter laws for oregon,  I seem to remember it saying something about not being able to tow for expired tags if in apartment .. am i going crazy or was this actually posted? and if so does someone have that link?
Howard Jones

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Howard Jones concert at Aladdin Theater this Sunday evening. His performance last year (also in January) was spectacular.

2. The realization that the wonders of serene and tranquil Forest Park trails are just 30 minute bus ride away from my LoSt neighborhood. It was nice to spend my MLK Jr. holiday afternoon hiking in the beautiful and tranquil trails (after a 1/2 day of work).

3. The wonderful and helpful folks at the Audubon Society of Portland center who showed me which way Portland was when I got lost on the Forest Park trails. The center looks very interesting--I shall visit there someday in the future, and learn more about the wildlife in the area.

4. The Lower Maclay Trail at dark, being illuminated by moonlight. Next time I shall explore the trails in the daytime, but the moonlit trail was quite spectacular.

5. "Buy one entree, get the second one free" coupons at Wild Abandon Restaurant. Bonus points for dining with a cool DP friend!
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Paper or plastic?

I have a bit of a legal conundrum, oh my dear fellow Portlanders.

As some of you may be aware, Oregon law requires all stores offering plastic bags to also offer paper ones as an alternative. I went to the Target in my area recently, and asked for paper bags at check out, only to be told that they don't have paper bags.

Now, my mama raised me as a good, liberal girl, who wants to do her grocery shopping with paper bags when I forget my reusable ones. For this particular store, and others with the same problem, what should I do? Talk to the store manager? Report them to someplace?

Help would be greatly appreciated, oh wise and powerful Portland-guru.


You know what? I was asking for a little advice. I wasn't mad at the store, I wasn't mad at all. Until I asked here for some "friendly" advice. What do I get? A few helpful suggestions, and a whole lot of people criticizing my choices and jumping down my throat.

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Can anyone recommend a good Credit Union?

I'm tired of WAMU taking my money because I transfer from checking to savings and vice versa as I feel needed.

"Excess Useage" fees? C'mon...get real!!

It's my money and I should be able to transfer it however many times I want to, to whichever account I want to.

What credit union do YOU use and have you had any problems with them?


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Portland Zine Symposium 2008 looking for poster designs!

Technology has aided the zine community in ways we could never imagine, but have we also traded convenience for a lack of community? Myspace, Livejournal, Paypal, and fancy layout programs have replaced handwritten letters, ad trades and lasting friendships. lets bring our community back to paper! reclaim the glue stick, start spending more time at the copy shop and less on computers. Back to diy! Back to community! Back to the roots!

PZS is looking for art submissions for the 2008 poster. This year's theme is

"Back to diy.
Back to community.
Back to the roots."

The guidelines are simple – We are looking for a 11" wide x 17" tall poster that will also be used in other formats (the web, post cards, buttons, stickers, etc), so your design needs to be visible and striking at multiple sizes and resolutions (or have smaller, breakaway pieces). The design will eventually be silk screened / screen printed onto t-shirts, so limit your colors to black, white and one other color. We encourage artists to use any medium or style. If a design is especially appealing, our decision committee is open to enlisting a computer graphics whiz to help us resize the image, but we would prefer the artist to assist us in the process of transferring the image to other mediums.

Your design should include:

- the theme
- the dates (TBA)
- the place (Portland State University Smith Memorial Ballroom)
- the website (www.pdxzines.com)
- "8th Annual Portland Zine Symposium"
- "A conference and zine social exploring facets of underground publishing and DIY culture."

Submission deadline is Febuary 15th. Submissions can be emailed to pdxzines@gmail.com, mailed to PO Box 5901 Portland, OR 97228-5901 or dropped off at the IPRC.

Job Searching

So, in a crazed moment, I grew some balls and quit my job that I felt completly unconfortable in. Where it leaves me? Unemployed. So I was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere that is hiring.

I can do: Retail, Receptionish, Office Work (clerical,filing, medical filing, some insurance billing) & Call Center work among other things. I am looking for somewhere between $11-$13 per hour and full time would be awesome. I dont mind working weekends.

I already am checking CL, OregonLive & Monster, just though maybe someone might have a inside scoop. Temp work is fine too!


Cognitive Therapy?

Seems like this is a common topic, so I apologize in advance...but...
does anyone have a good recommendation for someone who specializes in cognitive therapy? I'd prefer a psychologist, maybe someone who is accepting of spiritual (not religious) beliefs...and as inexpensive as possible, sliding-scale or something, because man do my taxes suck right now. heh. Thank you, DP.
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For Portlanders Only - Videos and cool nostalgic stuff

One of our reporters just put this up on our website/blog. I think it's pretty cool & something DamnPortlanders might enjoy.

The site is an impressive collection of local video from the late '70s until the present day (including the entire 1977 NBA championship game!), primarily of local commercials and news segements. It's an historical treasure trove, especially for old-timers who remember how the city used to be. by Tyler

For Portlanders Only:


Tax Season Approacheth

Hey boys and girls! Soon it will be time to start filing your taxes. Don't pay to have some jackass at H&R Block file for you! Trained volunteers at sites opening in February can do it for free! Yeehaw!

Click here to find out more. All kidding aside, this is a really great service if you need help getting your taxes done. Make sure to call early to schedule an appointment, because spots at those sites go quickly.

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Has anyone here been to the Coin Laun Dry (as it is so cleverly spelled) at 4725 SE Belmont? I have checked multiple review sites and called their phone number, but nobody picks up.

All I really need to know is: How late are they open? And is it drop-off only, or are there also self-operated machines?

Thanks guys... my wardrobe thanks you, and my nose thanks you.

Gym- Vancouver ish?

Looking for a gym in Vancouver besides 24 Hour Fitness, LA Fitness and Bally's.  Does anyone know of any locally owned / operated places in Vancouver?  Preferably one with a lower membership fee/ down payment than the other places.  The cheapest I have found so far has been $152 down + tax and $33/mo after that.  I am trying to help a single father of four fit a work out into his budget.

***and yes - i know this is a pdx community - but I don't belong to a vancouver community :P ***  
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iso beeswax candles and herbs

hello all!

i am looking for a place that has a variety of beeswax candles, preferably made locally.

i'm also looking for an apothecary/herb shop/new agey supply type place that will sell me a variety of lovely smelling herbs to burn.

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fun places to stay in Corvallis

I'm going to a workshop at OSU this weekend, and I think I'm going to try to avoid the predicted weather by heading down there Friday night and staying the weekend (instead of driving from Portland each day). Anyone have recommendations for cute B&Bs/hostels/fun places to stay in Co-town? What's the nightlife like?
Ashes I rise


I'm a new Portlander, moved here in November from the Washington, DC area (lived in Takoma Park, MD). My hub and I lived in Eugene before shipping East for the last 10 or 12 years. Always meant to come back, but you know how it is, someone goes to grad school, someone gets a job, then there's babies and home ownership... Anyway, we're happy to be back in the PacNW.

I'm not sure how much of a point I have to this post, other than that I'm bored and lonely and thought I'd introduce myself...

I'm 35, we have 2 kids, a 4yo son and a 6yo daughter. We are renting a place in Ladd's Addition, in SE Pdx and may be here for a while since the housing market is crashing around our gutters in DC. Ugh, don't get me started. Our 6yo is in kinder at Buckman Elem and our 4yo is at preschool in SE as well.

I work in public health, doing education & community organizing and whatnot, specifically in Perinatal Health (pregnancy et al) and hub does economic development, with a marketing & research focus on stabilizing and improving economies.

Looking forward to reading the list...

I hate when this happens!

When people get together and their a couple and all is well. Then all hell breaks lose. They break up, get back together, break up and get back together, repeat. I know these two kids who've done this consistently every twoish months for the last two f'ing years. Every third break up I hear back from the girl and she says it's final or whatever. I'm not even prying, I don't even want to know and yet she informs me every third break up.

I fucking hate when people pull this shit for more than a day. I mean, I've told my boy I didn't want to be together before in hast and anger but make up sex eventually arrived about ten or less hours after words and no one had to be informed that it was 'official' or anything. But these two kids, I just want to bash their stupid heads in! GaHhHH!H!!!  HATE! They are worse than Californians!

(Revised, grammar and all. Really there was more than just grammar at stake here, my sentences were out of whack and some didn't quit make complete sense.)  
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Anybody know of a good place to go snowshoeing? Trails, trail maps, rent-able snowshoes all required. :) I have googled and have a million and one links to trail maps and really expensive vacation packages... and nothing useful for a local who just wants to go hike on the snow once in a while! :)

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How to Find a Good Tax Person (?)

My taxes are unusually complicated this year due to my father passing away, splitting up a household with someone, etc. So, I want to find a professional to help me navigate everything and make sure that I don't goof it up or end up paying more than I really need to.

I'd rather not simply walk up to strangers or ask around to see who people have used because I don't know how to gauge the quality of a particular recommendation. And my financial adviser is, of course, in another state. So, she's not terribly likely to know anyone local for me either. Though I will ask her if she has any advice on how to find a quality tax adviser/accountant in my area.

So, my question is this.... For those of you who are financially savvy do you have any advice on how to find not just ANY tax accountant, but one who is quite good and can help me get the most out of my money? Someone who is very knowledgeable of the tax code and all of its stipulations.... far beyond the basics and what I understand the larger firms (like H&R Block) routinely provide.