January 23rd, 2008


downtown haircut?

Hey people.. so I have some considerable time to kill between getting off work downtown at 5 and the Decemberists show... I was thinking of squeezing in a haircut since I haven't had one in ages. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced/good place in the Pioneer Square vicinity? That will cut my hair after 5? Thanks. And please don't mention Heath Ledger in your response or I might snap. :)

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Hello everyone!

I'm trying to move out of the 'burbs later this year and it looks like I (barely) qualify for some of the income-restricted apartments in downtown.

My question for you all is: has anyone lived in one of these buildings and if so, how did you like it? Also, what happens if you get a raise and it knocks you over the limit? Because I'm so close that it's bound to happen within a year, and I don't want to move in only to have to move out.

Thank you very much for any info. :)
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Anyone else living near UP hear that crazy loud noise last night? Around 4-4:30 am. It sounded sort of like an airplane flying low, but really steady (it didn't get louder or quieter as if a plane were passing overhead) and lasted for half an hour or so. Something from Swan Island, maybe? It was really weird.

Powell's Getting Bigger?

On the local news there are reports that Powell's Books is going to add two stories to its downtown store.  That's all well and good but how are they going to do this?  Are they so overflowing with books that an expansion is necessary?  I wonder if it would just be easier to build another store elsewhere.  If or when this happens, expect a whole lot of congestion and confusion.
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Crispin Hellion Glover this fri-mon at the clinton st theater

I will appear this Friday January 25 through Monday January 28 at the Clinton Street Theatre in Portland. I will appear there nightly at 7:00 with the latest installment of the “IT” Trilogy
and perform my dramatic narrative readings of eight different books otherwise known as
Crispin Hellion Glover's Big Slide Show
Then the film will be shown and then there will be a Q and A and then a book signing.
On Friday January 25 and Sunday January 27 Part One of the "IT" trilolgy What is it? will be shown instead of Part Two.

Clinton Street Theatre
Portland Oregon
January 25 26 27 28 tickets are 18$ each show
2522 SE Clinton St., Portland, OR 97202

It would be great to see you there!
Thank you,

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where's your favorite place to people-watch on the east side or downtown?
i like a variety of people.

bonus points if i don't have to buy something to look out a coffee shop's windows.
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Alice, where are you?


The sistermaryeris and drjeff households will soon be joining forces. We're talking five kids, here! As a result, we are going to be in need of some HELP.

We're looking for someone who can be available on Mondays to pick up a 6th grader at school (NE Portland, Gateway area, at 2:15) and do some light housecleaning for a couple of hours either before or after that. So, you could do 12-3, 2-5, whatever worked best for you. There may be other things cropping up during the week, too (errands! kid rides! etc.!), but Mondays are essential.

I realize that chauffeuring a 6th grader and cleaning someone else's house is not everyone's cup of tea, but I've had so much luck here in the past finding awesome babysitters, etc. that I thought I'd give it another try! If you've got a few free hours, some flexibility, and a need for a couple hundred bucks a month, reply here in comments or email me at drjeff at gmail.


Vancouver Slams Obama

Apparently the Clark County Republican Party was mentioned on "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" and deemed one of the Worst Persons of the Day for their smear campaign against Obama.  They claimed he was a Muslim among other things to scare Vancouver residents into voting Republican.  How pathetic.  You know things like this are happening across the country and are bound to get worse in the months to come.  It's things like this that make me embarrassed to live here at times.   Once upon a time, Clark County was  a Democratic stronghold in Washington but it seems like in the past 10-20 years the tide has turned.  I think it has to do with the more conservative residents from Oregon and California (among other places) moving here to get away from the scary minorities that were threatening to move into their neighborhoods.  A "White Flight" of sorts.  *Sigh* 



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K, so I dunno about you, but when I was a kid, when Super Nintendo NES came out, my little sister and I used to play Super Mario Brothers for hours at a time. Remember the theme song? Ok, think about it for a second. Yeeeaahhhhh, you know. Well, watch this.

I can seriously remember what parts of the song go with the different parts of the game. :-P Now go!
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Howdy P-Towners!

My name's Kat,
Nice to meet you all.
I'll soon be a resident of your lovely city, and with me I bring as much creativity and music as you all can handle and then some ;)

I'm posting for two reasons...
Firstly to introduce myself, as I hope to get to know you guys better, and eventually even make it to the meet up.

Secondly to enlist some help if any of you are able...
I'm half owner of a small independent record label.
( czech it here: http://www.middlemanagement.net )
And we're lucky enough to have one of our artists from Dublin, Ireland.
The man, the myth, the soon to be legend...
Prince Kong coming over for a visit between the 6th and the 18th of February.
(czech him here too: http://www.myspace.com/kongism and http://www.alphabetset.net/ under live sets and releases!)
We've already got him a show on the 14th in San Francisco,
but I'd really really love to take him to my new home and show him
how incredibly amazing Portland and its residents truly are.
So.. if any of you might have any leads at all, on where I should call / email / write / post myself in a box with a bow...
Or even if any of you are promoters or are related to any, I'd so immensely appreciate any help I could get on this one.
I'd personally make it a point to do the happy dance for you in person, pink bunny suit and bells and whistles and all!

and you'd have my unending gratitude for ever and ever amen.

btw, the efnet folks are awesome.. to those of you I met today, thanks so much for all your help and your warm welcome.

Curiously yours,
-the kat.
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