January 22nd, 2008

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burnside bridge y0

dude! all four lanes of the burnside bridge were open this morning for the first time in ... years it seems!

there were no construction trucks anywhere, no cement dividers blocking off lanes. it looked like a mirage at first because of the reflection of "big pink," but i really think they are done!

i got to work so fast today. that fact, combined with the sunshine and a clear view of mt. hood has made this a good morning so far.

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Print Question

Quick question. I'm trying to find a place that sells prints. Particularly surfing prints. If not, big waves even Woodie (with surfboards) on or near the beach would do. I've checked a few places but I was wondering if anyone knew of a place that might have these.

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Yo Gabb Gabba

DZ Tailors & Alterations

I need to get a pair of pants hemmed and I was thinking about taking it to DZ Tailors and Alterations because they seem to do a good job with my Diesel jeans. I was looking for more reviews of this plate online and everything was in the extreme highs or lows.

Anyone here have any experience with them? Or if you love your tailor, tell me who you use! Bonus for being in SE, downtown, or Lloyd Center area. And vegan.

Photographer's Assistant

My wife and I are looking for a paid assistant and/or associate shooter for this summer, specifically to help with weddings. Here are the general requirements:

- Must know your way around SLR lenses and other equipment (lighting, etc.)

- If you're also interested in being an associate shooter, you must have your own DSLR and lens kit, preferably Nikon.

- Working knowledge of Photoshop, Lightroom, and color correction

If you're interested, respond with a link to your work.

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me as harley


whatwhatwhatWHAT?!?!?! WHAT?!


I thought the person who told me was shitting with me until I found this link. Wth, celebrities.

...at least The Dark Knight is in post-production...

Edit: Doh, someone else already posted while I was still freaking out.
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Meetup, meetup, meet-UP!

If you heard a little "cha-cha" music in your head when you read the subject line, my work here is finished.

Meetup is tonight at 7pm at the East Bank Saloon! You DON'T need to be 21, you DON'T need to buy any food or drink unless you want to, and you DON'T even need to show up on time. HERE is the meetup faq.

See y'all there!

Recreational Softball/Baseball Leagues

 Can anyone recommend a good adult recreational softball/baseball league in Portland? I found dodge ball and kickball leagues (awesome), but that is it.

My boyfriend is antsy to start playing again, and he is looking for something not to serious, but still actually playing the game. Even better, any king of beer leaguesque team would be great.


Anyone on one of these teams, or know how you can find and join one? Thanks!

unwanted wet suits!

Hey there guys! I'm looking for some free, any shape or condition wet suits to cut up! I want the fabric, but I don't need brand new stuff to do what I'm doing. So if you've got some you don't want or can't use anymore I'll take them!

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true romance

(no subject)

it's been suggested that I need to check out a doctor for add/adhd, which is something I'm finally doing. anyone have any experience with doctor or medical provider in the NE PDX area? bonus points if they accept Aetna.

(yes, I looked in the memories and NO DICE.)
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To All Meetup Goers: NOT COOL.

As I left meetup this evening, the waitress approached me to say that a few of you guys were really rude to her this evening. (She told me who, too, but I'm not going to say any names here.)

So let me take this opportunity to remind you: the waitress is NOT a DamnPortlander, she is the lone person who is stuck dealing with our group-- on top of the rest of the restaurant. She has been VERY gracious about putting up with us, a large, loud, obnoxious group that is unpredictable in size and constantly moving around. She deserves WAY better than that.

As such, she is NOT fair game like the rest of us sort of are by virtue of being DPers. I'm hoping that this is just a misunderstanding and someone going a little over their bounds, and not someone intentionally being a dick.

I apologized profusely and assured her that it would definitely NOT happen again.

Do not make a liar out of me.
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The Trainstation is looking for a new conductor! (be our housemate)

The Trainstation is looking for a new conductor!(by which we mean housemate)

The Trainstation is a fairly longstanding queer and trans house in inner SE
Portland. We have long narrow staircases leading up to the entrances to
our house, a big backyard that was recently cleared of most living
matter, have had gardens in the past, and get have figs, grapes,
blackberries and apples growing in our yard. We are located
literally right on the 4 bus route and near a few other major routes in a
beautiful house with high ceilings, a large basement, washer/dryer, and
LOTS of common space.

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