January 20th, 2008

Salim's Special

Haircut question

It's getting to be that time of year again where I need a haircut. I already look like the shaggy fox and I want my mohawk back.

Best place and barber in town to get a mohawk?

...You know what to do. :)
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Legal Help?

As a follow-up to a prior post about filing a complaint about a doctor, I'm now hoping I can get some guidance on how I should go about fighting the bill I just got from them. Somebody advised talking to an attorney. I don't know anything about attorney's fees- but that seems like it may be a bit much to be worth fight a $400 hospital bill. I'm not sure where to go with this kind of issue- can anybody direct me to a good person to speak with? I don't figure I'll get far on my own disputing this with his office on my own.
I know there's some legal-folk up in here. What would you recommend?

An overwhelmed, seriously injured, broke student who would rather light money on fire than pay this worthless doctor.
fuck you anyway.

Two More.

- I need to replace wheels on a small suitcase. Okay, it's a rolling backpack (don't make fun of me, this gun is loaded). Where would I look for something that random? I don't think skateboard wheels will fit it, which was my first thought. My back injury forces me to use this thing to cart my stuff around PSU all day, and I want something less loud and annoying.

- My little sister's laptop is... broken. It only displays a black screen of death and says something about a disk failure before rebooting itself in an endless loop. Is this a fix-it issue or a buy-a-new-laptop issue? If it's the former, does anyone want to fix it for cheap/trade? I can bake the most delicious cookies and truffles in all the land, I'm a good photographer, and my sister does awesome hair. Help some poor but otherwise totally awesome chicks out.

Identify the leftovers...

A nice couple left a couple boxes of leftovers in my bar tonight.  I gave them a smell, and they smelled great.
Being short on money like I am, I took em home with me, and I'm eating them right now.
The thing is, this one is really good, and now I'm curious where the heck they got it from.

I thought I'd see if anyone had any ideas.
The leftovers are in Brown to go boxes, which seemed a like something I hadn't seen before.
One had what looked and tasted like roast chicken in it, but had nothing accompanying.
The other had a beef stew, like a pot roast stew, with balls of gnocci and a small amount of melted cheese, and tastes amazing.

Tugboat Brewing, where I bartend, is on the corner of Southwest Broadway and Ankeny, right around the corner from Mary's. 
It's clear the couple were on foot, and walked to the Tugboat from their restaurant (judging by the warmth of the food).
I was wracking my brain to figure out where it might be from...maybe Kells, or Voleur?

Any ideas?  Anyone seen any menus which might include these items in that area?  
fuck you anyway.

(no subject)

Ok, one more thing.

I just wanted to write something in praise of Eyes on Broadway . If anybody is in need of any optometry help, go there.
I'm 24 and recently got my first pair of glasses and contacts. The staff there has been totally amazing- and gone WAY above and beyond to make me comfy and happy. I imagined it would be a total nightmare, but it was by far the best experience I've ever had at any kind of doctor's office. Every member of their staff is incredibly polite, sincere and competent, their office is cozy, and I've seen two doctors there, and they were both awesome.

They may have some pricey inventory, but it's worth it to get such stellar care (especially if you have insurance to help you out).
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because cuervolinda always waits until the last minute to post this info...

Come out and celebrate Dr. King's Birthday!

Monday, January 21, 2008, Monday Movies presents Life in the Ghetto Night at Mississippi Pizza Pub in North Portland . Come out and join us for a hearty helping of freshly baked pizza and Integration.

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Monday Movies will be screening Martin Luther King, Jr.: An Amazing Grace (1991, color, 60 minutes). This film chronicles the life of the civil rights fighter through newsreel footage and film from his speeches. This film will be followed by our previously announced film The Poor Pay More (NET, 1965, b&w, 60 minutes), an expose on the exploitation of inner-city residents by retail credit "buy now, pay later" scams.

All movies are actual vintage projected 16mm films. Admission is free. This show is all ages and kids are welcome. For a complete schedule, go to http://www.myspace.com/mondaymovie.

Mississippi Pizza
3552 North Mississippi Ave Portland, Oregon
(503) 288-3231

(no subject)

Mirah's playing tonight at the artistery on SE division! WAHOO. According to her website, this will be her last performance in Portland until late April, AND it is only $6. There are some other bands playing, too, but I'm uninformed and have never heard of them. And even if the other bands are bad (I have been told Bryce Panic is good, though), you can still dance in an interpretive fashion/leave.


Jan 19, 2008 - Portland, Oregon
The Artistery, 4315 SE Division St. - Bryce Panic CD release party, w/ Bryce Panic, Arrington DeDionyso, Rebecca Pearcy and James Beaton, 9PM, 6$/12$ w/ CD, All Ages

Star Trek

I am super excited! There's gotta be some Trekkers out there in P-town. It's made by Bad Robot (JJ Abrams - LOST), so the Enterprise will probably crash on a tropical planet filled with an alien race called "The Others". I guess the guy that plays Syler is playing Spock. I can see it.


St. John's housing market

I was wondering what the DP's thought about the housing market in St. John's right now.  A quick drive around that section of town and it's obvious that it is a neighborhood in transition.  It seems like there are over a hundred homes for sale in that area alone! 
So who do you think will be going to be moving there?  What changes do you see?  How long do you think it will be before it really turns a leaf (1 year? 2 years? 10 years?)?  Do you think it will be a change for the better or for the worse? 
Rainy Day

Kid-Friendly Football-Watching-Places?

I wouldn't suppose any of you lovelies would have ideas on restaurants (akin to Laurelhurst Pub) that have kid areas but also nice big screens close by to watch the Packers game this afternoon??


Perhaps I should build one.

Parents like to watch games in big loud crazy groups too!

(no subject)

Hi, I am Leland (lay-lind). I am not consistent in my capitalization (I apologize). I live in Vancouver, Washington. I go to WSD (Washington School for the Deaf). I was wondering if there are any deaf events in or around Portland for teenagers/young deaf people?


Since the bento box I ordered from Japan is on back-order and won't get to me until who knows when, I have decided to journey outwards and at least buy some good bento until I'm able to make my own.

Oh wise Portlanders! Who sells the best bento in Portland? Preferably some place that has either vegetarian bento, or at least some good seafood bento.
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I really want to get my sister involved in LJ and I would love for her to check out a few communities without having to join, initially. I think once she sees the coolness of LJ she will certainly get an account.

I am working on her to move to PDX with us when we come back in June...she would follow later...so I would love to link her to the very cool portland-related communities.

So, is there a way to link her to specific communities or does she just go hunting on her own with me pointing her in the right direction?

thx in advance...greer
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healthy food

I'm wondering what your fave places to get healthy, hippy-type food are?  (by hippy-type, I mean organic with lots of veggies and whole grains and vegetarian options).  I really like going to restaurants and relaxing/eating good food, but am trying to eat better foods which leaves out a lot of the places I used to go to.  Any restaurants with healthy food, decent atmosphere, and not too spendy?  Thanks!
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I spy with my little eye...

actually a friend of mine did... Earlier this afternoon he saw Hayden P. and Milo V. (can't remember how to spell their last names) from Heroes in town. (Claire Bennett and Peter Petrelli) Just curious if anyone heard anything about why they're here. Movie, show, visiting, etc? I haven't watched the news today so didn't know if they had any mention.
hippie halloween

(no subject)

I looked through the Oregon Bicyclist Manual, but couldn't find what I'm looking for: is it legal for bikers to stop at a red light, but proceed as if it were a stop sign if it's all clear? The manual just says you have to stop at stop signs and red lights, but isn't clear about when exactly on a red light you can proceed (whether you have to wait till it's green or can go when the intersection is clear). Thanks guys!
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(no subject)

Forgive me if this has been mentioned before, but has anyone heard the rumor that Bush will be handing out an extra tax refund-type thing this year?

I know no decisions have been made yet, but apparently it would likely go to individuals making $55k or less and couples making $110k or less. Crazy, eh?


Okay a gust of wind just hit me and my nuts went RIGHT into my body like they had been kicked by a Baptist. It's going to be super cold the next few days guys! Grab your liquor, your pot pies(vegan if you must), and your blankies and be careful.

Here's some tips from Koin.com

"The Red Cross opened three emergency warming centers for the homeless. Frm 8 p.m. until 7 a.m., they are available to anyone in need:

Estate Hotel, on Northwest Couch
Calvary Christian Ministries, on Northeast Alberta, and
Foursquare Church on Southeast Ankeny
The Humane Society is reminding people with pets to keep those animals indoors. Outdoor animals also need help, such as a garage with a blanket. If you put food outdoors for an animal, use a plastic dish or bowl, not a metal one.

Outdoor faucets and pipes need to be covered. If you don't have a styrofoam faucet-cover, you can wrap it in towels, or even newspaper.
Plants can also be in danger. Some plants that can make it through moderate winters can be killed or damaged during very cold snaps. Tubers that aren't buried deep enough in the ground could use some cover, like mulch, newspaper or plastic sheeting.

Firefighters know well the dangers that emerge at times like these; use of space heaters expands. Any space heater should be kept safely distant from combustibles like books, paper, cloth and wood. Sometimes, people use kerosene or propane-burning heaters indoors. These can consume oxygen, causing asphyxiation. Caution is also advised when using wood-burning heaters and fireplaces."

Much chilled love,

Dannybear <3

What Happened Friday Night in on Greeley?

Does anyone know why the police shut down Greeley Ave. between the Interstate ghost bike memorial and the Adidas campus on Friday night, around 8:45PM? I was trying to drive north and was turned away as they were putting up a huge blockade in both directions, complete with 6 police cars. I thought it must be something pretty serious, but I couldn't find any mention of it in the Oregonian.

(no subject)

Can anybody give me some insight into the creative job scene in Portland? Specifically, I'm thinking graphic/editorial design and related areas.

I've been planning to move to Portland sometime around October this year, once I have finished my degree. I'll be coming from New York City, so I obviously expect the job prospect scene for these areas to be much smaller, but will it be so ridiculously small that I have little chance of employment in my field of choice? The only real reference I've been basing this fear on is how "lively" Craigslist is for the art/media/design jobs section. Oh, and the frequent jokes I hear about Portland's great job market.