January 19th, 2008

The slippery stuff

So, DP oracle...who of you knows what retailers carry Probe brand lube? It's not at Spartacus. They have it at It's My Pleasure, but that's far away from me and they only have teensy bottles. I am looking for something in a pump dispanser. And, while I'm at it, cheap boxes of black vinyl gloves.

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My BF has been stuck in traffic from the five car pile up near the Marquam bridge since 7am this morning. It's now 8 and he hasn't moved. They say a stalled car was getting towed and a bunch of cars crashed into them, now all lanes are blocked.
Anyone else out there got any more of a scoop?

The Press Club?

I'm thinking of seeing a concert tonight at a place on Clinton called the Press Club but I've never been there nor even heard of it before.  Has anyone here ever been there before?  What's it like if you have?  Just curious.  

Nevada Caucuses

So I'm sitting at home watching CNN to get the results of this thing. They're doing demographic breakdowns of whom chose whom. According to CNN, Hispanic voters seem to overwhelmingly support Hillary Clinton. The talking heads are trying to make this seem like the Hispanics hate the blacks. But no one ever comes out and says it out right. Is there some sort of historic dislike? Am I just reading things into this that aren't really there? If at all possible, please site sources, I'd like to avoid random race-war wank.

Postscript: Why does every media outlet persist in talking like the caucus system is a winner-take-all system? Technically speaking, Obama and Clinton tied in New Hampshire.
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Book Launch Party

Painted Carpet Press Presents:

Book Launch Party for
Trompe L'oeil, by Tim Harnett

(aka crowgod)

Sunday, January 27

3 Friends Coffeehouse
201 SE Ash, Portland
(corner of 12th and Ash)

I will have books available for sale. I will also be signing books and reading selections from this thing that has taken six years of my life to complete.

I hope to see you there.
Joe Strummer laundry

Come one, come all.

Tonight is The Clinton Street Cabaret's opening night for The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Don't have anything to do tonight? Why not come see us perform? Can't do it sober? Why not go to the bar literally next door, get a little smashed, and then come see us perform?

It's good stuff, full of sex and debauchery.

Show starts at Midnight, but I'd get there around 11:30-11:45. If you want to get drunk beforehand, I'd show up at the next door bar around 10.

At the Clinton Street Cabaret. 26th & SE Clinton. 
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Does anyone know of a good place to get t-shirts screenprinted in or near Portland? I'd like to find somewhere good, independent, and fairly inexpensive (in that order of priority) to print around a hundred shirts...

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So, prone to restlessness, I've lived in a couple of cities (east coast and midwest). Now for grad school, I'm beginning to feel drawn to the Norhtwest. I know nothing about Portland, except that it seems bike-friendly, vegan-friendly, and outdoorsy-type-love-the-intensity-of-existence- friendly. And I think it rains sometimes.

Now, personally, I love telling people why my city's great. The nuances and details of it that I'm in love with, you know? So, could you tell me a bit about Portland (to that effect)?

Coffee House/Acoustic Tour!

Hey guys!

I used to live in Portland but - alas - I do not anymore and although I visited this last holiday season I've gotten pretty out of touch with what's going on in the city music-wise.

Point being, my indie rock band (Please Do Not Fight) is planning a super low-key acoustic-y tour for this Spring that will hopefully include Portland and I was wondering if you guys could point me to ...

1) Cool Coffee Houses/Record Stores/Anywhere that would be an appropriate setting for a mellow sort-a show!

2) Other cool local Portland bands that perform all nice and acoustic-y that might be worth getting in touch with!

3) We're a laid-back fun-lovin' kind of band who isn't really into being too-hip-for-it's-own-good so if you have any 'odd' suggestions ("I see bands set up on the roof top of the building on SW 3rd and Burnside all the time!") I'd love to hear them.

Thanks so much in advance for any input or advice you guys have. I miss Portland and I'm psyched to be in town again playing music!