January 18th, 2008

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80s Prom

A friend is having an '80s Prom-themed party soon, and surprisingly enough, my closet isn't full of prom dresses -- from this decade or 20 years ago! I'm going to go check out Goodwill this weekend for a possible costume, but does anyone have any suggestions for other places to go -- preferably in SE? Thanks!

It's that time of the year.

Washington’s Wildlife is under attack. We made so much good progress and now they'er (people like hunters who think they need to kill big cougs to prove their strong men. They have their own lobby force.) gunna try to roll it back! I wish I knew why, but I still believe that no matter the reason inhumane hunting practices are still lame. Anyways, here are some more Humane Society worries for all of you to read up on. And if you’re a Washingtonian, take action! If not, maybe it could be useful knowledge or random trivia?
Lobbying is coming up for a lot of interest groups. So if you want to actually meet a legislator you could lobby, or you could just set up a meeting with them in the off season. It's rather easy.
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C&H Fight
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Under A Week And Counting

I leave for my new home in Portland in just under a week. I had a few questions, like how much is a monthly pass for the tri met system? Approx how long of a bus / max ride from Garden Home area to 45th and Hawthorne?

Wow. Watch out peoples!

I work by the square and I heard the MAX honk their horn real loud, then announce that everyone had to stay on the train. It was stopped halfway into the intersection. Then we hear sirens, like 5 fire trucks, an ambulence, police, and Trimet officials also arrived to save the day. So we run to our window to investigate the unfolding events. What type of emergency would require so many vehicles but force people to stay on? Anyway, our conclusion was that a car ran into the front of the MAX. After seeing the banged up car a block up the street. Maybe this happens all the time, I've never seen it. It dislodged the MAX from it's light rail ... cable thing (don't know technical terms. haha).

Oh, people. I am going to miss working right at the square and having a front row view of all the action!

ipod nano

Hey All!

By some silly turn of events I have an unopened 4gig silver ipod nano ( looks like this http://content.etilize.com/images/300/1010104397.jpg) . It's one of the older ones so you can't watch videos but its brand spankin' new. Anywho, I don't need it and I was hoping one of you lovely folk would be interested in buying it. Right now, I'm asking $130 (since it also comes with an arm band) OBO. Will deliver if its relatively close to the woodstock area. Downtown ok. Let me know if you're interested =)

lunafest in portland!

LUNAFEST, the fundraising film festival dedicated to promoting awareness about women's issues, highlighting women filmmakers, and bringing people together in their communities, is holding its premiere event at the 5th Avenue Cinemas at PSU on Friday January 25th, 2008.

This years festival will benefit the Women’s Resource Center at PSU and The Breast Cancer Fund.

The 9 short films showcase the work of female filmmakers from across the country.

The doors open at 6pm where attendees can visit with local groups and find out what these organizations are doing to address issues affecting our community.

There’s also a raffle! We will raffle off fabulous prizes that are good for free movie rentals at local video stores and free admission to local theaters.

Tickets are only $4 at the door but no one will be turned away! Everyone is welcome!

For more info visit www.lunafest.org, www.wrc.pdx.edu and www.breastcancerfund.org

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Hey Everyone!

I'm just about to move to Portland. And the apartment I've settled on is a studio in Fifth Avenue Place Apartments. Has anyone stayed there or know anything I should know about it? Even if it's a complete shit hole, I'll still probably go through with it since it's in the middle of downtown. But I'd like to know what to expect. Thanks!

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Where do I: The Video Version

Hey y'all. I've got a whole bunch of television videos I need burnt to disk. Not the regular VHS stuff, I can find that anywhere. No, what I've got is the kind that come directly from the station or production place (that's tech talk, there). Also, I have the kind of machine what plays them, which I could give in barter if you want as payment for burning these. Seriously - hundreds and hundreds of hours of the cable access show OutRageUs - if you're old enough to remember that, and the old City. 


free stuff.

heyyyy! the Blackrose Collective Freecycle has TONS of free clothes. and we want you to take them. because we love you.

shirts, pants, coats, sweaters, shoes, kids/babies, and more! we have a fair amount of non-clothes stuff, too: books, kids books, binders, notebooks, old magazines, and more!

we're located at 4038 N. Mississippi, between Shaver and Mason. we're all volunteers, and our hours are kinda irregular, but we're generally open 12:00 - 6:00. we're definitely open tonight til 6:00, and tomorrow from 12:00 - 4:45.

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little blue dog


Hey folks,

Remember when that one new dude came in and asked where he could score black tar heroin and then flipped out and got all indignant because people were all like "dude, that can get you in trouble" and "whoa, maybe don't ask in here, you know?" and stuff? Good times.

Anyway, I am on a similar quest, because I've been exposed to a large dose of my new drug of choice. It's called CHEESE CURDS, and I want to know where I can find them locally (and by "locally" I mean "without driving to Tillamook").

Note: I'm not looking for battered and deep-fried stuff. Just pure, squeaky, nuggets of chewy, salty, creamy goodness. Yes, I really typed that.

Any fellow curd-heads out there help me out?




show me your internets

Hey all, next week I'm moving to the SE Belmont area from Garden Home, and need to find some good internet. Where I am now we could only get Qwest, which is atrocious for reliability, latency and actual bandwidth. I use SSH for work all the time, so latency is important.

SO, those of you east of the river, what do you think of Speakeasy DSL and Comcast (and others?)?? Also if you know how, a ping/traceroute to (Easystreet's datacenter in Beaverton) would be excellent.

I love you all!
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Two separate posts, really

A couple weeks ago, I noticed something that I had noticed before, but still wanted to comment on.

Say that you are going out to get a burrito, what would you consider a cheap burrito? If I can find anything under 4 dollars, I am very happy, and I consider my burritos to be reasonably priced up to about eight dollars. If you are some type of troubled person that doesn't like burritos, I am sure you can think of what you consider a reasonably price falafel or plate of pad thai.

Now, imagine you are in the grocery store, buying food items to make a burrito, what would you consider a cheap price? Personally, I am like "3 dollars for a package of tortillas? 1.50 for refried beans? Who are they trying to trick with this?" Even though, of course, putting all my ingredients together, even if they are expensive, I could make about four or five burritos for the price of one 'cheap' burrito from a restaurant or cart. Now, of course I know the reasons for this, and also know that most restaurant burritos are better than what I make at home, but what is interesting is the psychological reaction to the prices, an instinctive reaction of "CHEAP! GO FOR IT!" or "NO WAY".

(Not to put a point on a post that is going to be long anyway, but this also applies to books. The other day, I thought it was cool that my textbook for a PSU class was only 30 dollars, and then shortly afterwards, went to Goodwill and thought I was spending a lot of money when I bought 10 good books for 20 dollars).

So that was going to be my original post, one of those "hey, how about that" things. But now, Alice's Restaurant style, I have to say I am not here to talk to you today about the price of burritos. I am hear to talk about the president's "stimulus package" plan. Other than giving us the funniest headline ever, I think it is a bad idea, and how bad of a bad idea it is is only not apparent because of the burrito-price syndrome.

One hundred and fifty billion dollars is a lot of money. According to the helpful chart that littlebluedog posted a few days ago, the discretionary domestic budget of the US is about 350 billion a year, so this is close to half of it. Even though there has been quite a bit of discretionary budget creep during the Bush years, he has still pulled out the same old "ZOMG" lines about growth in domestic programs. Which might be warranted, but why are many of the same people who are worried about whether a government program grows by 200 or 300 million dollars, now willing to drive up the national debt by 150 BILLION dollars, on the off chance that it might help the economy over a slight downturn? There doesn't even seem to be any evidence that this will help, especially given the fact that economy is still very inflationary. What it seems like is going on, is the republicans and democrats both have the master plan of "150 billion dollars, mostly from OPEC, Chinese and Japanese, to "rebate" to citizens, so they can go and buy some more oil and junk from OPEC, the Chinese and Japanese. On the off chance that it might help the economy get over a rough patch"?

The Democrats are failing because they are just shoveling the money out without trying to use it for social good. The Republicans are failing because...well, basically everything.

But again, what gets me is the massive disconnect in the use of money. For some reason, the government is too cheap to spend more than 1.5 billion dollars a year on renewable energy research, or 800 million in subsidies for Amtrak, something that could do some permanent good for the economy by decreasing dependence on foreign oil. But somehow, they do have enough money to give everyone in America 800 dollars to go buy themselves some new toys. This just seems to be sloppy thinking to me.