January 16th, 2008

chip's challenge


Okay, does anyone know someone that understands Slovakian? Even a little bit of it? I found a picture of myself on a Slovakian website, and I REALLY want to know what the article that goes my picture is about!


Anyone? Please? I am INSANELY curious. (This picture is, by the way, after I'd gotten my tattoo, not after I'd had my kidney stolen.)

Dear DoublePenetrators:

When you make a post, give it some context or a summary or something. I don't want to see posts that are just a link and maybe something like "what do you think of this?" because you were too fucking lazy to identify whatever "this" is for those of us who have better things to do than read every random bit of LJ spam you see fit to foist on us.

This goes triple if "this" is some kind of social or political issue that you'd like people to give a shit about.

Also, most of your macros are not funny. They were never funny, they'll never be funny, and the fact that you think otherwise makes you less of a human being. Stop demonstrating Sturgeon's Law already.

Also, those of you who eat bread can just stop pretending to be vegan right now. Thousands of helpless microbes were burned alive to produce that loaf of bread, asshole.

At-Risk Kids and Mentoring...

I work with several at-risk children and adolescents. Often time these youth come from single parent households and/or traumatic family backgrounds.

Do you have suggestions for meaningful (or maybe just fun & engaging) activities to do in and around Portland? There's certainly bowling, arcades, Zoo, laser-tag, movies, etc. One youth is absolutely thrilled about the upcoming Portland Roadster Show.

Any other ideas? Perhaps even something with a humanitarian twist.

Notices for 2008:

Is anyone else tired of vegan jokes?
It is 2008 people, we have to occasionally shake up our in-jokes.
So, from now on, we will make fun of breatharians.

"Where can I find a breatharian burrito in Troutdale?"

Also, on the same lines, bikers vs. motorists is no longer our struggle of 2008. Our new struggle is horse punx vs motorists, for example

"I drove my hybrid car through a pile of your horseshit...if your horses have to shit, please do it in your own lanes!"
countered by
"Well, fix your mufflers, you scared poor Sugar Mae half to death!"
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poppy-onion love

if you've not experienced the bliss that comes from consumption of the poppy-onion sesame sticks found at the people's co-op (and nowhere else that i know of), i highly recommend them. i'm kind of addicted. i eat them at work as a snack, and every day i keep expecting them to get boring and to not want them anymore. some days i just really don't feel like eating them, but don't have anything else and don't want to resort to the gross crap in the vending machine that, by some weird loophole, is allowed to be called food. so i'll reluctantly start eating them and they'll still taste so ridiculously good.

so yes, go buy some. i promise you will not regret it (unless someone randomly punches you in the stomach while you are purchasing them. and then still maybe not).

Doctor Recommendation


One of my co-workers is looking for a psychiatrist to help him work on some anxiety issues. He has been to a psych doctor once before, and he said that he felt very comfortable because the counselor was a very laid back “guy’s guy.” He is looking for someone in Portland that offers the same kind of atmosphere and that can prescribe anxiety medication (so someone with a corresponding degree). Does anyone have any recommendations of a psychiatrist, or practitioner that fits this description? Your help will be much appreciated. Thanks!


*cracks fingers*

*cracks neck*



I think Oregon should ban cloned meat, or at least use labels on packaging so that a consumer can make informed choices. I mean come on? Cloned meat? Gross. It's bad enough that they mass produce animals for slaughter, why the fuck would they need to clone them?

I sooo want to 2girl1cup that mofo who announced that it was "safe" for cloned meat to be in our national food supply. Fuckin' pinch a deuce right in his soft wet mouth. I'd have to eat cloned meat and lots of fiber for that very special moment.

pool tables, food, drink, allows kids/family friendly?

Hey DPers,

Anybody have suggestions for a place that we could have a casual group dinner with kids, that might have pool tables and/or games for older kids (11-14 yr olds)? But also beer and/or full bar for the adults? Downtownish?

I have thought of Blue Moon Pub, Ground Kontrol (closes at 7 to minors), and I've contacted Rock Bottom, Touche, and Uptown Billiards to find out their minors policies. But if y'all have any other ideas I would love to hear them.

Nicco / Sewyrn Purple
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(no subject)

Hey all! In case you missed it, spitfirehussy and I had a little dust up last night. The argument was related to her negative experiences with a specific doctor. I took issue with her exposing his full name and place of work. I imagine she feels she is exercising her right of free speech and doing a community service by warning us of her bad experience (while soliciting advice on where to make a complaint--something she is completely entitled to do). My position is that the doctor she's writing about has a right to privacy, or at the very least to rebut her negative comments.

But I'm not a damnportlanders mod, nor do I want to be accused of stifling free speech. So today's questions are:

* Is it alright to post negative comments about local service providers (doctors, lawyers, masseuses, hairdressers, what have you) here and include their full name and place of employment? How about pics and phone numbers? ANSWER: Mostly Yes. The consensus seems to be that Doctors and Lawyers are fair game because they use their names as their Business names. spitfirehussy, I apologize. Your post is within the accepted standards of the majority (at least by my reading of the responses).

* Is it alright to post negative comments about anyone (say I go on a bad date, or have noisy neighbors) here and include their full name and contact information (email, phone number, home address)? Is everyone fair game? ANSWER: No. Sounds like everyone agrees that this is a big no/no. It also appears to be against the LJ terms of conditions (but when has THAT stopped any of us?).

* If someone outside the community has negative comments posted here about them and enough personal information is provided so they can be contacted, is it permissible to do so? Do they have a right to rebut the comments or is what is said here private and for members only? ANSWER: Undecided. This issue remains mostly undiscussed.

I'm not trying to be a jerk, I just want to know what's appropriate for our community. I felt a line was crossed, but others don't see it that way. All comments, particularly from mods, are appreciated. For my part, I'll keep mine civil.


help me with my homework

I am in a Psychology class (201A at PCC Sylvania).

Tomorrow we have a discussion about "how cyberspace is changing the development of personality".
I was wondering your thoughts on this. Any resources for information you can point me toward would be awesome.

Here is the text from the email my teacher sent me--
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Marian Wright Edelman at PSU


I am in search of a ticket to Marian Wright Edelman speaking at PSU Tomorrow night. I have done lots of volunteer work (Children's Defense Fund, and Stand for Children, and with children), seen her son and husband speak, and would love to see her too. I didn't see anything at the psu site about her being sold out, but was just informed of that from ticketmaster. Line dot mellor at gmail. I will go whereever in the area to find you.

Thanks so much!