January 15th, 2008


Metro Fi password?

I'm posting for my friend, who is getting desperate. She lives alone downtown near PSU, and cannot connect to the free Metro-Fi. Not because of connectivity issues (there is a transmitter thing right next to her window) but because it keeps asking her for the password. It's the FREE internet, and she's tried everything she can think of. Does anyone know the password, or how to connect without it? Thanks!

Who here has worked at Stream?

I have probably posted this before (on here, I know I have on my personal livejournal), some time over the years, but I can't actually remember, so I am asking again, and also in case other people have joined up:

Who here worked at Stream International, the call center? And when?

computer-type store

Please excuse my incorrect terminology.
Is there a computer-type store where I can purchase the following: (or does anyone have any of these items to sell me?)
-fan for the inside of a tower
-number keypad to attach to my laptop
-flatter screen for a desktop (I've got a 15inch, and it is huge and bulky. Anyone want to trade for something lighter and smaller?)

I want to try to avoid Best Buy (high prices, bad service, and general yuckiness).
I also want to avoid driving to Fry's, but this is the back-up plan.


Hey everyone, the only expensive piece of Jewelry i own broke last night (it's silver and large chunks of turquoise) and I want to find a good reasonably priced place that will restring it properly.  I live in SE Portland around 39th and Holgate, preferred distance is between 8-16 mies (by bike) r/t but if there is someone really good thats easy to get to by bus, i'll go farther. Thanks!

Giant Mushroom statue?

I recently came across a picture of a girl pretending to lick a 6ft magic mushroom carving/statue thing.... Do any of you know where it could be? When I saw the picture I was like.... WTF? why do I not know of these?

It appeared to be in a grassy, hilly area and in a park like setting???

Help! Thank you!

I added a picture! (note car tire in background)

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Tee Hee

I am currently macro-bombing in my FL's comments & in my quest to find awesome macros I came across this little gem, much to my consternation. Rules are rules, you know. So sorry DP.

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(no subject)


Someone stoled both wheels off my only aluminum frame bike. Around noon. In daylight. In front of my window. I'm not that mad because I'm sure they'll find a good home somewhere and also because I was a dumbass and only U-locked it.

Still the problem remains that I have no wheels on the only bike I have that won't rust in the rain. The added problem is that I need 700c disc ready wheels which are effing expensive and hard to find. I've called a number of places and for parts alone it's gunna cost like $350-$400 which is more than the bike is even worth.

So I've decided to strip it and sell it for parts. It's got decent Shimano shifters and dérailleurs and the frame and fork have to be worth something. The only question is, where can I sell it in town? I don't wanna deal with Ebay or craigslist. I just want to get rid of it and move on to building my next bike.

Suggestions? Thankies.
writing process!
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Gmail log-in weirdness on my desktop computer

Dear DamnPortland Tech gurus:

I'm a sophomore at a small midwest liberal arts college. Up until last Friday, I thought that I had a pretty normal sex life.

Oh, wait that's my Penthouse Forum letter. Here, let me start again.

Dear Portland Tech Gurus:

I am unable to log in to Gmail on my PC. I get a password error message with my log-in, and with my lovely girlfriend's log-in. I can use my laptop from the same location and log in without a problem. I can log in to everything else with my PC... LJ, bank, Flickr, etc.

I'm stumped. I'm running XP if that helps. I've rebooted. I've cleared my cache. I don't know what else to do.

Any ideas?

EDIT: Hmm, apparently, all I had to do was post this, and now it's working again. I'm still curious what would make it do that!
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Moving Companies

We're wanting to hire movers for our home-move next month and rather than google and call every mover in town, I was hoping for some references? Has anyone used a local moving company in Portland that they loved? Hated? Would recommend? Know of anyone that works specifically on the west side? Any and all references would be great. I'd prefer to use someone that comes recommended rather than just poke around the phone book and hope for the best.

trucker ape
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U.S. experiences spawn boom

from the article: "Experts believe there is a mix of reasons: a decline in contraceptive use, a drop in access to abortion, poor education and poverty."

All great reasons!

"'Americans like children. We are the only people who respond to prosperity by saying, `Let's have another kid,' said Nan Marie Astone, associate professor of population, family and reproductive health at Johns Hopkins University."

Of course, that statement is incompatible with the fact that (according to the reasons above) it seems to be poor and uneducated, rather than prosperous people who are responsible for the majority of the spawn production.

"The U.S. fertility rate -- the number of children a woman is expected to have in her lifetime -- reached 2.1. That's the "magic number" required for a population to replace itself."

awesome! so the iraq war was worth it after all! we've got replacements on the way!

"Some complain that many illegal immigrants come here purposely to have children. 'The child is an automatic American citizen, thus entitled to all benefits of American citizens. This gives a certain financial incentive for people coming from other countries illegally to have children here,' said John Vinson, president of the Virginia-based American Immigration Control."

haha it just keeps getting better.

"Fertility levels tend to decline as women become better educated and gain career opportunities...But while fertility declines persisted in many other developed nations, the United States saw the reverse"


not portland related.

Multimedia Projector needed for seminar january 26th

Paws to Freedom is a 501c3 non profit organization dedicated to helping people with disabilities train their own service dogs, we also offer educational seminars about service dogs. On January 26th we will be having a seminar at Good Samaritan Hospital in Portland. We really could benefit from the use of a multimedia projector for our power point presentation. Last time someone loaned us one and it was extremely helpful. If anyone has one we can use we’d be grateful. You can contact us at Christina@pawstofreedom.com or 503-231-2555

Xmas Socks

Game Night!

This time tomorrow night, you could be playing games, drinking beer and eating some delicious (atypical) bar food. The pizza sandwiches are delicious, the peanut curry bento? In my opinion, not so much...

Anyway, it's time for our regular scheduled PDXers game night. If you're single and in your 20s and 30s, come join us at the Lucky Lab in NW Portland. (1945 NW Quimby) Look for the PDXers signs on the tables. (Or people playing card games... in a bar!)

We meet at 7pm and go until everyone goes home and/or the bar kicks us out. 1st and 3rd Wednesday every month!

Feel free to bring a game, bring a friend, or both! Or neither... it's up to you. We generally play things like Uno, Bullshit, Apples to Apples, Operation, and whatever anyone wants to bring with them. For more basic info, check out http://www.pdxers.net

Valentine Invitational (this means YOU!)

Modern Love @ The Cleaners*

This city wide contest encourages Portlanders to create a Valentine, of any medium
( no biohazards...that's about it ) and compete for a grand prize of $200.00!

So sculpt it, cut it, photograph it, enshrine it, draw it, sew it , knit it.... Use
whatever your heart desires to pay tribute to your heart's desire. You do not need a partner, or love interest to do this...just a desire.

There are many sub categories ( Most Sarcastic,Best Use of Photobooth) so c'mon Portland get crafty!

Entries are to be dropped off Feb 6th,2008 @The Cleaners @ The Ace @ from 11-7pm

All submissions will be hung for the show Modern Love Feb 7th &8th with the winner being
chosen on the closing night of the show.

For a full list of rules and categories please go to
http://fleurdelethal.blogspot.com (from LA)
Joe Strummer laundry

Power Outages

My house in NE (Burnside & 75th) just lost power for about half an hour. Anybody else lose power? What's with this? This is the second power outage I've witnessed in the Portland area in two weeks. 

Anybody know the reasoning behind this? I'm scared shitless of the dark and literally scampered around the house hyperventilating, trying to find candles, lighting the way with my cell phone. Go figure it was like the first time I've ever been alone in this house, (I share it with 5 other people.)

Any information is appreciated.
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