January 14th, 2008


Daily Music Fix - Unidentified Song Challenge #2

Hey DamnPortlanders!

So, I've got another Unidentified Song Challenge over on my journal, and I'd like to invite those of you who are musically inclined, or just curious, to come on over, download the song, and see if you recognize it, or can provide me any information on it.
The person who identifies the song, or provides information which allows me to identify it, will earn the right to suggest and artist for me to feature in my Daily Music Fix.
Come on over.

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I am really fed up with people who don't call back.

This could be a loser sack of social angst (omg, my friend suzy is liek soooo mean) but unfortunately it's not; I've not received calls back from businesses, employers, the government... I leave very polite and succinct messages with my phone number in the very beginning. I text, I write letters, I e-mail! And yet no one calls me back. Only then, on the second tier, there are the friends, acquaintances, people-who-were-witnesses-to-car-wrecks... seriously.

Today's fury is my pending volunteer work, wherein they won't pick up the phone for three weeks at a time (okay, apparently you don't want me to work for free?); I try to schedule an appointment two weeks in advance, and I have no idea when the hell it is; I just have to show up and hope that it's the right time.

Please tell me it's not just me. What is wrong with people? What is it that I have to do? FRIGGIN' CALL ME. Stop wasting my time!


I remember a while back there was a conversation here about Girl Scout cookies and how yumtastic they are.

Well, my daughters are Scouts and it's Cookie Time!

So if you don't have another way to get them, look me up. My email is on my profile. You have from now till the 20th (next Sunday!) to order. Cookies will be in mid-February and I will deliver. They are $3.50 a box and you can find info on the different kinds here.
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Oceanic Air Merchandise?

So I was at Washington Square on Sunday when I noticed a woman walk by me carrying what looked like a bag with the Oceanic Airlines logo from "Lost".  It took me a second or three to realize what it was I was looking at and by the time I leapt up to go ask her where she got the cool bit of merchandise, she was long gone.  I was wondering if anyone out there who are "Lost" fans know where I could find that bag or something similar?  Also, are those billboards promoting the show still up in Portland?  If so, where are they?  

Seeking Amazing Portrait Tattooist

Greetings everyone. Moved here about 2 months ago from NYC and I am searching for an incredibly gifted tattooist who specializes in portrait work. I am trying to get a sleeve and leg piece done that need to be very detailed and as close to photo realistic as possible. It would help if these artists will also be able to help me in the design of the sleeve since I know what I want but just cannot seem to get it on paper. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

Self Tattoo

so, about a month or so ago i gave my self a home made tattoo (sewing needle and bottle of ink) and it looks ok, for being home made, but i wanted to get it redone/done over and i was wondering if anyone has given themselves a home made tattoo as well as gotten a real tattoo, and i was wondering which hurt more, i have just about 0 tolerance for pain, but if i learn that the home made tattoo would hurt more, i might get myself a real one. the tattoo is an outlined circle, about 3 inches in diameter, with a lambda inside it (if you get what it is, yes, i'm a dork), and it took maybe around 2 or 3 hours to do it. so, would getting this redone for real by a real tattoo artist hurt more, or less than when i did it myself?


I am moving abroad and need to find a home for my wonderful cat Bella. She has been staying with friends but has not done well living with other pets. She would do best in a home where she is the only animal and can live indoors only. She is very sweet and loves to sit on laps. She also does well when left alone for long periods.. she'll just want some extra lovin' when you get home ;) She is 5 years old, is black with green eyes and a little chunky (who's not these days!?)  but healthy. I will be leaving soon and hope to find her a new family as soon as possible.  

Thank you
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This vs. that

Ok, so, in searching for that ever elusive apartment, I've noticed a difference between some of the places I've looked at.

Baseboard heating


Central electric heating 

What's the difference?
Is one more expensive than the other?
Is one warmer than the other?
or is one for older buildings and the other is for newer?

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I am so curious about these movies but they are so impossible to find. Anyone? To help me get on the right track in finding them to rent would be much appreciated. I tried Google for more information on these and did not have any luck.

The movies are:

Then Came Jack --Director Aidan Tyler
Dancing in Time --Director Nick Graves
This Side of Greece --Director Allison Gil

Thanks! Cheers.

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portland heads!!!  what is faster - qwest dsl or comcast cable?  i currently have comcast's internet but they just DOUBLED the price on me so i'm looking into other options.  it's not the fastest or the best, but is dsl any better?
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A friend of mine was a victim of catalytic converter theft. He is looking for a shop to replace his converter for basically as little as possible.

When mine was stolen(in CA), I paid $160 for twenty minutes of my time to have mine replaced. Toyota, on the other hand, would have required possession of my vehicle for a day and quoted me a little over $900.

I know this has recently happened to some of you and I was hoping you could give me personal accounts of time versus cost for your situation.

Thank you for your time.
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Radiohead is gearing up for a US tour, and once again, Portland gets skipped over. After a summer break to play festivals in the UK, they're pledging to return to the States....and we at 94/7 want them to play the Rose City. But we need YOUR help!

Simply email your name to portlandwantsradiohead@gmail.com

We're hoping to get at least 25,000 emails by the end of the month, so do your part and tell all your friends. Radiohead in Portland...a win-win for both them and us!

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When I was visiting my family in Montana, I discovered the joys of shuffleboard. Not the kind that old people play on cruise ships, but the kind played by drunk people in a bar.

Anyone know of anywhere in PDX (preferably in SE) that has some shuffleboard tables?
EDIT: That you have been to and enjoyed (you snarky fuckers)

fake hair

...specifically, convincing mustaches.
ben nye makeup is a plus.

i've been outta the theatre scene for too long
to really know where to go in the area.

what are the hidden gems and awesome shoppes in pdx?

(yes, my google.fu is weak this night.)

and GO!