January 13th, 2008

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Household Appliance Store?

Does anyone know of a good place in town to shop for large household appliances? Someplace with great prices and good service. Is there anywhere that I should look besides Best Buy and Sears?

In particular I'm looking for a 24" portable dishwasher.

edit: I'm looking for an 18" portable dishwasher.

Thanks for your time!

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Any Portland people familiar with the PSP? Do you know how to do the pandora battery thing? Can you help me? I am trying to downgrade my PSP from version 3.71 so I can play homebrew and PS1 games... Thanks in Advance!
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question about temples and synagogues in portland

i'm moving to portland in a month or so and am interested in finding a congregation to affiliate with, but i'm having some trouble determining which one might be right for me. does anyone have any insight into any of the temples or synagogues around? i'm a lesbian and so am interested in a progressive, open-minded community. i'm a conservative jew, but i don't want to limit myself to conservative congregations.

any thoughts, insight, suggestions, websites i should check out, etc are all appreciated, and thank you in advance.

Kids Ski Schools

I want to start taking my 5-year old daughter out skiing, and I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations about the children's programs at any of the local ski resorts.  Both Meadows and Timberline have similar sounding programs.  Timberline is a little cheaper, but beyond that the websites don't give me much else to base a comparison on.  Has anyone had particularly good or bad experiences with either one?  Thanks!

Bike people and Non-bike people alike.

So about this Critical Mass business....what are your thoughts? How are n00bz treated (if they are treated any differently to begin with)? What is the overall concensus/image of critical mass from both non-bikers and bikers? Obnoxious? Progressive? Stupid? Smart? Just simple good old fashioned willy nilly fun on your bike? Or aggressive, heart pumping madness and chaos?

I am intrigued like a kid looking into the window of a candy shop...or shady van.

[edit] Any recommendations for fun bike groups that meet up which aren't aggressive/asshole-ish about taking on the streets for a day?
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Great happy hour - Bartini

I had a lovely girl's night out this week with a couple of friends. I'd never been to Bartini, over on NW 21st. I haven't been to a happy hour in ages that had good drink specials, but Bartini has half-priced martinis from 4:30 till 6:30. The drink menu is lovely; here's a link to just a few of their selections: http://www.urbanfondue.com/bartini.htm. I tried their lemon drop with a bit of violet essence. Wow. The drink smelled flowery and tasted both sweet and tangy.

Afterwards, off to Cinema 21 for a showing of the movie Grease, with a goodie bag (bubbles, glowlight, dark sunglasses) and lots of loud singing along. Fun stuff!
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Questionable Commercials?

So have you seen/heard any commercials that just make you go, "WTF?" I've had two recently...

1. There's the KFC commercial with a Black mom and her two or there Black kids. No dad in sight. She mentions that she's glad they can enjoy some family together and they proceed to eat fried chicken! Really, KFC? I'm not offended, I just kind of think it's funny. Like, did they think about the message they might be sending?
ETA: Re-enforing of stereotypes is what I was thinking about. Sorry if I wasn't clear.

2. The radio spots for "Identigene". Apparently it seems you can buy a paternity test of sorts at your local Rite-AId. The part that makes me laugh is the woman explaing WHY she wants the test. Something similar to, "My husband always had doubts that our daughter was his. I was always embarrased to admit thiat he had doubts..." Why doesn't she just say what she's REALLY thinking, "10 years ago, I was no better than a common whore. I was married and slept with multiple men. Now, I don't know who the dad is! Rather than go to Jerry Springer, I can now just go down to my local Rite-Aid!"

Sorry, it's Sunday and I'm easily amused.

Restaurant Supply Stores

So with my up coming tax refund check, I'm very interested in putting a couple hundred dollars into my cooking gear. I'd like to go to a restaurant supply store and get some non-fancy, high durability stuff. Things like some cutting boards, 1/2 pan jelly sheets, prep knives, scrapers, tongs, etc.

Does anyone have any experience with the stores in Portland? Inexpensive is more important than customer service.


I keep seeing these stickers around town. It really says "Now is all you have" but I thought this edit I saw was amusing. Anyone know what these stickers are for?

Pie is all you have

EDIT: Apparently it's a band- thanks Google!