January 12th, 2008

oooh, clothes for sale

So, in order to get my room a bit more organized and get rid of stuff I've been hanging onto for way too long and save up a little bit of money so I can get into a new apartment faster, I'm selling some of my clothes.

I've decided to not sell to Buffalo Exchange anymore as they cheat me on the money, and also do not take things that are perfectly in good condition (like the t-shirt I only wore ONCE) but not " the style we're looking for".

So, I say to you, girlie Damnedportlanders, are you interested in looking at pictures and buying clothes from someone whom you've never met? I am five foot five and 140 pounds, to give you a somewhat good estimation of the sizing of the clothes. It's mostly shirts and a skirt and pair of shorts here and there.

(Pictures may take a few days. I have no idea what my boyfriend has done to the computer, but the camera refuses to upload anything onto the computer! *gnashes teeth*)

PS: I'm considering selling my waist cincher, since it's the most expensive item in my wardrobe, but also one of my favorites, so it'd have to be a pretty damned good offer to get me to part with it.
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For all the gamers in Portland

These guys in Indiana are trying to beat Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, and Twilight Princess in 48 hours. You can watch them at http://www.mogulus.com/cb_tv
They're currently some where in Majora's Mask, hoping to get to Wind Waker by 5pm CST

EDIT: Oh, and I'm pretty sure 4chan.org has invaded the chat, if you're looking for an explanation to all the crappy comments/spamming
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Mi-mo-sa in Manhattan

[PSA] A useful number to add to my cell phone....

For those fellow LoSt (Lower Stark)-area residents who lost power for the second time this month, and to other folks in the PGE area who are affected by outages....

I discovered that the PGE's Outages and Emergencies 24-hour numbers (503-464-7777 or 1-800-544-1795) are quite useful. The automated system allows for status checks based on the home phone number, and gives an estimate of when the power will be restored. After experiencing the third or fourth power outage in the past 12 months in my LoSt neighborhood, I decided to program in the PGE outage line number on my cell phone.

Oh yeah, I'm at the office right now. The power's out until around 4:45 p.m. according to their system. Time to go to a bar....(*drinks*)
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So I built Johnny 5 in my basement...

Why would one do this you might ask? To waste two grand and piss off your wife simultaneously? Or perhaps to teach our robotic brethren the joys of disco?

(sound required for full effect)

Actually, I built this robot with the sole intention of molesting that metal statue of mayor Katz.

(Shameless self plug) For more information check out my project page at Trossen Robotics

Portland related because Portland is full of nerds.
Nom nom nom nom

PNW not in the Super Bowl

Well, Green Bay just laid down some whup-ass on the closest thing we have to a local football team. Hats off to a great season from Hasselbeck, Engram, Totupu and the rest of the Seattle crew.

I wish I were a b-ball fan, cuz the Blazers are on FIRE, but I'm just not into it. *Sigh*

shit! forgot the brewers yeast!

i went to 'lets brew' today and got all i needed to make my monthly stout and i frickin forgot to get yeast! i know it should be ok to leave the wort in the carboy(covered) without the yeast but is there anywhere open tomorrow where i can get some liquid brewers yeast?


relax. and enjoy a homebrew.
old man

water shutoff

Anyone else get a note in their door about water being shut off for 16+ hours on the 17th around the NE Prescott neighborhood? Be prepared!
I'm stockpiling a couple gallons of water, mostly so we can flush the toilet (fill the reservoir and down it goes!) and have some drinking water if need be, although I'm just going to drink beer all day...and pee outside.
If the water isn't back on by friday morning there'll be hell to pay...
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Poe and Verne, Ala Beatonna

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YOU WOULD THINK that the twelve square block police blockade between Alberta and Killingsworth and 15th through 12th would be one of the first things to pop up on the Oregonlive page. But ohhhh no, we couldn't have it that easy...
I don't have a TV and I'm not sure where else to look. Does anyone else know what is going on or where I should look for what the hell is going on?

"Tactical team called out in Portland carjacking incident
Posted by The Oregonian January 12, 2008 22:53PM

The city has called out a Special Emergency Reaction Team to assist with a carjacking incident at Northeast Alberta Street and Seventh Avenue, the Portland Police Bureau said.

The suspect is at large in the surrounding area, officials said. No further information was immediately available."

That's a really stupid reason to dispatch twenty-something cop cars. geez.