January 9th, 2008


Warehouse for rent?

There's a lot of artists in this town, many of whom rent warehouse space. I'm a filmmaker in need of some space for sets and whatnot. Is there a good resource out there to find what's available? For rental, mind you, not for sale.
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What's the school?

In Gus Van Sant's "Elephant", he films in a public school somewhere in the "Portland suburbs". While the film is set in a high school, the school itself may be an elementary, middle, or high school.

If you have seen/own the film, you see that it is a very long (and perhaps only a 1 or 2 story) school, with a large grass field. The credits thank "Portland Public Schools" but does not list the name of the school. The school is white and grey from the backside but has some brick on the front. Doors are maroon/red on the outside, and blue on the inside. The hallways are lined in that "fake-wood wall stuff" with black and white floor tiles.

a Metroactive.com's November 2003 review states that it was a "recently abandoned" school.

I have a nagging urge to find out...

Portland related because 1) Gus Van Sant is amazing and 2) It was filmed in Portland and 3) It premiered at an Outside In clinic in Portland...

Thanks DP.
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European goodies?

Anyone know where I can find a selection of European candies, sweets, candy bars, etc, especially German ones, here in the Portland area?

I'm also in need of individual mini-bags of Haribo gummibears (or other brand gummibears) in bulk, like you see at Halloween, if anyone knows where to find some.

(You guys were really awesome last month with my question about candy molds! Thank you!)
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hey DP,

just woke up to find my car broken into and my school bag and ipod (which was in my car) amiss.
most pissed about the school bag- it had my books in it and everything important to my life.

BUT. i need to go to a place that fixes windows and have no idea where to go.


ETA: random biker found my books on the loop bike path in NE by sandy and left them at a random motel desk. i have everything back (minus my bag, some pens, and my ipod- that i could give a shit about) but need to get my window fixed.

also, i grew up in east los angeles and know not to leave anything in my car ever. the only item IN MY CAR was my bag with my ipod in it. leaving shit in your car is stupid. probably especially in my neighborhood. i guess i underestimate the bad in people.
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Moving cross country..

So around Feb 3rd, myself and five friends are driving from Burlingotn, Vermont to Porland. We've all notified our landlords, cut off ties with our jobs, and now we're anxiously waiting departure.

Except the place we were staying fell through.

Ouch. So, we're desperately seeking rooms, whatever you'll give us essentially. We need somewhere to put our stuff so we can ditch the trailer. We'd rather not sleep in our van as well. So is anyone subletting a room or two or three?

Any other living option ideas? We know how difficult it would be to try and get a house to live in before we move out there, like over the internet. I guess we're just stressing because we thought we had a place to stay. We have a destination, but no nest!

Bike-friendly places as well :)

Fellow Jobdango Users

Is anyone else out there using job search engines getting harassed by Evan's Glass in Seattle?!
They've called my house 3 times (but never my cell phone), never left a message or a call-back number, then cussed at my Dad this morning. I had to make my resumes private on every site, much to my chagrin. I'd rather not, but it looks like I have to.

I'm planning on writing them a strongly worded letter if they continue to do this. I'm just curious if anyone else is getting the same shit that I am.
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knitting night at the library?

Who wants to start a knitting group at the Central Library? Just a night, where you can drop in and hang out and knit or crochet or do whatever other crafty thing you feel like doing. Nothing fancy. All the current groups at the library are at odd hours and/or inconvenient branches for me. I like Tuesdays from 6-8 pm. What do you think? Would another night be better? A different time?
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ugh i am so screwed

so my computer totally broke and i shipped it out this week to be fixed, but i don't think it will get it back for at least a few weeks. in the meantime i am using a computer in the psu lab, but it is such a pain in the ass and both my classes require constant logging of my daily activities (weird classes) and it would be awesome to have a computer actually at my apartment. i looked into renting one but psu only rents to grad students and profs and commercial places charge upwards of $175 a week, and i am living (sparsely) on loans as it is...

so..... does anyone happen to have an extra laptop or whatever that you could perhaps loan me for a few weeks? i would take very good care of it, and you can have a $40 macy's card and maybe more if you require more payment/collateral than that. i can cook and stuff!

anyways, i will check back here tomorrow before class. thanks dp...

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Best barber shop near 28th and Burnside, annnnnd GO!

In b4 Google cause it doesn't me no good and CitySearch seems to concentrate on ones on Hawthorne with 2 hour long waits or that are salons. I just need a trim for some interviews that doesn't cost $50.
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Help with Hillary Clinton Proposal, Please?

I posted this in ljdemocrats but i figured I should post it here as well..

I'm writing a proposal request for Hillary to come to speak at Lewis & Clark College (yes, Monica Lewinsky's alma mater). Obama came to Portland last September and won over a lot of people with his gifted speech and rhetoric abilities. As a result, a lot of people at LC have gone Obamad (not an original term, believe it or not).

So I  was wondering if any of you had suggestions on what specifics I should include in the proposal that would help persuade Mrs. Clinton to come to LC? Perhaps things that would make her forget, if only temporarily, any ill-feelings she has towards Monica Lewinsky? (I kid, I kid..) But seriously, pretty please?? 
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I'm looking for recommendations for good Asian grocery stores in Portland, and specifically looking for places that sell durian (or even durian products - frozen w/sticky rice, candies, etc.) and/or pandan leaves. NE preferred, but anywhere in/near the city on a bus line is cool. Thanks!

I am confused about something I have seen on Craigslist:

Well, first off, I think this is what it is referring to:


That is the National Security Agency's fun page, where they teach kids how to make and break secret codes. I have just glanced at it, but it looks interesting.

Okay, so there is our NSA fun...but what the heck does this page have to do with meeting people at the Jefferson theater?