January 7th, 2008

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have your parents ever asked you about your sex life? i mean beyond the please tell me you use protection speech.

my mom asked me who the best lover i ever had was. and previously she asked me if id been with both circumsized and uncircumsized men. she doesnt seem to realize this dirsturbs me.
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My friend wants to know where all the hot black guys hang out in Portland. I guess she used to go to a reggae club, but it has since closed down. She also wouldn't mind hooking up with a Blazer, if anyone knows where they hang out.

creaking floors

Hey all,
does anyone know how to quiet creaky floors? I live in a rental house and my roommate repeatedly wakes me up because she walks back and forth on her super creaky floors in her room. I can hear it in my room. Is there any way I can fix this without making big changes to the floor itself? We have access to the basement where the floor is.

I dunno, get earplugs?
I just don't want to be woken up every morning at 6 to creaking floors.
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Fat friendly Washington County doctors


My wife and I are relatively new to the Portland area, and we are trying to find a general practitioner for her. She is fat, and needs a doctor who will see beyond her size in relation to non weight related health complaints. Are there any fat Washington County residents reading this who might recommend their doctors? We've tried looking at the standard fat friendly doctors web page, but the doctors listed are either in Portland proper or in the Kaiser system.

Thanks in advance!
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Tubing. . . .

I'll be in your fabulous city in just a few days(not nearly soon enough for me *tear*) and I have two kids I promised to take tubing as a part of their x-mass present. Where is the best place to take two kids(7&9 years old. . . . okay and 3 adults too) tubing? I know I can google it but something tells me that every place on the interweb will claim to be the "best". I'd much rather take recommendations from people who've actually gone tubing at these places. The two places that some have recommended to me are Timberline and Government Camp. Anyone prefer one place over the other? I've went to TImberline once and it was in the summer we just did the ski lift and attempted to hike around in the snow, but I"m not going to lie that mountain kicked my ass and was out of breath in less than a hour so I didn't really pay much attention to skiing/tubing stuff they have.

Thanks dp! <3
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Push Button For POPSICLES

The Last Straw

I am seeking recommendations for financial institutions to protect and organize my personal finances.

I have been with Washington Mutual for almost seven years now and I am fed up with their under-the-rug policy changes, random fees, and blatant disregard for state and federal laws and FDIC regulations. Oh yeah, and their lackadaisical response to the theft and illegal use of my debit card information. Today was the final straw when they chose to process CASH which I deposited IN PERSON at one of their branches last week TODAY instead of right then and there when I deposited it, thus causing me to incur two overdraft fees totaling $70. I am tired of fighting with them to protect my rights and privacy and my money. It's not worth it. But I do need a debit card with a Visa or MasterCard logo, a checking account, and online management of my account.

Please help me.

Thank you for your time.

The Intarspywebs...

Thanks to everyone who gave me advice about how to hook up to the Internet! I went with a Qwest basic phone line and AT&T's DSL service because combined, it's still cheaper than using Qwest for everything. Hopefully it'll be up and running soon! Of course, after I signed up with AT&T, I heard that they were among the network giants implicated in a lawsuit over NSA wiretapping. Sigh. Does anyone know how the lawsuit went, or, as is most likely, didn't go? I'm assuming they got off and this is still going on...
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free lunch! but for what price...???

So I got a new job recently, and after getting my business cards printed out, stashed a few in my wallet to show off. I put one in one of those jars (the "Get a free lunch jar) at the Thai Orchid over on Barbur after getting some take-out, and thought nothing of it.

Sure enough, I got a call today at my office from someone with Ameriprise Financial, offering to buy me and 9 other co-workers an all-expenses paid lunch at Thai Orchid. It sounded too good to be true. When I bragged about it to them, they seemed skeptical. Then, they said a representative would give a "brief" presentation for 5 minutes, and then leave us alone.

Has anyone ever done this or heard about it? If so, is there a catch, or is it worth it?

*EDIT* Awesome, thanks for the quick responses!
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Hawthorne Theatre

Has anyone been to the Hawthorne Theatre? If so, what is it like? I've driven past it but I was curious to know what it was like inside? Is there a certain place to sit (stand, whatever) that gets the best sound or is anywhere good?

Also, is there anywhere to park or would it be best to just get a ride from someone. Thanks!
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Refrigerator Advice

So I've decided that it would be way more convenient in my kitchen if the refrigerator door were to open the opposite direction of the way it does right now. Looking at the door for both the bottom and top part, it doesn't look like it should be super difficult to remove them and reattach them on the other side. Does anyone have any experience with doing this? Any words of wisdom? Stupid mistakes that I can easily avoid?

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A strange request

I've got a friend visiting for a while. He's from Wisconsin, and he has been craving fried cheese curds. I have no idea where I would find them, so I come to you DP'rs. Where in Portland might I find these artery clogging treats?

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I posted a different shot that I took that has similar post processing to it, but I also took a night panorama of the city as well just for shits and giggles. I am so sorry that the preview is small as balls, but the image is extremely wide so the aspect ratio sucks. Here is a preview:

But here is the bigger version, be sure to view the full size and slowly scroll way to the right, lol:


People are always warm and seem to welcome my work, and I love sharing it. To everyone in advance, thanks so much for the warm compliments. Not only on this piece, but previous postings. Taking a camera and doing something different than your average snapshot is something that I absolutely love, and it brings great pleasure seeing other people enjoy it as much as I do actually doing it.

Free Gym Membership

So right now Bally Fitness is giving away free 8-week passes. No lie, no joke. Apparently the Discovery Channel is getting into the weight-loss-reality-TV business and is teaming up with Bally. Part of their promotion is this gym thing.

I signed up on the website today and some dude called me back within the hour to set up a meeting. It's for tomorrow at 5pm. I'm positive that it's gonna be the hard-sell meeting. But that's easy enough to get through without spending money.

Link to sign-up form

Link to details

Latex mold kit

Ok, so I got a can of casting resin for christmas a few years ago and I have kept it around for the day I had a project. This day is at hand. However, not being familiar with this particular media, I have no idea where to go to buy a latex mold kit. Or whatever it is I should be using to make a mold that I will use my resin in.

If anyone has this knowledge I would be grateful to hear.

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Dude. A dream girl on craigslist.


messed up girl lookin 4 messed up guy - w4m - 18

Reply to: pers-530947770@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-01-06, 11:34PM PST

hi, im sorta a messed up crazy girl with a lot 'o problems and lookin 4 an older man 2 talk 2 and mauybe control parts of my life. not sure wat im looking for but im very submissive depending on how controling the man is and lookin for something. i'm moving 2 portland in a few weeks and want 2 sorta meet people who r up late at nite because i prety much hate the sun. lol

im lost. sorta have amessed up life. lookin 4 smart controling guys.
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hangin on the telephone

I need a Razr after too close a shave with the washing machine

Greetings group,

The short version: my super-cute and completely forgiven girlfriend accidentally washed my jeans while my silver V3 Razr (the cheap base model) was minding it's own business in the front pocket. It worked after that, but refuses to take a charge via the adapter, and per the AT&T/Cingular store it's time to wave goodbye to it.

So if anyone has an AT&T/Cingular compatible Razr on the cheap, please shoot a message to jaysthename@gmail.com. I'd offer to have you call me, but, well... read the above for clarification.

I'm not exactly rolling in the benjamins (or even the lincolns) at the moment, but I'm not asking for a freebie. Ok, yes I am. BUT if you don't have a freebie, I've still got some cash to throw towards the cause.

Happy Birthday! (Oh wait, that's just my dad today). Well, Happy New Year (belated), and thanks in advance.

&quot;D&quot; is for Dirty...

So Portland, what are YOU listening to this evening?

So, Portland...I ask you:

What are YOU listening to right now?

My recent list of music godliness while writing includes...

1.        Joey ~ Concrete Blond
2.        The Order of Death ~ Public Image Ltd.
3.        Anthem ~ VNV Nation
4.        Jerry Was a Race Car Driver ~ Primus
5.        3 Strange Days ~ School of Fish
6.        Hazy Shade of Winter ~The Bangles
7.        Driven Like the Snow ~ The Sisters of Mercy
8.        Kingdom Calling ~ Bauhaus
9.        Don’t Drink the Water ~ DMB
10.     Strong ~ The Velvet Chain
11.     Slither ~ Velvet Revolver
12.     Halo ~ Depeche Mode
13.     Pepper ~ Butthole Surfers
14.     Heroin ~ The Velvet Underground
15.     Something in the Way ~ Nirvana
16.     Maps ~ Yeah Yeah Yeah’s
17.     Out to get You ~ James
18.     Somewhere Out There ~ Our Lady peace
19.     The Sweetest Drop ~ Peter Murphy
20.     Rainy Day Women ~ Bob Dylan
21.     Everything’s Gonna Be Alright ~ Bob Marley
22.     Headlock ~ Imogen Heap
23.     Black ~ Pearl Jam
24.     Say Hello to Heaven ~ Temple of the Dog
For the most part, my ‘tunes went on a “Please-slit-my-wrist-I-want-to-die” kick! Wow, that’s a hell of a dark list…I like it.

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I love,love,love these guys

Hey Portland, go see this band!!! They are called the everybodyfields and they hail from my hometown of Johnson City,TN..their music page can be found at www.myspace.com/theeverybodyfields

Here are the dates they will be in town.

Feb 15 2008 7:30P
Live Wire! @ the Aladdin Theater Portland, Oregon
Feb 17 2008 8:00P
Great Northwest Music Tour: Kennedy School Portland, Oregon

Seriously, go see these very talented people.

Charlize Theron in Portland?

So I heard that a movie is being shot in Portland that stars Charlize Theron.  Better yet, today apparently she was shooting a nude scene near the Broadway Bridge.  Anyone know what this is all about?  The movie and specifics as to who is in it, where it's shooting, and what room at the Heathman Charlize is staying in.  Kidding on that last one although in the past when celebrities come to town, they tend to stay at the Heathman.  Any info, or better yet pictures, would be great.
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The banality of evil: Public transit edition

A few days ago, while I was riding the MAX home from work, a young couple got on the train.

Collapse )

It does bring up a few gender issues: Would we be more quick to get involved if it were a man saying such hurtful things to a woman? And why did I feel the need to think that this man didn't deserve such abuse, "even allowing that this guy might have done something wrong"? Wouldn't we assume that a woman receiving such abuse was blameless for it? Why this double standard? Are men supposedly more deserving of abuse, or less affected by it? Or are they supposed to be more able to take care of themselves?

But mostly it just made me want to be better than that. (I'm quite certain that, whatever wrongs I've done in the past, I've never done anything so mean or so bad as this, and if I do, I hope you'll beat my ass. Or the ass of anyone else you know who acts that way.)