January 3rd, 2008

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the post on working under the table while on disabilities has been deleted but i wanted the info to get to the right person.

I was wrong so I called my mother to find out exactly what the options were and to see if I was wrong in my statements. I'm sorry and here is what she told me.

I talked to my mother this morning (Who works for Seniors and People with Disabilities, a state agency that does what it sounds like) and she said the only person you are hurting by working under the table is your self you are using money you put into SS. She told me that when you are on disability you have 9 months of time that you can work legally. Having restrictions is doable. Working with Voc Rehab to find a job that is ok with multiple restrictions and what not is completely ok you do what you feel able. Also there are Temp Agencies that also work with people with disabilities.
I worked for Galt Foundation off and on for 7 years. They mainly do office work but it ranges from filing to high end executive assistants and whatever in between. They are aware that people have limits and what not. Now the 9 months is not in a calendar year it's actually work hours equivalent to 9 months so if you work 2 hours a week you will have years before you exhaust that. She also said that the more you work and earn in that time frame the better you are because that money goes towards your SSDI that you are
already drawing from so working legally is actually better for you. Her other concern is that if you get re-injured while working under the table you are pretty much screwed as you don't have as many recourses such as Workman's compensation and whatnot. She suggested you call Social Security and find out what your options are.
I wish you good luck and if you need anymore info on temp services that work with people with disabilities feel free to ask me since I've worked for 2 since 1999.

mechanic in SW?

I was hoping you lovely folks cold help me out with this My truck ('97 f150) is having some mechanical issues. There is definitely something going wrong with the transmission, and it feels like there are some other areas being affected as well. It's gone beyond my scope of ability to repair, so I was hoping that maybe you guys could recommend me an honest and efficient mechanic in the SW/Garden Home area (I could probably manage Tigard too).

Thank you all.

where can i buy my absinthe?

(since i am a fan of the green fairy and figured there may be some others on here....)

since i just noticed absinthe is now legal in the us.... i was wondering if anyone knows where i can buy it in OR?

here is a bit of the info i got and where i got it from!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007 - Earlier this year, a lone Washington, D.C., lawyer took on the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau in an attempt to lift the ban. After some legal wrangling, the agency agreed - with some limits.
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I'm not affiliated, just knew you'd have a field day. Drink.

Vegan Mini-Mall Grand Opening Party
When: Sunday, January 6th, 2008, 1pm onwards
Where: SE Stark and 12th, Portland

Join us as we celebrate the official grand opening of Portland’s own Vegan Mini-Mall! Come down and visit Sweetpea Baking Company, Herbivore, Food Fight, and Scapegoat Tattoo. While you’re checking out our new digs, take in some live music by Cars and Trains, Superbad and Rough Chukar (music starts about 6 pm) and eat yourself silly. Herbivore will have food samples from the cookbook they just published, Yellow Rose Recipes by Joann Vaught (food at 3 pm), and Sweetpea will be up and running with the deliciousness you’ve come to expect, plus a whole bunch of new menu items. Stock up on your groceries here (and hit up the Blossoming Lotus soft-serve machine we'll have going) while you bust out a karaoke song or two (maybe), and book your next tattoo appointment at Scapegoat.

Looking for a Little Golden Bundle of Joy.

My co-worker is looking for a Golden Retriever puppy for her epileptic little brother.  Her brother lives down in Eugene, but her mom is willing to travel to almost anywhere in Oregon or Washington to get him this puppy. Their hopes are that the dog will relieve some of the stress in his life and hopefully be able to alert him BEFORE he has a siezure. Anyone have any suggestions on a breeder or a rescue shelter or something?  
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Rose City Clinic?

So my therapist and I agreed that I need to speak to someone about temporarily going on SSRIs (a nurse practitioner, etc). She gave me the name of two places. The first doesn't take the non-insured (our insurance kicks in Feb 1), the second, "Rose City Clinic" on 82nd and Sandy, I cannot find a listing for. The only thing called that is on NE Alameda and is for internal medicine.

Does anyone know the correct name? Or, alternatively, can give me a recc for someone I can see who I can pay cash to before our insurance kicks in?

I really, really appreciate it.

hair help

Ok folks I am in need of dieing my hair. I want to die my hair back to my natural color. Which is very dark brown but I don't damage my hair. I am used to get it done at a salon. But momma is broke these days. What is the best hair coloring product??