January 2nd, 2008

Nikon D200

LOST IPOD [Oregon City Shopping Center; Bus 32 to Oatfield at 06:45am]

Ok gang...this is a long shot, I know, but...

I lost my ipod this morning at the Oregon City Shopping Center bus stop waiting for bus 32 [OATFIELD] at 06:45am

30 gig IPOD with a black case.
Name listed on ipod when you hook it up is: ANTI-HERO.
It has about 9gig free on it and has my photo portfolio as well...

Like I said...this is a long shot

It seems to have come undone from the headphones and I didn't notice until about a half mile down the road. I went back to see if I could find it, but alas, it was not there.

If anyone happens across it...well, please return and I'll give you a reward.

Here's hoping for the longshot.....

"When the going gets dark..."
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Free Magazines For Cat Owners !!

Yep, it's that time again. Space is precious as always at chez xeno-varro and I'm moving stuff on out.

I have nearly all the 2005 & 2006 CATNIP Magazines. They're in good shape, give or take a few dings and creases.

For those not in the know, CATNIP is put out every month by the Tufts Veterinary School. Though they are slim magazines they have no ads, and are chock full of vet info, ratings for cat products, cute stories about the readers' own cats, and lots and lots of (B&W) photos. They are even 3-hole punched so you can store them in a binder if you want

They are yours for free if you would like to come pick them up some time soon. Come 1/8/08, they get recycled.

If I get more than one interested party, I will split up the lots accordingly.

Thanks !

linger, i.e.

so, in your honest and personal opinion(s), where does a clueless boy go to get the GF underthings that are:

* sexy
* comfortable
* well-made

she already told me VS is a no. FoH is a no, too. eww. personally, i'd be happy if she dressed like Ripley in the Aliens wake up scene (plain and grey), but sometimes one needs lace. or leather.
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pop quiz, what to see and do in portland during four days in january?

Dear kind people of DP, an out-of towner from the South (cue sad noise) seeks your help. Portland is one of several places my wife and I are considering for our escape from the bible belt as she finishes medical school, and we're making a pilgrimage out there this month to explore while she interviews.

If you had four days to show the coolest things about living in Portland to someone, what would that itinerary look like?

We want to try to avoid more "touristy" things and focus as much as possible on what it's actually like to live in the area from day to day (so most-amazing-expensive-restaurant might be neat, but most-amazing-cheap-eats and best-grocery-store would be cooler). In short, we're sort of looking for a list like this one from Seattle which we discovered last year.

We will be staying at the Jupter Hotel and will have a rental car at our disposal, but also want to try to use transit several times to see what it's like. Also despite our point of origin we both have a NYC level tolerance for what we consider "walkable" distances (but aren't really into bikes). We have yet to learn all about Portland's neighborhoods, but ideally we might wanna live near OHSU (if that's not crazy).

Thanks very much in advance for any of your recommendations, impressions, anecdotes, warnings, or jeers.

*happy zero eight*


Anyone know of a good mechanic with reasonable prices between SW and Hillsboro who can help me with a suspected electrical problem on my car? Hopefully today or by early tomorrow. I called the dealership I usually go to and they are booked up until tomorrow or Friday.

I noticed the driver side headlight went out on my car New Years Eve, but only just barely before it started to get dark. I went and bought a new bulb at Schucks and had them help me install it but it's still not working. If I didn't use my car for my job and my employers weren't absolutely adamant that I get it fixed before I can work it wouldn't be such a big deal. But I've already missed one day of work and It kind of sucks. And also hindering my ability to find something is my inability to research and look places up because my computer iz ded for the moment and every place I tried to call was closed yesterday.

I'll be back to check on stuff from the library. Plz and thx.
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Housing hints?

Greetings, and Happy New Year, if you celebrate that kind of stuff!

I'm turning to you for some rental advice. I've seen posts in the past asking where to go to find places, but can't seem to track those down. I just wanted to put the word out that I'm looking for a 5+ bedroom house, and ask for some advice about where to look other than CL or oregonlive.com. And, if you know of a place like this that's available soon, so much the better.

So, where do I look?

Poe and Verne, Ala Beatonna

(no subject)

Hey-o greater Portland!

Last night a very sweet, docile, elderly pup wandered into our yard. She's extraordinarily gentle and very good around humans. She has no tags or collar and appears lost. We'd like to either find the owner or a good home for her to go before we take her to animal control. I'm also a little scared to take her to animal control as it sounds like she has some lung problems and if anything, we don't want her to be euthanized for something that can be treated.
Also, does anyone know of a local shelter that accepts dogs that haven't gone through animal control first? The Humane Society won't and all the other places I've looked at seem already full or won't take strays. Any ideas? Any responsible someone looking for a companion?

Much thanks,

EDIT: Okay, so we took her to the vet, and scanned her and Hurrah! She has a chip!. So, we called the chip company, who called the owner, who didn't pick up. So the company left a message and called the secondary number, who said they would call the owner who would then call us. We were really excited, but then, this was about five hours ago. Still no call. But now we know her name is Kia (I'm really hoping it's not after the car.) I think we'll keep her another night, call again, and if nothing happens, then what?

Internet Woes!

Arg! Okay, I'm confused and maybe stupid. I need help figuring out how to get internet to my apartment through a Qwest phone line. I'd rather not buy Qwest DSL if possible, because I think I can get it cheaper, but how?? What other internet providers will hook me up with a DSL or regular modem at less than the cost of Qwest DSL? Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks!

Workin Hard for the Money

At least, I wish I was.

So, whilist trying to find a decent job on craigslist, I got to thinking and it pains me to ask:

Bank teller jobs.

What do they usually pay? Do they pay more for more education?
Can they be flexible with hours for part-timers?
Good experience being a bank teller?
Bad experiences?

I really don't want to go back to customer service. However, I still have about a year to go until I get my Master's and I need money to live. I'll be in Vantucky twice a week for some of my clinical work, but it's only noon to 4:30 two days a week, but I don't mind staying close to NW either.

Halp, oh oracle?
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looking for an apt -- can anyone out there help?

February 1st move-in, studio apartment in close-in SE (97214 ideal).

Big plusses are independent landlords/owners, vintage space, laundry nearby or in the building, 2nd floor+, bright and around 400sf -- none of these things are requirements, though.  No need for parking, a dishwasher or any of that.

$700 max per month, and must be friendly towards my sweet adult cat.
I have a steady, professional job and am ready to secure something right away!

Tomorrow I get to walk around in the rain and look for "for rent" signs.  Awesome.  Emergen-C, here I come!  ;)
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Salon hunt cont...

What do YOU think is the best salon in Portland? I miss my place in Denver (http://www.indiesix.com/) and I hope to find something similar to it.

I have no problem driving for a great cut and color. Also, if there is a link to another post about this let me know. The last post about a salon search was for Hillsboro/Beaverton and it didn't seem to promising for suggestions.

***edit*** Have any of you had your hair done at Bliss?
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The one independent bookstore where you can buy my book

Adventures Underground is an independent bookstore in the Tri-Cities that specializes in new and used books.

As of today, it's also the place to get your copy of my first novel "Trompe L'oeil."

"Trompe L'oeil" is the story of five friends and the Yoko Ono who comes between them. It's a love story about a boy who meets a girl, but can't pull his head out of a cup of coffee in order to pursue the girl.

My last post about the e-book Amazon edition of my book raised some hairs. So if you're into supporting the small independent bookstore scene, please buy my book from Adventures Underground.

Here's the link:


Thanks, and good reading!

Dannybear is sad

Why am I sad?

*gazes down at shoes*

Because my feet are soggy and wet. This makes for a most unsatisfactory work day. My customer service for hotel patrons is tarnished by the invasive H20 so gifted to me by the rain. I walk 3 miles a day to work and I love zoning out to my jamz and taking in the lovely sights of Irvington, but sadly my Diesel and Puma shoes can't survive this rain anymore. I got the Columbia Sportswear water resistent jacket down, but my feet are drowning :(

This is the mission:
My rent was reduced by 100 bucks so I got some spare change coming my way. What kind of shoes do you reccomend for the soggy and puddle laden foot commute that I make each day? Helpful and water resisten tips would be great! Oh and consider the mud too!

Much love,

Looking for a roomie!

Hey everyone,

are any of you of the 20 year old area moving to Olympia? I am looking for a housing buddy, I have a lead on a home on west oly. http://seattle.craigslist.org/oly/apa/526129542.html

I haven't seen pics of it yet, but it's a location I would love to be in. but I can't make all that rent on my own being a earthy evergreen student! I have a border collie I'd love to drag up orth with me as well as a fish tank and two african violets. Really I have a bathroom set, lots of kitchen supplies and bedroom stuff but I haven't any living room/dinningroom stuff so bring it on up! I'm laid back, one of those neo-hippies or something along those lines, very concious buyer and big on recycling. I'm very much into the organic locally grown foods and I hate Wal-Mart. I alos love to bake cookies around midnightish and I have lots of practice coming home quitely late at night, so no rude awakenings. :D I'm chill, quite and willing to share things, thoughts, books, foods, space!

Give me a hollar if this sounds good to you! I need you within the next few days. Yicks! I know early huh? With rent and stuff I'd say pretty much fifty/fifty, co-lease with me, only big thing is if you get the master suit you pay higher rent, that's about it.
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(no subject)

hey lovelies.

i'm looking for someone to sublet my room for part of february! it's a pretty awesome room: $50 per week! near alberta/15th! nice roomies! we have tons of room for storage, too, so if you're transitioning from one place to another, you can bring all your stuff with you!

if you're interested, email me at omg.kittens@gmail.com. <3
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Almost Swerved Off the Road!!

So I was driving northbound on SE MacLaughlin/99e, and just as I was coming off the overpass (just south of Hawthorne), and I saw a billboard that caught my eye.

On a blue background, an airline attendant is smiling at all of us driving by, with a caption similar to "Find your new life in Seoul! Fly Oceanic Air!"

I don't know how many other people out there are waiting for January 31, but I certainly am.

Also on the sign was a URL: http://www.flyoceanicair.com/


For those of you who don't have easy access to drive by the scene, someone got a snap of it up on:



Any recommendations for an excellent plumber? We need the whole house re-plumbed with copper pipes. We've already talked to River City.

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So, I haven't gotton any mail in 2 weeks. No bills, no junk mail....nothing.

I know, nobody loves me.

I figure there are a couple of possible reasons....either someone is holding my mail at the post office (by mistake or on purpose to be an asshole)....or someone forwarded my mail (by accident or to steal my mail because it's really easy to forward someone's mail to a different address)....

I plan on going to the post office tomorrow to figure out what's going on, but what can I expect? Can they see where my mail has been forwarded to if in fact it has?? I have photo ID and all that jazz and i'll take some mail with my current address on it...i'm just freaked out someone's stealing my identity....

I checked out the USPS website, when you forward your mail you should get a letter at the old address saying it's been forwarded, which I have not gotton.....

To be safe online I went ahead and put in to forward my mail here to my grandma's house in Vancouver for the time being, which I guess is sort of paranoid but eh.

ideas? Has this happened to anyone?

** I live in a secure building with secure boxes, i'm the only one with a key to my box that i know of **


My fiance and I are getting married in either March or April and are planning our honeymoon.  We want to go somewhere insanely beautiful for a week, preferably with a beach and sunshine and somewhere other than the states (not required).  We're not rich by any means, so we want to find a great deal.  This is a random question, but so many of you seem to have traveled pretty extensively.  Have you ever been somewhere that would be perfect for a honeymoon?  Have any ideas of where to find these amazing deals we want?  If you could have your honeymoon anywhere, where would it be?  Thanks in advance! 

edit:  Oh, and we're queer if that matters - we don't care about going somewhere specifically queer-friendly, but don't want to go somewhere where we'll get beat up :).
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flowers on the cheap?

so i'm throwing a party and i think i might want to buy some fresh flowers. i might be buying a lot, so i want to do it on the cheap. are there any places here you all would suggest for buying large amounts of flowers for small amounts of money around this here town?

also, dry cleaning recommendations, especially in se? i've lived here awhile, but i haven't needed dry cleaners and i want to find some place that will take good care of my clothes, especially vintage items.
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Hi all-

Wondering if anyone here is a part of any of the PDX dragonboating teams? It seems like a lot of fun, but I don't know anyone who has tried it before, and I've never seen a race in person. One of the teams is having a meeting this weekend, and I'm trying to decide whether or not this is something I might want to commit to.


Thanks DP!

who gets real mail anymore?!

I pose this question to the all wise that are DamnPortlanders...
Like many of you I live in an Apartment Complex, where the mail is delivered to a general mail box cluster that is neither convenient nor secure. I check this mail box maybe once every other month and it usually consists of 85% other peoples mail and 15% junk. I've gotten a marriage license and other assorted very personal mail. So, I decided to ebill everything and use a PO Box for my "main" address...
So with that my question is if I were to get summands for jury duty or subpoena to court for something and the letters where sent to my "residence" the Apartment Complex, as instructed by the DMV, and I missed the date am I at fault?
Is there a law that says I must check the mail at the place where I live?