December 31st, 2007



So, is anyone else going to the Wonder Ballroom for New Year's Eve tonight? It sounds like it will be really awesome! I'm going with a group of friends, in costume. :)

Yoga Mats

Where in the downtown area can I find yoga mats that are not bright purple and hideous? I'm totally willing to pay extra for ones that come in pretty colors, because I'm superficial like that.

Nikon D200

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 So, since moving here I've wanted to hit up the "Portland Underground" tours. Unfortunately, at the time, my schedule released me from work after 7pm, but now I'm out at 430pm.

In so much as I really enjoy [from time to time] going out alone, this tour is something I would like to do with a group of people. See the tour, and then maybe drinks and dinner with everyone that joins after.

So, with that in mind, does anyone want to hit up the "Portland Underground" tours or the "Haunted" version of the tour? I was thinking, since they need reservation notice, maybe on Thursday or Friday [Jan 3rd / 4th]


business trip to Madras

So, I'm going on another business trip - this time to Madras.  I'm thinking I might stay in Bend even though it's a bit away, but it seems much nicer.  Have any of you spent time in Bend (or Madras)?  Is there a hotel you'd recommend?  Places I should check out?  Fun to be had?  Thanks in advance!  (Oh, and I'm heading back to Pendleton/Umatilla and Coos Bay, so if there's more for me to know about these places, I'd love that info, too).  Happy New Year's Eve! 
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Camper Van Tickets

I have 2 tickets to Camper and Cracker tonight at the Doug Fir, and unfortunately both my wife and I are sick as dogs. Anyone want to take the tickets off our hands? Best offer takes em!

BTW, we're out in Bethany, and not leaving the house, so you'll need to come get the tickets.


From The New York Times

New Year’s Eve

Published: December 31, 2007

At midnight tonight, the horses on this farm will age a year. That is the custom — every horse has the same birthday, Jan. 1. Like all things calendrical, this is a human convention. When it comes to equine conventions, I know enough to notice some of the simpler forms of precedence: who goes first through a gate, who gets to the grain feeder ahead of the others. But I can report that the horses make no fuss about their common birthday or the coming of the new year. Tonight, like any other, they will be standing, dozing on their feet, ears tipping back and forth at the slightest of sounds.

There is something deeply gratifying about joining the horses in their pasture a few minutes before the clock strikes 12 on New Year’s Eve. What makes the night exceptional, in their eyes and mine, is my presence among them, not the lapsing of an old year.

It’s worth standing out in the snow just to savor the anticlimax of midnight, just to acknowledge that out of the tens of millions of species on this planet, only one bothers to celebrate not the passing of time, but the way it has chosen to mark the passing of time. I remember the resolutions I made when I was younger. I find myself thinking that one way to describe nature is a realm where resolutions have no meaning.

It’s not that time isn’t passing or that the night doesn’t show it. The stars are wheeling around Polaris, and the sugar maples that frame the pasture are laying down another cellular increment in their annual rings. The geese stir in the poultry yard. A hemlock sheds its snow. No two nights are ever the same.

I always wonder what it would be like to belong to a species — just for a while — that isn’t so busy indexing its life, that lives wholly within the single long strand of its being. I will never have even an idea of what that’s like.

I know because when I stand among the horses tonight, I will feel a change once midnight has come. Some need will have vanished, and I will walk back to the house — lights burning, smoke coming from the wood stove — as if something had been accomplished, some episode closed.

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(no subject) mom decided as a new years gift shes cutting me off financially. ill be about 300 short every month now. i have been looking for a job since february. most of my experience is in food service but id like to avoid more of that if possible. im a psychology student. i need something on the bus line. im good at cashiering. i can do many other things. but obvously im in school part time too. anyone know of anything? yes ive been checking craigslist and sending out lots of resumes.
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Do you guys go dancing often, at all?  I am thinking mainly latin dances, like salsa etc....
Do you have any suggestions about what are the best places in Portland for dancing?

I am hoping to dance, a lot, this incoming (wham!!) year! 


Lines thru my monitor

I am in need of a computer savvy DP'er....I have a notebook computer that recently developed thin lines running vertically thru my monitor. They don't seem to affect the performance of my computer but they are rather irritating. I have no idea how to get rid of them. Help!