December 29th, 2007

Woo Hoo! The BLAZERS are ON again!

A really cool thing happened tonight... The Blazers beat the Minnesota Timberwolves and won their 12th game and I was there to witness it with meisterdorf 
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How FUN! It was a CHALUPA night too! (I wonder how much Taco Bell winds up paying in advertising to give all those away.) Then we went and checked out the newly renovated and GORGEOUS Grand Central Bowl. WOW... Talk about seeing how "the other half" lives... !! Then we went to Hollywood Bowl and bowled really crappy, but had a lot of fun anyway.
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Help Wanted

Small European restaurant, close-in SE, looking for
PT server
PT cook
PT pastry chef
Wanted immediately, pay DOE.  All the standards: good work ethic, reliable, plays well with others, etc.  Laid-back is cool when things are slow - and we certainly have times like that - but when the guests just keep rolling in we need someone who can step up their game.  
Interested?  Send email of interest/resume to dd.sunset at yahoo. 

Edit: fwiw, I am not an employee/employer at said restaurant but  posting this for a friend.  That said, I can try to answer any questions you have, but if you're serious you might be better off just sending them to the manager...
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Street number theory

I'm a little ashamed to ask this, since I used to be a downtown guide, but is there a rhyme or reason to the way street numbering is done in Portland, regarding Even and Odd Address numbers?

Are all odd numbered addresses on the East and South sides of their respective streets, or is that just true in certain parts of town?
I guess I'm wondering if there's any hard and fast universal rules on this.

I'm using Google's "Street Look" function, and it only estimates the address, and doesn't base that on whether you're "looking" north or south (or, presumably East or West).
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Friends Needed

As most of you that read my post the other day, I am soon going to be a new comer to portland, this being so I will know very few people (around 2 in total). Id love to get the chance to meet new people and hopefully make some good friends.

I love:
random adventures
staying up all night
taking pictures
learning about anything new
skating (skateboard)
Body modification
Just about anything Japanese
and a ton of other stuff.

I need friend volunteers or suggestions on good places to meet rad people.

Wireless Toys--24th and NE Sandy

Dear DP:

Does anyone live close enough to Wireless Toyz to pop in and get the phone number? Would you please, if you do? The published number is disconnected. I got great service there a couple of weeks ago and the owner said they changed the number, but I think the number on his card was the old one. I'd love to ask him some questions, but haven't been able to track down the new number. Thanks for any help.


apm portland

Does anyone live in the apartments ran by apm management? They seem like good prices in good parts of town. I'm not really a picky person, as long as they fix things generally and my car doesn't get robbed repeatedly. Any thoughts?
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(no subject)

is there a sushi place in downtown portland that also serves regular seafood? i have two friends coming from out of town who want sushi, but i am NOT a sushi person. however, i love cooked seafood. any suggestions? (we don't want to spend $30/person either.)

Tugboat Brewing closed for tonight...

Hey everyone,

I know I've been talking up the Tugboat a lot recently, and I'd normally be bartending tonight, but I'm feeling awfully sick right now.  I won't bore you with the details.  I just called the owners and they can't cover my shift for me, and they gave me the ok to close it down for the night.

I'd just hate for some of you Damn Portlander types to come down, and find that it's all closed up for the night.
So, I thought I'd post it here.  Gonna be closed on Monday too, for New Years Eve, so i can go out and get my groove on (assuming I'm all better by then).

BTW, Bailey's Taproom, across the street, has a plentitude of tasty brews though, and the owner Geoff, totally kicks ass, so if you're gonna be in that part of town, I'd recommend dropping in there instead.

Ugh.  I hate feeling sick.

(no subject)

Hello Portlanders of the Damned.

Are there any places in Portland to buy (not rent) obscure videos/DVDs in Portland? I usually buy movies online, so I'm not too knowledgeable. I need a copy of the Munsters TV series and any of the Munster movies that were made. Your best bet is better than mine. :]

I'm still alive

Someone just alerted me to the fact that there is more talk about my situation. I read your comments, now here is my answer to those who are disinclined to believe my plight (oops, sorry, forgot to dumb down for certain members) who don't believe me:  I haven't posted or answered comments because I haven't wanted to talk about it anymore. Hopefully the whole shitty episode is over and I am moving on with my extremely busy life.  I do have a Stalking Order. Look it up. It's public record. Filed on December 18. I will not confirm on LJ who the person is that the order is against. FOAD if you don't believe me.

I'll try to be at the next meetup so I can give you all kisses.

Fire away!
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So, I'm curious what experiences any of you guys have had with dating on Craigslist. I've only met one guy off of there and we dated for more than a month. Didn't work out, but not because of CL; just other stuff. I was the one who posted and he responded to my ad. I've had a couple of friends lately who knew I met someone fun on CL have tried it out themselves. One date for them each so far, so too soon to tell.

What about any DPers out there? Whether you were posting to platonic, dating, or casual encounters. Good, Bad, Ugly?
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Why is it so hard to...[my complaint for the night]

Why is it so hard to...

1: Find a really cool apartment that doesn't cost an atrocious amount that leaves my wallet barren like the Salt Flats?
2: Find some really cool people to hang out with on a regular basis?
3: Find a really cool woman that I'm toally into [and vice-versa] that I want to date?

Really, Portland, are these three things really that difficult to find?
Am I looking in the wrong place[s]?

I have met a few people here...some really cool people...that I do hang out with. It's just that the hanging out isn't as much of a "regular" thing yet. I mean, I have plans tonight...but going from the guy that everyone came to for weekend plans and going out to having to find something to do is just different. Frustrating, and difficult sometimes.

Lime Nuprin...
Little. Yellow. Different.

The apartment thing...? I spent ALL day looking at apartments...And most weren't open! How the hell...WHAT the hell? MOST people have normal jobs and most people do apartment looking on the why the hell would a complex not be open on a Saturday to show the property? And most were tiny [like 600 sqft tiny] and the leasing company still wanted $800/month Or they were 900-1100 sqft and still $800/month or better, which I don't mind the latter if the apartment is BIG and the same price but there seems to be no middle ground...

Most of the women I've met are either married, engaged, or so far into the organic/vegetarian lifestyle that they wouldn't look twice at a meat-eater like myself...not to mention, I'm a little on the hefty side. But really, should it matter?

Why the noticible push against me Portland? It's not cool!
I didn't do anything to you except move here...


Posted to DP because, well, it's Portland related in a way and I felt like ranting.

My newest image of Portland

I got a little crazy with this one. I have been experimenting with panoramic shots and I wanted to do something a little intense. I set out to the east bank of Portland so I could set up looking at the skyline.

Here are some fun facts about my shot:

The original image is capable of being printed out at 2ft by 14ft and has a total resolution of 194.4 megapixels. The panorama was put together with 90 vertical shots and stitched together. The file size of the original TIFF is ~4GB in size. It took my computer around 4 hours total to process the stitching and apply post processing to the image. These facts are only AFTER the composition was cropped to keep unneeded pixels and real estate in the image. That means that all of the photos taken represented 540 megapixels before I axed a lot of stuff out of it.

This image will have to be viewed in full size in order to appreciate the details and overall composition. I can't post the scaled down version here being that it is 6765×915 pixels, or 6.2MP which is the native resolution of my camera. If anyone would like to view it, you can find it here:
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Apartment Complex Comparisson

Ahoy PDXers. I'll keep it brief, since I know you like it that way. :)

My boyfriend and I are moving to Portland in June '08. We've both got work and need to find an apartment. Minimum one bedroom, near public transportation, under $1,000 a month, and happy with an adult cat [prefer a place that pays some utilites, but ok if not].

We're visiting the area in February to look at apartment complexes that we have found online that grab our interest. Before the trip, I'd be uber happy to get your opinions on the digs (past experiences with company, neighborhood good/bad ... etc.)

So, what's the dish?

1) The Yards at Union Station (815 NW Naito Pkwy.)
2) Lovejoy Station (1040 NW 10th Ave)
3) Park Plaza Apartments (1969 SW Park Ave)
4) The Village at Lovejoy Fountain (245 SW Lincoln St)
5) Buckman Terrace Apartments (303 NE 16th Ave.)

Thanks in advance for your help. :)
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(no subject)

my hamster has a big scab on her tail. not sure how she got it. it there anything i should be doing to help it heal and prevent infection? figured many of you own pets and might know. i would have disinfected but didnt want to put something on it that would poison her if she licked it.
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Special FX Hair Dye in Portland

Anyone know where I can pick up some hair dye in bright colors (candy apple red, bright blue, etc.) such as the brand Special FX here in Portland?

I was going to order it online, but my preferred site is out of stock. Any web suggestions would be welcome as well.

(no subject)

I'm in the market for a cheap mandolin. I don't know how to play, so I would like to get one to learn/mess around on. Nothing too serious. I'd prefer used. Any ideas on where to procure one?