December 28th, 2007


pooter issues

Does anyone have an iBook G4 battery I could borrow for an hour or two?

My mac has gone all crazy and started shutting off when the computer says it has battery left and the battery says it has charge left. So before I spend money I don't have on a new battery I want to make sure that is the problem and not something else.

Anyone, anyone? I'll buy you coffee!
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All good things must come to an end

So after Jan 1st my company is no longer offering the screaming deal on health club memberships to the club I currently go to. They have another plan that discounts the membership at other clubs and Club Sport is one I might be interested it. However I'd like to avoid talking to any membership-salesmen before I absolutely have to.

Does anyone have any experience with Club Sport, and know how much a single membership monthly fee is?


Electricity Bill

What's everyone paying for electricity every month? I thought $200 for the month of October was bad, but November's bill is an absurd $240, and it's just me and my roommate living in a little 2-bedroom apartment. We set up the heater so it only comes on for an hour in the morning and an hour at night, we turn off the lights when we leave, unplug things when not in use, only use the dishwasher when it's full, etc. So why is the bill so high?? And what else could we do to lower the costs? I know it's naturally higher in the winter but it's never been this bad before.

On a different note, I just bought some bagels from Whole Foods made by Gabriel's Bakery, and they're the most delicious bagels I've tasted in my entire life. Try them!!

Selling a great little camper.

So I bought this camper to take a road trip to Mexico to help my dad build a house... 2 months later I'm still in Portland. The Camper ended up being too heavy for my little truck to haul. I can't take it to Mexico, so I'm selling it for gas money!

A little more to the story... I love this thing, I have been living in it since I bought it and honestly, I'm sad to have to part with it. If only it had been a little smaller! It's really warm, and there is more room that one would need. Lots of storage, too.

This is my craigslist ad.

Check it out, and spread the word.

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Sauvie Island Bridge Installation

So they finally got around to moving the new Sauvie Island bridge span into place after about four false starts over the last month.  Unfortunately, I was out of town and didn't get home today until after the bridge had already floated down the Willamette and the Multnomah Channel.  But I was able to snap some photos of the bridge span being placed from my front yard and from further down my street.  Here are a few shots, the rest can be viewed here.

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Wanted: Ultra Awesome Foreign-Language Songs!

So I posted this in my personal journal, but didn't get a whole lot of responses...

I'm finally trying to get together my multi-cultural CD, which I previously had all nice and planned out in my head, but now not so much. I can't seem to remember half the songs I was going to put on there!

These are the languages I've got covered so far:


Oh, and please give me specific song titles, not just bands! I'm sure all their songs are awesome, but I am pressed for time and thus can't download everything they've done. Also plz no more Pink Martini, they've already got three of the aforementioned languages covered. :)
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Remember me?

Some of you may remember me from about a month-ish ago when I was looking for rings to pop the question to my girlfriend in New York. I got a lot of helpful suggestions on the subject, and in the end, I found the best ring I could that meant the most.

So I flew in this morning, and she's getting ready to go out to lunch now. I was going to propose tonight, but all my emotions floooded out of me this morning as we were relaxing in bed, and I did it.

And she said YES!!!!

She cried a lot before I could get the ring on her finger, but now all she can think about is how I'm going to be her wife. How she never thought it could happen to her and now I'm making such a beautiful commitment. And she loved the ring.

So.. YAY! :D
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Rainy Day

Oh I loveth thee...

There MUST be someone out there who was planning on spending $50 on groceries at Winco yes??

I have a $50 Winco Gift Card** that came AFTER I already spent $60 in cash - and I was hoping to pick up some books for my graduate classes that start in a week. That however, requires $$ of the green sort.

Anyone up for trading?*


*In Hillsboro, but would consider travelling a tad.
**Can swing by Winco and get a receipt showing value if necessary!

When did you realize you were white?

Somewhere along the way, I have read something called "When did you realize you were straight?" (or possibly "When did you choose to be straight?"), based on the premise that gay people are often asked when they decided or realized that they were different, a question that straight people somehow avoid.
So, this got me thinking, so I will pose a similar question, even though it has kind of the opposite intent:

When did you realize you were white? When did you choose to live in white culture?
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persepolis the movie

so, here's the deal.

when my then girlfriend/now wife typsie brought me to PDX in 2005 for a week-long visit, she exposed me to the wonder that is powells, and one of the books (the many, many, many books) i bought was the first volume of Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis. it completely blew me away. it's not often one finds a book that fulfills the 'life-changing' cliche. once I moved here, i bought the second volume, and was even more impressed.

now, there's a film as well. only problem is, i can't find any kind of showtimes for portland (or seattle, for that matter). of course, i realise that means it's not playing here yet. but does anyone have any idea when it will becoming here (or, again, to seattle)?

any help would be appreciated.

"Court Upholds Right to Sue OHSU Doctors"

"Court Upholds Right to Sue OHSU Doctors"

So now you can sue OHSU for more then $200,000! While I can see the one side that says if they (hospital) fucks up they should be held liable I can also see the side that says by doing this we might end up causing more caution among doctors that may lead to death of people and loss of services due to lawsuits that may even be frivolous.

Good or bad?


Should there be a cap on claims?

Yes, 200,000 is a reasonable cap.
Yes, but the cap should be raised.
Yes, but the cap should be lowered.
No, there should not be a cap.


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That judge that blocked the domestic partnerships law...

So yeah -- the federal judge that blocked the domestic partnership law, Michael Mosman, apparently has a history of acting against gay rights. Apparently he wrote a couple of memoranda that led the US Supreme Court to uphold Georgia's anti-sodomy law in 1986. Quoting:

Mosman prepared the memos in March and June 1986, as it became clear Powell would be the court’s tie-breaking vote. He wrote that striking down the Georgia law would lead to an unwarranted expansion of privacy rights under due process.

Such a ruling would leave “no limiting principle” against prosecution of other sex crimes such as prostitution, Mosman wrote. It also would jeopardize rights that society previously had reserved to heterosexuals.

“Without belaboring the point, I am convinced that the right of privacy as it relates to this case has been limited thus far to marriage and other family relationships,” Mosman wrote to Powell. “So limited, the right of privacy does not extend to protect ‘sexual freedom’ in the absence of fundamental values of family and procreation.” (Source:, quoting The Oregonian 4/23/03)

Assuming he's the judge hearing the case, I think we can do the impolite thing and assume that there's a built-in bias against domestic partnerships on his part, since they're specifically designed to, you know, grant some of those rights previously reserved to heterosexuals. This doesn't mean that domestic partnerships are doomed -- worst case, we'll have to vote on them in November -- but it does mean that BRO is in for a huge fight.

Portland related because gays and lesbians would be getting married in Portland next week if not for this.