December 27th, 2007



It is my opinion that the homeless aka bums aka street rats aka transients have chosen this life and therefor I shouldn't feel guilty about not giving them the money that I have chosen to work for! Discuss!
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Okay people, this is our new minimum system requirements for flame wars

A little bit below, someone posted some pathetic discussion about whether homeless kids are responsible for their fate, etc.
Come on people, please! I think this basic discussion of personal responsibility vs. biological or social determinants in people's lives was probably old during the Victorian era, and I don't think there is too much to be added to it.
I demand more fun in my flame wars!
From now on, if you want to post something inflammatory, it has to be as fun as the following discussion:

Is bicycling in a full fursuit a right? Is it discriminatory that this is forbidden, or is the assumption of an outfit that gives full visibility to the rider an expectation in the privilege of bus riding?
Also, what if the bicycle is a fixed gear?

From now on, I will be bookmarking this entry and posting it as a link to any flamewars that fall under this threshold.
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(no subject)

ok so i have windows vista. (yeah i know many of you hate it). i need a program that works with vista tht can burn dvds. i used to use dvd shrink but to use that to burn movies i need nero and i dont have vista compatible nero. so any programs i can use that dont involve nero? any free ones i can just download?
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yoga studios west of the river, east of the hills?

hi folks,

i woke up to morning yoga today (not as exciting, but more sustainable than morning wood) and realized i've been an idiot to have abandoned my practice--my day has been smooth, energetic, and happy, and i want more! i live on nw 23rd and am hoping to find a studio that does yoga classes (my motivation to do a workout on my own is...lacking), preferably early morning (ending by 7:30am) or i could, in a pinch, handle evening too. the only studio google knows about that does actual yoga in the morning near me is this core power yoga place that seems a little chain-esque (multi-state) and a little...intense...for me. i like intensity in bike races and martial arts, but yoga, well, it's not a requirement and maybe a detriment.

does anyone do yoga downtown or NW who can recommend a studio with the early AM classes? i'd be happy to join a gym if the instructor is top-notch (not to mention, classes are typically way cheaper at a gym), or just go to a yoga-only place, or a community center, or whatever. but i think i need to start getting a (week)daily fix so that my job doesn't succeed in draining my soul, and i don't want to have to get up even yet still earlier to make the long haul out to the studio.

thanks in advance for your help!
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need a prescription???

So HI DP. Long time no speaky.

Anywho, my bf has the plague so I went out to get him some OJ, chicken noodle soup and Mucinex-D.
I have never seen that on the shelf here in Oregon, so today I asked the pharmacist about the product.

So, much to my dismay, in the State of Oregon, you need a prescription for Mucinex-D.

I know back in Michigan, I just needed to flash my driver's license to get my hands on perhaps the BEST, arse kickin' cold/flu remedy.

So, my question is, mostly for the Washitonians....can you get Mucinex-D in the state of Washington without a prescription?

I understand this is some type of meth-type crack down, but good grief!!! I guess I will just have to stock up when I go to MI or DC.

Best wishes for the New Year as well.
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Torked neck and back....

So I have a long time injury that has decided to flair up in the last week or so causing severe upper back and neck pain.

I do not get health insurance benefits until the first, so do any of you have any suggestions for cheap relief from a massage therapist or something of that nature?

The injury is muscular with some pulling on my vertebrae so I know a therapeutic massage would relieve some if not all of my pain at least until I can get to the doctor...


P.s. Happy ending not necessary.....
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New To Portland

Im a soon to be resident of Portland. I start going to tattooing school January 27th, 2008. A friend linked me to this community and Im hoping it will be useful to anything I might need. To introduce myself, my name is Mikhail, Im in love with Oregon, lived here for the most part of 16 years, I am now 21. If anyone has any questions or welcoming advice, Id love any feed back, thanks again.

Vintage Stores

What are the best kitschy vintage/thrift stores in Portland? I am looking for everything from clothes to knick-knacks to furniture. Nothing ridiculously pricey, but I would like a good range of different stores to impress my out of town visitor.

We have been to Rerun, Red Light and Hollywood Vintage already.


Nikon D200

Friday night plans?

So, does anyone have any plans for Friday [tomorrow 12/28] night?

If anyone here wants to do an impromptu meet and have dinner somewhere downtown, like oh, say, Macaroni Grill and then maybe hit a movie and then whatever after...I'd be totally hip on that!

Anyone, Anyone...? Bueller? Bueller?


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I got my Musician's Friend catalog in the mail yesterday. Despite the picture of Steve Vai looking like Bono dressing up for a pajama party for crossdressers with tragic hair, the catalog is fucking awesome and all crammed full of hours of browsing pleasure.

I love good catalogs. I inherit and adore the occasional Cabella catalog, not because I am an outdoorsman but because I can wring days of enjoyment out of flipping through the astounding array of stuff in there (who knew there were so many ways to hide and blast the shit out of poor unsuspecting forest creatures?).

I know you can see all of this stuff online, but it's just not the same for me. As with reading the Sunday paper, a good catalog is as much a tactile experience as a visual one.

I'd love to find a catalog full of photography gear, and maybe a few more music catalogs. Any leads? Alternately, are there any cool catalogs of ANY kind of which you are particularly fond? Sign me up, babies!

x-posted because that's how I roll.
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(no subject)

Thank you, thirty_three, for your post asking about people's plans for NYE - I had never heard of the Prince v. Michael parties, so I went to the website and sent in an entry for free tickets to this year's special NYE Prince v. Michael - and won!!!

So, I guess if you convince your husband to go, my fiance mitdasein and I will possibly see you there. =)
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