December 26th, 2007

  • lukieee

aye chihuahua!

anyone know of chihuahua breeders in our area? i have had bad luck in recent months and now i have found myself petless and i wanted to give this breed a try. my house is very quiet without pets and i want to get someone who will keep me company and keep my house feeling busy and full, and i hear that if that's what i want, a chihuahua is the ticket :]

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sleepy leila


I have a pass to kiggens that runs out the end of this month. six more punches. i should have posted this earlier but wishful thinking i suppose.
have 3 cheap dates, or whatever. for free. shows what movies they have. If you know anyone that might be interested or you are. just reply. ill meet and give it to you or just have you pick it up. no time to waste so no point dropping it in the mail.

FREE movie pass to kiggins theatre in vancouver wa. six punches left
hail to the king.

The lunch time blues...

 I woke up late this morning; I didn’t sleep well at all last night. 
Needless to say, since waking late, I forgot my lunch…
which means I get to spend some money to buy lunch.
No biggie there...I just wasn't planning on it.
I’m getting tired of Subway, so, does anyone have any better ideas…? 
I'm completely cool with trying something new and out of the way.

I work in Downtown Portland on 10th and Washington a block or so from Powell's [on Burnside]




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Because where do you go when you want to KNOW? DamnPortlanders!!

My grandson is going to be turning 5 in April, and I'd like to get him going on a martial arts-type training - good for discipline, good for his body. Even better, I'd like to find one where he can either participate WITH his mom or where his mom can be learning something at the same time.

So, DP - recommendations??

Happy almost new year, y'all!

Regale us!

 Hey Everybody!

I'm bored at work (who isn't?!) and am looking for a little mid-afternoon fun.  Sooo...for those of you who celebrated yesterday: What's the weirdest, most out there, or just plain "WTF"-esque present you received?  It doesn't necessarily have to be from this year--if you've got really great gift story from a while ago, share it!

Me?  This year I got tinned salmon (think chicken-of-the-sea style) in my stocking.  And a beef stick.

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  • maxomai

Where to donate books?

I've got a whole hell of a lot of books that we want to get rid of. Where's the best place to donate these, that won't cost me an arm and a leg for shipping?

Worst case, I'll just give them to Goodwill and let them sell, donate, or pulp what they want.

Therianthropes about?

I step out from the great depths of lurking to ask... are there any theriansthrope here-abouts?

To be clear... a therianthrope is not a furry. While Some therians participate in the furry fandom-I am not one of those individuals. I wish not to judge them but I am looking primarily for therian-minded individuals. To be brief a therianthrope believes they may possess the soul of an animal or that perhaps they were that animal in a previous life. There is a saying though; ask 10 therians for their personal definitions and you'll come away with 11 different answers.

It would be nice to see if there are any nearby that we might strike up a friendship and meet on common ground. I'm not looking to form a 'pack' or practice any magic.

Thanks for your open-mindedness. It's PDX related because there may be therians around you! ;)


 So, here I am playin' Final Fantasy 7. I save in Junon, becoming sick of the small potatoes fights I'm getting into, and decide to go hunt some Chocobos so's I can breed m'self a nice Goldie. I amazingly manage to capture TWO Wonderful Chocobos (no easy feat) and send them back to the Ranch, where I buy stables for them and max them out in stats. (Cost approx.: 60,000 Gil) 

I decide to take them to race so I can breed them to get a Blue or Green Chocobo. On my way to The Golden Saucer, I notice something red sticking out of the sand and waving. I lower my airship to check it out and accidentally bump it. Turns out to be Ruby Weapon ( ) In three turns my entire party is dead and I have a nice 'Game Over' screen. I sigh, whatever. No big deal, I'll just restart and continue on my merry Chocobo racin' way...

No. I forgot to save. I'm back in Junon with no Wonderful Chocobos and my thumb in my butt. I'm absolutely FURIOUS. This game WILL NOT LET ME ADVANCE. 

So, there's my completely geeky rant about my damned luck. Hope your gaming goes better than mine.
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(no subject)

i am looking for a playpen of something for my rabbit. i cant handle him chewing all my stuff anymore, i cant rabbitproof my place well enough. so i need one of those round fence things that he can play inside and wont be able to hop out of. trying to to spend 40+ dollars on it if i can help it. any suggestions? yes i tried craigs list already and didnt see one.
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Nikon D200


This afternoon, the National Weather Service issued a revised forecast that includes a “heavy snow warning” for the Willamette Valley and surrounding areas.  The latest forecast calls for accumulations of 3-5 inches beginning overnight tonight. 



Have fun and be safe if the snow falls!

  • dan6888

(no subject)

Anyone know what the exotic animal laws are in the Portland metro area? I wonder if it is legal to own a monkey. I wonder this out loud so people will reply to my wonderings. Who wouldn't want a pet monkey? Seriously. Especially those miniature ones that you could keep on a leash and teach them to attack people quickly so you can send them out and yo-yo them back to you before anyone knows what hit them. *sigh*

---- Side Thread----

If you could have an exotic pet, what would it be and what would you teach it to do? Personally, I'd take the monkey butler or the penguin bartender.
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Long story, short question

Back at the end of October, I was working at the karaoke bar at which I work, when I received a phone call. I was very tired this particular evening so when this particular woman explained to me that she was a Atlantic records rep from New York who was seeking a KJ (that's "karaoke Jockey" for you unfamiliar with the lingo) to open up for Kid Rock at the Roseland Theater, my reaction was, of course, an emphatic "wait... what!?!"

After explaining it to me again, I understood and agreed. I opened for Kid Rock. Bizarre.

My job was to provide the equipment and find 6 or 7 singers to sing before Mr. Rock took the stage (no prizes or opportunity to go backstage made this more difficult than it sounds). I paid a friend to help me set it up and the show went pretty well.

My problem is this: I lost the Atlantic records Rep's phone number and her email address seems to not work (probably because she said it to me way too quickly, twice). I'm owed $250, and I'm trying to get this girls number or proper email.

I went to the Roseland during the Dandy Warhols show (the only time I can seem to find anybody at the venue is during actual shows) and they gave me a phone number that they thought belonged to the young lady (it was incorrect). Plus, I feel terribly uncool dealing with the management there. The young lady was very helpful but I felt bad bothering her on a busy night.

There has to be a Roseland daytime office or phone number to talk to someone when it isn't busy. Does anybody have any leads? The listed phone numbers are recordings or no answer. I've googled, emailed strangers at Atlantic, and concentrated really hard, but no luck. Any leads? I was going to protect the anonymity of the Atlantic Rep but screw it: her name is Chris (or Christine) Goyette. Anybody?