December 25th, 2007

  • crowgod

Did anyone get a Kindle for Christmas?

I have a book suggestion for you: "Trompe L'oeil."

Trompe L'oeil is the story of five friends and the Yoko Ono who comes between them. Yoko Ono the metaphorical female energy, not the actual person. It's my first novel. I created a Kindle Edition which you can find here:

So if you bought or received a Kindle this Christmas and are looking for things to read on it, try my book.

  • tertyl

So DPers..

REGARDLESS OF RELIGION OR BELIEFS - i'll go under the guise that you were all good boys, girls, and whatnots and deserving of gifts or another from friends, family, and loved ones. i don't care if you got the big score and were showered with gifts. what i want to know, is if you got what you really really really wanted. oh and tell us what it was!

(this message is not Portland related, not pet friendly, and defiantly not vegan)

edited to add that i just got my wish. snow on christmas.
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Is any thing open for us who don't  play the Christmas game?

I've tried calling Fred Meyers and Wal-mart and  no one answered... I'm looking for those big plastic bins with lids on them...
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A different sort of cheer

Inspired by an earlier post about cowbells. And considering that Global Orgasm was a mere 3 days ago.

Have you ever had a friend put a CD into their stereo, or been somewhere in public when a song came over the radio, and wondered how to deal with the surprising awkwardness? Maybe you've even gotten a little turned on. I'm just saying.

Yes, folks, I'm talking about orgasm sound effects in music. How many songs do you know? Any tales to relate?

I'll add a nerdy one that I'm not sure anyone else will know: Home by Dream Theater. There's a full minute or two in the middle of the damn song. In a commentary from the band, they say they worked "long and hard" on that particular track. I'm sure they did.


Tons of big snow sticking everywhere in the Tron.

Who else is stuck with family hoping not to get snowed in there? I need support....
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little blue dog

thought this was interesting ...

A "White Christmas," at least according to the US National Climatic Data Center (NCDC), is defined as a Christmas upon which at least one inch of snow on the ground is observed, although if even one flake of snow is observed during the 24-hour period of December 25, it's considered a White Christmas in the UK.

The stick-in-the-muds at the NCDC predict a 0% chance of a White Christmas, in any given year, in Portland, OR.

Fuckers. Wonder if we'll defy the odds this year. :)

what the hell

Where in the world do I get dinner by my work?

I work at the Shilo Inn on 2nd and Weidler. I'm willing to *gasp* leave the propert for up to 15 mins to get some decent dinner. I was hoping Newport would be open so I could grab some Salmon(mmm) but they aren't answering the phone. Any ideas?



My dead sea creature is being cooked for me now. I had a "DUH!" moment when I looked just across the street at the Holiday Inn. They have a restaurant haha. Happy dannybear :)

Update final:

The food at the Holiday Inn Convention center wasn't bad!

here's footage


11 in a row!

I know this isn't a particularly sports friendly board, but I thought I'd still mention it.
The Trailblazers, currently the youngest team in the NBA, has an unprecedented 11 win streak rolling.
Give the guys some credit.  They're playing great ball!