December 24th, 2007

Lego Castle Making
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I'm in the mood for some depressing music! <-- notice the ironic use of an exclamation point! Throw your best at me, DPers!

...related cause not everyone is likely feeling so #$*)(@ holly jolly...
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traveling nametag

So, I was cleaning out my purse today in preparation for my trip, and what do i find?  I find bellybalt's nametag from last tuesdays meetup. I am keeping it as a momento.

What random items have you found in your backpack, purse, man bag, etc?
trucker ape
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non-starbucks coffee places that are open today?


edit: in addition to whatever other people said, cafe pallino on division at 30th and k&f at 26th & clinton were both open.


Hey guys!

I was just wondering if anybody knew where I could find some soy wax today. I know, last minute gift making is a bad idea. But, I need it in any case. I've tried Michaels, Joann's, Fred Meyer, Wal-Mart... I'm running out of steam. It'd be really cool to find a local company that just made candles and stuff. All I need is big bags of soy wax - it usually comes in little shaved pieces.

Thanks so much for your help!

Have a very Merry Christmas, everyone! :)
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&amp; Daggers!
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Santa loves you too, rev_kriss_hades!

Let's keep it real. I'm buzzed on SoyNog + Captain Morgan's and I just want to wish you all, you DPers with whom have wanked and teased and friended and invited me, I sort of love you all. *curtsey* Enjoy your holiday, whatever it may be. Celebrate and be content. I'm watching Arrested Development and wrapping presents on my bedroom floor.
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I have to give my cat a bath. Somehow he managed to get half his body covered in mud last night, and it dried and now he's encrusted in dirt.

What a dumbass.
Does anyone know of a cat grooming place so I don't have to do it myself? I probably need to do it myself sometime within the next two days, so does anyone have any tips at all?

Airing of Grievances

 You're all a bunch of swarthy toads.
Note to Portland: Just because that t-shirt cost $20, it doesn't make it a dress shirt suitable for a Saturday night on the town.
And, there are still people that think being vegan was ever relevant and made any kind of statement?
The only statement you're making, is you're a royal pain in the ass to all your non-vegan friends that would simply like to have a uncomplicated meal with you.
Oh yeah, and you transplants..
more white people, moving to a city that's all ready primarily white,  does not equal progressiveness.
I think you're all scared of minorities, even though you wont admit.
And the goddamn cyclists...
Happy Festivus, jerk offs.

I'm just kidding, I hope everyone has a good holiday regardless of your persuasions.