December 23rd, 2007


ZOMG!! upstairs neighbors, RUSRIOUS???

Wow. To the neighbors upstairs,

Dear Sirs Bollywood-porn guys,

What the heck?! I have *no* clue what you do all day long up there, but you are the worst neighbors I've evAr had in my entire life!! Yesterday you were watching some kind of Bollywood porn, and today you are oil wrestling on a twister mat or something. (Neither are very pretty pictures in my head). I donno' maybe you have some crazy presents you're wrangling up to wrap or something.

Yours patiently, (for the time-being)
girl with the light fixture about to fall on her floor.

Bereavement Travel

I just found out about 10 minutes ago that my aunt passed away, in Wisconsin. Does anyone have any advice about bereavement travel. It's unfortunate that it is also the busiest time of the year.

Anything helps, thanks.

EDIT: just found out the funeral will be in indiana (grandma lives there) So I am flying to Chicago instead.


This has bothered me for freaking years.
I think this started as a marketing device for cheap radios in the mid 80's.
Every couple years I'll buy a cheap ass radio, just to keep in any new room in any random apartment.
I bought a Emerson radio at Fred Meyer last spring and it  has a bright ass orange BASS BOOST button.
The button does increase low frequencies. But I'm not sure how.
Is it just a circuit filtering low frequencies on and off?
If that's all it is, I think bass boost is REALLY LAME.
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are there any bank branches in the portland area or out lying areas that let you open an account and doesnt call into chex systems? thanks.
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Ceiling Light Fixture Repair ?

I have a fancy-ass ceiling fixture that I would love to have repaired in time for friends coming over on New Year's Day. I live in NE Portland.

Does anyone you know make last-minute house calls on stubborn light fixtures without charging more than the original fixture cost ? I suspect this is a minor problem but am unwilling to risk seriously damaging the fixture by messing with it myself.

Bonus points if they'll take plastic, and I would prefer somebody with the "licensed, bonded, insured" thing rather than your kindly Uncle Joe who could electrocute himself by mistake and land me in a heap of expensive trouble.

Thanks. Happy Holidays.
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Christmas eve dinner?

My dad has assigned me the task of calling a restaurant and making reservations for dinner on Christmas eve. Specifically for a restaurant that has Cuban food. Pambiche was the first choice but I checked their website and it says they're closed on Christmas eve. I think I read in a magazine somewhere (maybe Portland Monthly) that there was another Cuban restaurant around that opened recently. Does anyone know what it is? Or know of another restaurant with Cuban fare? It'd make my little abuelita so happy!
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Is there really a lack of good thrift stores in the city? I haven't seen many yet. Words on the good places?

I need a bunch of standard bedpillows, realquick. I didn't have too much luck at the Goodwill in Gresham, though they did have boxes of NEW pillows which were pricier than I was hoping and also extra-thin so that I would have had to double them up. I'm making a papasan cushion.

If anyone happens to have some pillows they don't mind getting rid of, I'd be eternally grateful.
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(no subject)

What are the laws for how long a car can be parked on a public street without being moved? I don't thnk it's stolen or abandoned (I don't *think*), but it has been there for a couple days and has obvioisly been left...... I am sure there must be a law?
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New Year's Eve!

I'm thinking about spending it in a bar/pub/tavern of some kind in order to find a cute (single) boy to make out with. I have seen such creatures at The Bitter End, but surely there must be better options ($4 a pint is just a tad steep). The Boiler Room has been suggested, but I've no idea what that place is like. Anyone have any ideas or know of any super fun parties going on? Help a cute girl ring in the new year in her (favorite) new city!
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what would you do?

ok, so i am pretty much at the point where i am so bored/lonely, i am literally going crazy. i have only been in portland for about a week, but i really wish i had friends. i tried "strictly platonic" on craigslist but the two people i felt i could actually be friends with went out of town. and the rest didn't seem to understand what "platonic" means.

so... my friends back home keep telling me i should just walk over to a neighborhood bar and start talking to people. or, as the guy i was dating before i moved says, go to a bar and "flaunt my cha chas." or, as my best friend says, go to a bar and "start arguing with people." this seems insane to me! my reasoning is, i am a single, petite girl who lives alone, and as i have mentioned before my neighborhood (old town/chinatown) is super sketchy late at night, and if someone were to kidnap/kill me, NO ONE WOULD MISS ME FOR WEEKS. also i have been slipped a roofie before and it was the worst experience of my life. am i supposed to just go in and sit at the bar and wait for dudes to hit on me or something? i don't really want to get hit on. and i wouldn't have the testicular fortitude to approach people and join in their conversations unless i was totally shnockered- not something i would want to be when i am at a bar alone.

living in san diego and la, i have been trained to never go to a bar alone. but maybe it is different here? i realize people are much friendlier in portland, and more willing to talk to strangers. and it is the holidays, so... people are jolly? are the rules different here? am i being a baby? what do you guys think?

EDIT: i made a nice craigslist friend who has the exact same sick sense of humor as i do, and we went to bar of the gods on hawthorne (that's right, i ventured out of fareless square, huzzah!)... so much fun, and now that i know concretely that i am not completely alone in this city, i feel much better. plus he gave me christmas plans, which definitely makes me happy. he also gave me a cookie. man, you can find ANYTHING on craigslist.

Thank you!

I would personally like to thank the staff of Burgerville, and the company that pays them, for making me this SUCCULENT AND FUCKING DELICIOUS CHIPOTLE CHEESEBURGER. I mean HOLY FUCK I need an epidural to drop this deuce! This shit was so filling and amazing. I gave into a meat craving, but I don't care. Bessie you were delicious especially with the spicy sauce and tillamook pepper jack cheese the other Bessie made! Thank you all!!!

*rubs belly*

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'Where may I find rest?'

I'm stuck in town this winter, covering for others at my work on vacation. Almost everyone I know has left town to spend Christmas with their families, and I find myself without anywhere to be. Does anyone know of any place that itinerants and refugees might be welcomed?

My first thought was volunteering at a soup kitchen. Any suggestions?

Recycling cell phones

In case you have a cell phone you're done with:

(from OPB)

By Kristian Foden-Vencil

Portland, OR  December 6, 2007 3:12 p.m.

Multnomah County Commissioners decided Thursday, to start a cell phone recycling program at local offices, health centers and libraries.

It won’t be up and running until next spring, but Commissioner Jeff Cogen, says the average person has three old phones sitting in a drawer somewhere and doesn’t know what to do with them.

Jeff Cogen: “What we’re going to be doing is contracting with a local company that does complete recycling of these products. Nothing gets disposed of it...some get rehabbed, some just get dismantled.”

Cogen hopes the program will raise up to $50,000 a year for the county.

Of the 130 million cell phones retired each year, only about 1 percent get recycled.  Many contain toxic metals like lead and chromium.

Plenty of other charities and for-profits will take your cell phone off your hands. Some even offer cash.

also see:

Happy holidays... and hedda-days, too!