December 22nd, 2007

  • morwok

To all the dirty folks out there...

Well, I'm contemplating moving to your awesome city.  I'm just about fed up with living in the Bible belt, and it's time for a change.  But before I make big life altering plans, I'll need a little more security in the form of a job.  So I'm curious to know if any of you fine and wonderful people have any information to share on the state of archaeology jobs in and around Portland.  My possible move dates are May through July of 2008, at which time I'll be ABT, with graduation with a full fledged M.A. most likely the following December.  I'll probably start sending out resumes/vitae sometime in March, but all in all I can't wait to get out of the South.  I've lived here for over 27 years, and let's just say that while I've made some awesome friends and had some great times here, this ain't the best place in the world for an atheistic socialist to put down permanent roots.

Thanks in advance to everyone,


(no subject)

For the singles like me out there.  Anyone use the Craigslist posts to look for "love"?  I've been hooked by the "Missed Connections" myself be it Craigslist, the Willamette, or the Mercury.  Alas, no luck.  Seems no woman sees me.  Anyone here post something or have seen something that mentioned them?  
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Psycho face

FYI: Hotel deals

The Hotel Monaco (listed as one of the Top 500 hotels in the world) in downtown Portland is booking for around $60.00 through Priceline's "Name Your Price" for Christmas night (12/25)

(32" plasma flat screen TV's in all rooms? Cool!)

Hotels generally have low prices on holiday nights that fall during the week, but this was a really nice surprise. Just wanting to share the good fortune.
  • eurika

Virginia to Oregon

Anyone here have any advice or wisdom to impart to someone contemplating a relocation from Virginia to Oregon?

How are you on humidity, 'cause the National Weather Service is giving me very little to work with, and I'm afraid that dry climates (colorado) don't serve me as well? How is the economic climate? Have read different reports and would prefer to hear your view.

Many thanks!

(no subject)


where do you buy your fresh seafood in olympia, WA?

i'm a total fish snob. i scoff at the blood-drippy cold cases at zupans and fred meyer. pridefully. so, if anybody is familiar with the olympia area, i'd love some tips on where to find me some good fishies. other general grocery tips would be nice too.

Yet another where to buy...

To all you DPer's still left in the Portland area,

I've been looking for the January issue of Juxtapoz. D'you know where I can get it? No preference on what part of Portland just needin' some art for my coming lazy Sunday.

Thanks in advance!
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(no subject)

A couple of questions:

1) I'm looking for a place to buy masks. I don't even care if they only have cheap plastic Halloween-style ones, but does anyone know where I might look?

2) Also seeking a good military surplus store, anyone have recommendations?

A bushel of thanks in advance.


1) I would like to invest some money for the long-term.  What banks or credit unions offer the best interest rates?  What is your favorite bank/credit union in the Portland area?

2) Also, I need an excuse to go out to Hillsboro.  I can't think of anything redeeming about it.  Have any ideas?

Decadent 80s @ The Mt Tabor Tonight - No Cover


Special Holiday Edition 

Hosted by dj Nevermore and dj NoN

The new Decadent 80's, newly remodeled, bigger dancefloor,

30ft ceilings, video projection and the decadent music you love.




Remember the Decadence of the 80's underground party and club scene. 
We're bringing it back. We will be dusting off our old music and bringing 
you the best from the 80's.

As usual expect to hear a wide range of music genres from that decade.

Not just New Wave but Post Punk, Electro, Gothic early Industrial and much

more. Decadent 80's is really a great insight in to the origins of much of our

music today.


Atari on the Big Screen......

                    with djs Nevermore and dj NoN

Now located at

The New Mt.Tabor Legacy Lounge

4811 SE Hawthorne PDX

9pm to 3am 21 and up - No Cover


on the radio tonight.

i'm gonna be playing some music on the radio tonight!

7:00 - 10:00 PM | KBOO 90.7 FM |

it's my first time on the air in months, so i'll most likely screw something up and look really dumb. SWEET. and someone better call in or i'm gonna go all emo on air. it won't be pretty.
Pug in wig

A merry holiday reminder.

Dear asshole(s) who broke into my car on the 8th level of a parking garage in downtown Portland:

First, fuck you for breaking into my car and stealing my stuff 3 days before Christmas. I think my favorite part was your obvious inexperience in the task. A broken window would have sufficed, so why did you have to try to pry both of my back doors off? I'm glad my iPod was worth $3,000 in damage.

A reminder to everyone in Portland (and everywhere!) this holiday season: Keep your personal/expensive/irreplaceable stuff in your glovebox or trunk so that it doesn't tempt or, better yet, in your purse or coat pocket when you leave your car. Burglars don't care that it's Christmas for you, too.

identify this song?

Alright, this is driving me nuts, so can anyone identify this song? I believe it's Stevie Ray Vaughan, from the sound, but without lyrics I'm sort of at a loss beyond that. If it is Stevie, it's definitely not Rude Mood, Testify or Little Wing.

So? Any guesses?
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I'm baaaaaack

Ok, now I'm looking for a place in Portland that sells:

apricot oil
coconut oil
rose water
cheaper (or small vials for not an arm and a leg) essential oils
cocoa butter

Hopefully open either late tonight or Sunday.

Annoyed of me yet? ;)

EDIT: Thank you, everyone! I checked out New Seasons which was on my way to work and discovered most of what I wanted to get. Unfortunately they didn't have the essential oils I wanted, but meh, I figured out a way to make due (for example, instead of rose essential oil (which, btw, I found out is effing expensive (think like $23 for .3 oz (!!!)) I'm using rose water).

For those of you curious to what I'm concocting I'm making some homemade bath and beauty goodies for my boyfriend's mom. My list so far is a vitamin E and olive oil with lemon zest and sugar hand scrub, bath satchels containing epsom salts, dried lavendar, oatmeal, dry milk, and baking soda, a rose scented almond oil/beeswax/cocoa butter moisturizer, and an avocado, carrot, almond shell exfoliating face mask. Got some pretty (and cheap! $.99!) bottles from michaels and some pretty scrap fabric from a second hand store for the satchels. I'm going to be staying up aaaaalll night making and decorating the goodies but I'm way excited to get crafty. This year I didn't have a lot of money to spend on gifts, so I had to get creative. I used to be really creative as a kid but I think since getting, and now working, in theatre that outlet is largely fulfilled through my work. It's been really fun to get back into the swing of being crafty and inventive. Maybe I'll remember to take some pictures and then maybe some kind soul will take pity on me and tell me how to post pictures within posts so you can all eventually see the stuff. haha


Okay... two random questions for the damnportlanders universe:

1) Where do I find patches from 80's punk/rock bands? (i.e, Psychadelic Furs, Ramones, Ministry, etc.) No, they don't have to be from the 80's... just the bands do.

2) (And this one's a real longshot...)I saw some game in Finnegans a couple of months ago that I tried to go back and buy for my nephew, and couldn't find it. It's sort of like scrabble, but it only makes 3 letter words. Think scrabble for three year olds. Anybody know what I'm talking about here??
Wait... It's Boggle, Jr. Man, I love the wonders of the internet.

I really should have done my shopping earlier. Wheee!

Free Christmas Trees

I don't know if there are any left now, but this afternoon there were quite a few trees in a lot on SE 82nd, around where the Gold Coin is....a block or two north of Taggart on the west side of the street. The sign said FREE, so if you need a tree yet, go for it!

Mini-trees and arty stuff

So I've seen these miniature trees that are like a foot tall; and they come in this sort of hard spongy fuzzy substrate, often with a decorative rock or two. Where on the West side or close-in SE could I get one?

Also where is a relatively cheap place to enlarge non-digital photos and get mattes and frames for them to make them look nice and marketable? (I do mostly nature photography and also some arty/industrial/whatever-I-think- looks-cool; and also some abstract pen drawings.) Where are good places to display and sell matted/framed photos and art?

An honest call to an actual question

So I currently have Wells Fargo as my primary banking institution. I am deeply and unequivocally unhappy with them as a banking institution. So what I'm looking for is a local-esque credit union to take their place. I realize that their is a huge number of these institutions around. A simple Google search will find n of them. What I would like to know is which ones you've been with, which ones you'd recommend.

My major issues are with ones who will charge me extra-ordinarily high over-draft fees and random stupid fees.

I already have have a credit union account with a bank in Illinois. They do not have any branches west of the Mississippi. If that helps, so be it.

DP, please make my banking not be full of shit. Thanks!

Post script: Bonus points for a CU with branches in both PDX and SEA. Person with the first and best answer might win a 6-pack of beer.

Edit: Closed that stupid tag.

Car Trouble

My truck finally died. It is now on the side of a highway. I was wondering if anyone has any experience getting rid of an old car. Is it better to donate, call a junk yard, or list on craigslist? It is a 1995 Chevy S-10. Any ideas?