December 21st, 2007

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Being a grouchy old man of 28, I am not really up on what is going on.
But I have noticed I haven't heard too much about emo lately. The thing about emo is that I never really heard any first hand explications of its magical power to heal through art, I mostly heard about it as a second or third hand cliche. But even with that, I haven't heard quite as much about it lately.
So is emo still around? If it was ever really around, anyway?

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Is there a group like Living Rivers that's based in the Northwest, maybe even Portland? I lived in Flagstaff for a while and got really interested in the politics behind dams and dam removal. And really pissed off about Glen Canyon Dam.

I found river restoration northwest, but that seems to be less about activism and more about restoring stream banks and having symposiums about "Vegetative Considerations for Streambank Soil Bioengineering Treatments Used in Riparian Restoration". (although they are having a monty python/river restoration themed party, which is kind of really awesome.) I also found this, which has some of the politics I want, but Friends of the Earth is a pretty big group and seems to just want my money and I don't really have much of that to give. I would rather do volunteer work/ get an unpaid internship and spend my money on having a stellar garden this summer.
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spinning & movies

This week, West Coast Health & Fitness (2640 NE Alberta) is playing "Run Lola Run" on Friday, December 21st at 7pm (that's today!), and "Crank" on December 22nd at 7pm in the Spinning Theater. $10 drop-in or $5 if you come with a member of the club.

DPers?!?! Where are you?!?!

*crickets chirp*

Is everybody gone for the holidays except for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

Well, to save me from afternoon boredom...lets see...DPers who are left, tell me, what is your favorite Christmas Movie quote?

Mine is:

"We're going to have the hap hap happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap danced with Danny Fuckin' Kaye!"
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Nose piercings

I'm going to bite the bullet and get my damn nose pierced after years of wanting to do it. Can someone recommend a good piercing studio? Preferably somewhere downtown? Also, how much does a piercing usually cost? And yes, I know it will hurt.

Upside Down

NYE Restaurants

Okey doke, I need some restaurant suggestions for NYE. Here are the details:
  • 4-5 of us, some of drinking age, some not

  • Looking to spend only around $30 a person

  • Something yummy and maybe a bit "Portland" or quirky, since half the group is from out of town

  • I don't really want to drive that night, so something easily accessable via MAX and a little walking (although other suggestions are welcome because if it's worth it I will drive)

  • Preferably somewhere that takes reservations and/or is not too busy around 7:30 on NYE (hahaha, yea RIGHT)

My friends are just passing through, so we don't need anywhere to countdown to the New Year or anything--they're hoping to be in Eugene by that point--they just want to have dinner in Portland on their way down.


Question, and no its not about burritos.

I have some questions about labor laws in Oregon. First off, my job at Shilo Inns, doesn't give me time and a half for working on national holidays. Is this legal? Is there a law requiring that? Is it all just employer by employer? Also Shilo Inns doesn't give me a break or lunch. I work full time at the front desk with no relief and no breaks. It kind of sucks. Is this permitted by law too? If not, how do I open a can of woop ass on this company?

More present questions - strops and a good shave?

Thank you to everyone who got back to my last post. I have found almost everything I need to complete my holiday shopping/home making present...ness....age....riiiiight. I still have a few more questions though.

In searching for a straight razor (my boy is DYING to start learning and regularly shaving this way) I've come upon one (see below) but wanted to see if I could also get a strop since I got a cheaper one. Anyone know of a place I could get one for less than $40 or so? Excalibur is unfortunately all out and their's start at about $55 anyway.

If I can't get that, another recommendation was that I get him a good straight razor shave at a barber who can also really take him through the process and teach him how to do it. So my question is, can anyone give me personal reccomendations for a barber who did a straight razor shave on you? Bonus if they seemed super nice and personable and you think they'd be willing and happy to show my boy the ropes? I looked on city search and found some info on PDX magazine, but I'd like some personal recs from my favorite and more trusted people on here.

Thank you for your help! 'Tis much appreciated!

For the record, I found a $10 straight razor at Hawthorne Cutlery (between 32nd and 33rd on the south side of the street.) They actually recommended a cheaper one for a beginner (which my boyfriend for whom I'm getting it for is) so he can see if he likes it and so that he can practice stropping, etc. without worrying about ruining an expensive blade. They were very honest and upfront and super nice. Even threw in a stipple stick for free! One guy was almost discouraging me from buying it, saying that he'd hate it or get sick of it and the other was explaining a lot of the realities and saying he liked it a lot when he did it and not to worry. They both gave me great tips and were very humorous (the first guy asked if I had a back up boyfriend and kept insisting I call one right away since he was sure my boy was going to slaughter himself, haha). I also notice they have a NICE array of primo cooking knives as well as leathermans, sumurai swords, and regular knives and swords. Just a recommendation b/c I thought they were le cool and l'awesome and I really appreciated all the help they gave me.
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Reason 588774629 to like Portland

Sandi and I were headed to the mall for some last-minute shopping this afternoon. We parked on the street a couple blocks away, and as we were cutting in front of a grocery store, a handsome, well-dressed young guy with a big smile approached me. I could see that he was holding a stack of CDs. He was a very charismatic-looking dude. I stopped to talk with him.

Turns out that he was selling his new "5K Edition Signature Series Pre-Album Maxi-Single." His name was Mr. Daem. His CD was called "Sex and Lies."
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He explained that he was into R&B, and hip-hop, and that he was taking his music out to the streets to drum up a little business.

He was a charming guy, young and full of entrepreneurial spirit and brimming with soul and promise. I had to buy a CD from him. It was only five bucks. I told him how happy I was to support someone who was putting that kind of effort into their work.

I noted to my satisfaction that Mr. Daem had autographed my CD for me.
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I like Mr. Daem's music. I'm keeping his CD somewhere safe, for when he gets famous. I'm going to visit his myspace and tell him thanks for entering my world this afternoon and sharing some of his promising life with me. It made Sandi and I both pretty happy to interact with someone who was putting so much love out there, crooning about smoking blunts and laying there in bed with his sweet woman.

Love's universal, baby. Here's to you, Mr. Daem. Go get 'em, brother.
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EDIT X2: thanks guys. your suggestions have been very helpful, and i'm either heading to petsmart or the vet nearby my house (if they're open on sundays) to grab some advantage. i had no idea i could get this stuff without an appointment. :)

What are good over-the-counter flea meds? My vet isn't open on weekends and I need to get this taken care of before I go home for the weekend. I bought flea shampoo and it didn't do anything. I got a flea collar as well, so hopefully that helps - but I would really appreciate help from you guys.


edit: i meant before i go home for xmas on monday. not before i go home for the weekend, haha.

and does anyone know: can a vet prescribe me flea meds if i call in/go in or do they actually have to see the cats? i'd totally go in on monday before i go do xmas stuff and get flea meds if i don't have to bring my two kitties with me.

festivus festivities?

Anyone know of any festivus festivities on Sunday? Might be fun to "celebrate" - although, weird things happen to me on that day (grandpa and several other relatves died, cat born). Right now I am downloading the holy episode of Seinfeld.
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