December 20th, 2007

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my roomie needs a close shave!

okay so i know some of you portlanders shave your faces..heh

i wanna get my roommate an electric razor for xmas but i'm not sure what kind to get cause his facial hair grows in pretty thick. i have a remington and i think it shaves pretty close but i'm asian so i grow less hair than a preteen girl.. so yeah, if you have any suggestions, i would love to hear them. also, i've always bought electric razors at department stores but is there a better place in portland to find one?? thanks guys!

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Is there a lawyer in the house?

My old roommates and I are having a dispute with the management of our old apartment (Main Street Village). I could really use some advice. I won't bore the whole community with the details of the situation, but if there's anyone who is either a lawyer or something similar and might be able to give advice... please drop me an e-mail.

Eileen dot Groopman at Gmail dot com

Thanks, and I hope everyone has a good weekend. :-)
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Rip City: Blazers at 9... and... counting?

This is seriously a game I thought we'd lose.  Next game is ALSO a game that I think we'll lose... except we keep not losing those.

Blazers were down until the fourth quarter when they pulled out the win, and I'm simply amazed right now.  Brandon Roy is freaking amazing and I think the low ceiling people were talking about may end up to be pure BS.

For an AWESOME play of the game click below

I'm loving the ride, but I know a lot of you are not blazer fans and I'm sure you can't wait until this streak is over so I'll stop posting about the freaking blazers!!!!  I was expecting that to happen tonight and I was wrong.

Until they lose, I'm going to relish every moment of this.   It should end any game now... just like it should have ended in Utah and then when Utah came here and then in denver and then the hornets and then toronto and then...

I'm so used to losing and the Drexler blazers that would sometimes let games slip away that they should have won, that I'm not used to the team winning games THEY SHOULD BE LOSING!!!  I think someone forgot to give them the freaking memo.

Aldridge was back and played out of position and was rusty.   Hopefully he's tuned up for the Friday game.   I'd love the streak to continue..
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Milwaukie Transit Center...this morning near 7:15am.

 I work in downtown Portland so I take the bus into work rather than drive and waste gas...

Does anyone know what happened at the Milwaukie Transit Center this morning at about 7:15 am?

There were emergency vehicles and the early #32 bus was stopped in the middle of the road.

Someone said that the bus hit a pedestrian that was crossing the street...

hat-tip petzi
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OK - downtown Macy's replacement of the old Meyer and Frank building displays took one more holiday thing-to-do option off the list. Anyway, we did that this year and it was pretty lame - the tree and saturday market aren't that fun for little kids and even the roasted chestnut guy seemed to have taken that day off.

The weather is phenomenally too sucky to contemplate seriously a trip to the zoo and then staying late to see the zoo-lights today.

When I was a kid, the local malls had killer winter displays with all the cottony fake snow and North Pole villages and all that jazz, but so far I haven't heard of anything like that around here (though I admit I tend to avoid malls so perhaps they've got one somewhere that I don't know about?)

I want to do something Christmas-y with the kids: anyone know of something they do around Portland or surrounding area for the holidays?
Hoping for some daytime activity ideas especially.

Thankful Thursdays, Portland Style!

1. (Relatively) warm evenings that are ideal for riverfront walks. Strolling along the Waterfront Marina, with the lights-covered boats docked at the marina, was just so lovely. And the view of the cityscape from the Eastbank Esplanade was just as gorgeous.

2. Soothing classical music to listen to while being stuck in the traffic on the Interstate. What would I do without KBPS All Classical on the radio?

3. Driving around on a dark and stormy evening (couple of weeks ago) while listening to creepy yet atmospheric organ music of the Pipedreams syndicated radio program. I can be such an organ addict sometimes.

4. Seeing a faint rainbow to the east on Saturday afternoon. For some reason, rainbows make me smile.

5. Recently attending a vegan (*drinks*) potluck hosted by a fellow DPer, and meeting couple of awesome DPers in real-life.

6. The annual Peacock Lane lights in SePo. Even if the weather is less than cooperative, the details of the lightwork and decor are best taken in when walking (not driving) along the street, in my experience.

7. Reminding me of having faith in humanity: seeing a stranger take time out of his day to help a mobility-challenged pedestrian cross a busy pedestrian crossing on Park Blocks. I can always learn something about kindness.

8. The UPS Customer Service pickup window at Swan Island being open on Saturdays during the holiday season.

9. Friendly and knowledgeable staff at the Bike Gallery in downtown. As a clueless newbie at bike tire tube repairing, it feels nice not being treated like a clueless newbie when shopping for parts.

10. Window-shopping at a piano store in downtown on my way to work. There is something lovely about longingly looking at grand pianos. Maybe in 10 years, I shall wake up to the sight of a baby grand piano every day.

11. Receiving an unexpected voicemail from a fellow DPer alerting me to the upcoming Howard Jones show at the Aladdin Theater next month (Sunday, January 27th)! I am truly excited about the show!
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quick update...

  For those who have been following my situation. If you haven't been following it, please don't ask me to recap.

1. Through detective work of my own, I've located the florist who sold the flower.
2. I have verified through third parties that XXX is very frequently within extremely close proximity to where I work.
3. A judge signed a Stalking Protection Order on Tuesday!
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Hey guys. I need to get an estimate on a repair for my car. it's just the body work... no motor or anything. it's small, but i need to submit it to insurance. i live on barbur blvd, close to downtown, and i really need somewhere close to me. leif's isn't TOO far, but i've heard horror stories from them even though they generally have a good review everywhere i look. i also would REALLY like to be able to have a loaner car for either cheap or free, and i know a lot of places do this. i've been looking in the yellowpages and on citysearch and i can't really find anything i'm looking for that isn't in NE which is the furthest away from where i am... so what i'd really like is personal recommendations. anyone? tigard area is good, too.

Auto Update

If you follow DP religiously you might remember my prior posts asking about body shops for the dude's car I scratched.

Eventually I ended up claiming it on my insurance because dude was being such a pain in the ass and I didn't have time to deal with his extortion. This morning I noticed his truck still wasn't fixed, 9 days later, despite him riding my ass about giving him the money to fix it. I called my insurance to find out the outcome of the claim. Turns out dude just let Progressive do an estimate and took the cash. The estimate they gave was $900, nowhere near the $1800 he was trying to get from me and he verified that he was just a piece of shit looking for some easy cash.

I'd like to super glue his locks but I'll probably just tell the property owner that the manager has 4 people living in his one bedroom (true) and call the cops and tip them off to his drug dealing (also true).
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HI.. I'm new to Portland (I just got here Friday!) and I'm tired of running around by myself... anyone want to hang out downtown or something? :P Or suggest your favorite hangout that you frequent when in my situation.. thx :)
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has anyone seen blue ice vodka around? according to the OLCC website, it is sold here, but i haven't seen it. has anyone seen it sold anywhere in portland (i.e. don't care about hillsboro, gresham, etc)?
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I'm flying home for the holidays out of PDX, and I was wondering...can you buy bottled McMenamin's ales in the airport? I looked at the list of restaurants and it doesn't look like a McMenamin's is located in the airport...but maybe that Made in Oregon store carries it? I don't have room in my checked luggage and I don't want to worry about cushioning the bottles so they don't break, but I'd be ok with carrying them on (like people do with wine they buy in the airport). I also noticed you can't buy the ales online or I'd just have it shipped home.

Do I even need to say it? *drinks*
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Where can I find some really awesome candy forms? Is Michael's (the craft store) my only resource?

ETA: By which I mean candy molds, or even fancy ice cube molds.


Since DP'ers are so multi-culti, I need to purchase two things.

1) a Kwanzaa Kinara

2) Three Kings Day Cards.

I think there an IFCC dealie this weekend, for the kinara. And I really need three kings day stuff.
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Oh Damnportlanders Oracle

Can you tell me a place I can watch tomorrow night's Blazer game? A sports bar maybe? Alas, I will only be able to watch the second half (thus not going in person), but I want to watch with people.

In order of preference:
Will have Blazer game on
Vegan menu options
And chicken strips.

Aaaand *drink*


Anyone want a burrito? I'll buy you one from LA Sirenita on Alberta, if you bring me one too at work haha. I don't know. Doesn't hurt to try right?

Still no luck! I'm turning into Kate Moss!

<3 Dannybear

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This one's for the slightly older and/or wiser folk, Hypothetically speaking (ethics and space/time arguments aside):

If you were somehow able to get a message to yourself when you were younger (maybe 18-20), what piece of advice do you think you'd give.

Not too specifically like "Don't drive down 101 on Thanksgiving 1995," or "Don't date Brenda," but what good life advice would you have?