December 19th, 2007

Corpse Bride

Stupid DEX

I have two enormous phone books on my doorstep.

I don't want them!! I haven't used a phone book since I learned to search on the internet.

Do I just recycle them or is there some phone book depository where I can donate them to vegans?

Lunch Downtown

My boss wants to take us out to lunch Friday... we work right at Pioneer Square and would be walking there, and there are about 6 of us so far... one person mentioned they don't really want Asian food (and we went to Todai last time), and another person wants vegetarian options...

suggestions? thanks :)
obey the pug


I know this is a terrible time to ask and I am totally serious, but how much does spaying a dog cost, ballpark figure because I know it is different depending on where I go?

Where I got my dogs from said under $100 but that seems too low for a surgery.

Crocodile Cafe Closed?

This is probably old news by now but I just heard about it.  Apparently, Seattle's Crocodile Cafe closed or is about to. That's sad.  That place has a lot of history to it especially in its heyday in the early 1990s with the whole Grunge scene.  I was only there a couple of times but it seemed like a good place and I hate to see it go.  Anyone here every go to the place?  Who'd you see?

I know this isn't Portland related but it does remind me of when famous Portland concert venues like Satyricon, the X-Ray Cafe,  and La Luna closed its doors.
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go a step ahead, whatever you do

Volunteers Needed: January 21, 2008

Save the Date: MLK Day of Service
Monday, January 21, 2008
Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas, and Clark counties.

Help change lives. Honor the dream. Volunteer.

Prepare supply kits for Oregon soldiers. Cover books at a school library. Create a hand print mural at a housing program. Help with an ESL Program.

On January 21, 2008, we invite you to join us honoring Dr. Martin Luther King’s vision of purposeful community engagement. Join the United Way of the Columbia-Willamette in community service projects throughout the four-county Portland/Vancouver metro area.

With the help of Hands on Greater Portland, the United Way has identified a wide variety of service projects scheduled on MLK Day. Volunteer with your friends, family, children or co-workers by engaging in work focused on effective and lasting changes.

If your workplace celebrates the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, there’s no better way to spend time off from work than serving the community. If your office doesn't observe MLK Day, ask to become a part of our effort by donating employee time.
Bike Naked!

Bike Caroling!

Wheee! It's Caroling By Bicycle! We'll bike to some Christmas-y
lit-up locations and spread the tidings of holiday pedal-power. We'll
sing in all our off-key glory to popular tunes, but with cycle-centric
lyrics. This is to be: a fun holiday ride, a chance to see holiday
lights with your favorite people, and an effort to Subvert the
Dominant Paradigm by Having More Fun Than. Let's meet at Pioneer
Courthouse Square and move on to some nearby destinations. We'll sing
a carol or two at each location. Feel free to put that Santacon
outfit back on, or decorate the bike with ornaments. Light strings,
yes! Hot chocolate, YES!

WHEN: Thursday, December 20th, 7P-8:30P
WHERE: Pioneer Courthouse Square, NW corner @ SW 6th & Morrison
WHO: YOU + bike and as many lights as you can put on it
WHY: how could we pass up the chance to sing "Bicycle Rock"?
Don't worry about the song sheets, we'll take care of that.

"Spinning and grinning, it’s baskets of fun
Now the biking age has begun..."

From the Shift email list/calender


I wish I could quietly walk away. The problem is that I actually like SOME of you and I appreciate what I read here. What I can't stand is the fact that by asking a simple question about what I thought was excessive, some people took it to assume that I couldn't afford to take care of my dog. I knew someone was going to say it. I know that this community is full of assholes. I've been on this community since around the time I started my journal which was years ago. I hoped that you'd have a little decency. I hoped that you'd realize that just because I can afford the $300 doesn't mean that I SHOULD pay it and some people actually gave me some decent advice.

The problem is that you all hit on a nerve for me and it got to me. I have waited for years and years to get a dog. I have wanted my own dog for so long, but didn't have a place that I could have a dog. I finally got a house with a big back yard, make a very comfortable living for myself and thought now I could go get a dog. Believe it or not, all the harping that you guys do on people who can't feed their kids but have 6 100lb dogs tied up in the back yard got to me and I made sure that I could provide a good home for him before I did. Then some people decided to assume that I'm some Gresham-ite who is dealing crack on the side and chastise me for having a dog at all. I couldn't stand it. I read some of those replies and found myself in tears at some of the hurtful things that were said.. so I deleted the post and got angry. I wrote out what I wanted to say and disabled comments so I wouldn't have to listen to those people any more.

One person sent me a note of understanding. Thanks so much for making my night. Thanks so much for making me go to bed last night and just cuddle my puppy and tell him how much I love him and how much he means to me and how much I want to do right by him. Having a puppy is like having a child and he's definitely my child.

That is all. Flame away. Do whatever you want. You've done your best to try to make yourselves feel as good about yourselves as possible while discounting the fact that your words are hateful and ignorant. I knew posting up something public was a risk for the bottom feeders here who live in their mother's basements and try to figure out ways to push other people's buttons. I honestly wanted to know and didn't know where else to go. So whatever. I hope you all got as much out of it as it took from me.

would someone...

snark ME for something for once? i have successfully avoided getting involved in drama-slinging fests or raising virtual hackles the decade-plus or so i've been online in all kinds of forums, and i feel i'm missing something.

y'all's mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find something to snark me about, snarkily, and snarkity snark snark snark.
steve perry is amused

let me

 try this again... My last post was a little, Em, Vacant I suppose. haha.   OK I HAVE a friend... who is Jewish and looking for other Jewish friend in the area.  She lives in Vancouver, is very much a minimalist, and happens to be a mother to two small children.  She has a jewish mothers group in the portland Area.  She however lives in Vancouver, and is looking for friends that are a bit closer to her. I don't know where to look, so I thought I would give her a hand... and ask here.
oh susannah!

Thai food!

We just got back from dinner at the Kinara Thai Bistro and I want to say that the food was amazing and the service was friendly.  The prices are reasonable and straightforward.

They're not out of the way - it's right off of the max line but they're not the type of place that someone would accidentally wander by.  So I'm writing to recommend them because I plan on going back.


trust, books

Mustache wha?

I just heard about this a few hours ago... the Holocene is having a Stache Bash tonight, as a benefit for the Make A Wish Foundation. It's a minimum $3 donation to get in, and there's going to be mustaches everywhere.  If anybody wants to score an actual, bona fide mustache ride, I bet here'd be the place to get it ;) Doors open at 9.

Their description: "A cross between a beauty pageant, dog show, and police line-up. During the competition, (mustache) Growers are put through a test of mind, body, and mustache before an independent panel of judges declares one mustache as Portland's Sweetest."

It's done in conjunction with a group called Mustaches for Kids, which has done a genius turn (in my opinion) by tapping into what is, apparently, one of the few charitable skills left to our generation: growing facial hair.

Is anybody going? Why didn't I hear about this until late last night? I've been cruising around online ever since, trying to find a "charitable events" type calendar so no more such opportunities (almost) pass me by, but I can't seem to find one. Does anybody have a good resource for similar completely-ridiculous-but-fun-because-they're-for-charity events?
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emergency dentistry


so, i haven't been to the dentist in like, 4 years. but i have a wisdom tooth coming in that needs to get the hell out of my mouth, it's seriously hijacked my entire life. thing is, i ain't got the scrill to cover that shit ($300+?!? that's a whole month's rent!!), and i'm uninsured (who isn't?).

so, i either need recommendations for super cheap dentistry, or a place that would be willing to set up some sort of payment plan for me.

Outside In/the dental van isn't an option really, i spent 5 hours there monday only to have them tell me they didn't have time for me (understandable really, they've got to prioritize people who are actually homeless).

um, yeah. if you have any ideas, i would really love to hear them, ASAP.


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Children, please...

Can't I even spend 14 hours driving without having to worry about you? I left you $20 for pizza and a movie. ISN'T THAT ENOUGH FOR YOU PEOPLE?!

Right, so, anyway.

I've deleted metamadman's post about baloo_ursidae. I've also rewritten rule #2 about bringing in personal shit to make it a bit clearer-- the rule now states:

2. No bringing in personal shit. By which I mean, bringing up personal stuff from other peoples' individual journals or other communities for the purpose of campaigning against them or whatever. Basically, starting and/or continuing a personal argument or just trying to harass a specific user is BAD MMMKAY.

No one's being banned or anything like that at the moment. And of course you can continue to poke fun at each other in your posts and whatnot. And the comments continue to be a free-for-all. But I think I kind of draw the line at posting to the community JUST to harass an individual.

Feel free to discuss in the comments. If there's serious discontent with the revised rule I'll reconsider, so feel free to offer advice/suggestions, etc.

Also, there has been no change to the DO-NOT-DISABLE-COMMENTING RULE. So quit disabling comments. Sheesh.

Play nice, kids, mommy has work to do now.

Christma Day

In the Spirit of "A Christmas Story" (and lack of time),
   My wife and I won't be cooking for Christmas day. Are there any Jewish food joints open in town that people know of?

Happy Holidays..Watch Peanuts.

Some Travel Photos

NOT ONLY am I going BACK TO DC *drinks* for my Vacaaation-cah-chiiing! But I also went on a few other travels throughout the past year, and I thought I would share.
My camera is lickable.

A pic of me in that oh-so-festive BALTIMORE!!!

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So while we're bickering about whether $300 neuter makes you bad pet owner, here's a reminder of what actually happens to animals on a daily basis when no one wants them anymore.
This is Solomon. He's skin and fucking bones. It's likely he was used to fight (given the wounds on his body) and then dumped. He likes other dogs. He's eeking his way slowly out of liver failure but his prognosis is still guarded. Guess what...this costs whole hell of a lot more than $300 to fix.
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Rain Forest

Freecycle on Mississippi?

I went back a number of posts but can't find it now... can you help? There was something about a freecycle "store" off Mississippi somewhere. I want to cycle out some good stuff I'm no longer using but don't know exactly where the place is. Anyone have an address? I want to go tomorrow. There could be a bread-machine or an ironing board in it for you...

Holiday wishes and need a frame

My roommates, girlfriend, chickens, and I took our yearly holiday photo so warmest regards to all you kids. The picture is below the cut (assuming I do it right).

As you may notice in the background, we get these yearly photos blown up and printed on canvas. I'm looking for a gaudy frame to put around it and wonder if anybody knows anybody who makes awesome large picture frames. I keep checking estate sales but finding the right size is a pain. Thanks! Happy holidays!

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